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    [–] What disappointing pop music concert(s) have you been to? DiplomaticCaper 6 points ago in popheads

    I’ve never gone to a stadium show and don’t have interest, because I know I can only afford nosebleed seats and it doesn’t seem like it’d be a great experience.

    [–] What disappointing pop music concert(s) have you been to? DiplomaticCaper 46 points ago in popheads

    Somebody grabbed my ass while leaving artRave. I was disappointed. Even if you’re a gay dude and it’s not sexual towards a woman, it’s not okay to just grope a random person you’ve never met without even asking them.

    [–] What disappointing pop music concert(s) have you been to? DiplomaticCaper 21 points ago in popheads

    I was supposed to see her, but she canceled the concert because of a hurricane warning and never rescheduled 😔

    (South Florida concert problems)

    [–] So much packed into one comment DiplomaticCaper 41 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    Yes, there were absolutely no racist and transphobic jokes about Michelle, or concern trolled over Malia being photographed with a joint. Oh wait, there was.

    And by going after daughters, do they mean Ivanka? Because she plays an active role in this administration, which makes her open to legitimate criticism about her performance.

    Tiffany stays in her rich socialite lane, so people generally leave her alone.

    [–] So much packed into one comment DiplomaticCaper 37 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    The second quote is telling.

    They actually thought racism was over because Obama was elected (twice).

    And they got enraged when people had the audacity to point out additional problems.

    I mean, they allowed a black guy to get elected and didn’t even assassinate him while in office! Those uppity minorities expecting too much. /s

    [–] So much packed into one comment DiplomaticCaper 76 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    Even if she had died of cardiac arrest (she didn’t), it would have been induced due to the stress of being hit by a car.

    I’m not sure why they think it makes them look any better, besides them hating “ugly” and “fat” women.

    [–] Going "their own way" = going to prey on women in foreign countries, because racist stereotypes say they're submissive DiplomaticCaper 293 points ago in IncelTears

    So she breaks up with OP because they have different life goals at the moment, and depending on her age she may need to start making kids a priority if she wants them.

    This is instead of doing something truly horrible like going off birth control without his consent or poking holes in the condom (which guys like this think women do all the time).

    Somehow, this makes her a shitty person, as opposed to the dude that wants to go to impoverished countries and take advantage of women over there because he can’t find another American woman desperate enough. 🙄

    [–] I’m so confused as to why this is being used to sell makeup. 🤦🏻‍♀️ DiplomaticCaper 4 points ago in Youniqueamua

    Yeah, I’ve seen a few people with French captions/hashtags posted here. I wasn’t sure if they were French-Canadian or in France proper; maybe both.

    [–] New Evidence Suggests Jussie Smollett Was Allegedly An 'Active Participant' In Apparent Assault DiplomaticCaper 14 points ago in GamerGhazi

    Of course, people are blaming the folks that believed his initial report.

    The “MAGA” part seemed a bit on the nose, but I thought that was due to the confusion of initial updates or maybe his own mishearing during the alleged incident, but then he just doubled down on this.

    Even if it is fake, I think it’s still important to treat hate crime reports as real during the investigative process. That’s where you try to find the perpetrators, if they exist. If they don’t exist, it will lead you to the truth.

    But it’s looking like he was probably involved, and it’s like why? He had less of a motive than most known hoaxers; he already had some attention.

    And he’s pretty much ruined his career for faking this—it’s so incredibly selfish, and will be used to discount racism and homophobia for years to come. If he was worried about being written off Empire, that’s probably happening now (then again, Terrence Howard is a domestic abuser so idk, they might not give a shit).

    It’s just so weird, unless there is some kind of mental health issue involved. Even then, struggling with mental health doesn’t absolve you of 100% of the responsibility for how your actions affect others.

    [–] I (40F) have lost my best friend (42F) because I can't forgive her husband (41M) for being a sex offender DiplomaticCaper 7 points ago in relationship_advice

    You’re both right.

    True pedophiles (as opposed to predators of opportunity) have that fixed desire that they can’t change. However, they can control their actions. They purposefully distance themselves from children, and there are even studies into medications that may lessen or remove sex drive (since giving into their sex drive is both illegal and wrong).

    The husband doesn’t even seem like he would be in that category of pedophilia though, at least not fully, because he has sex with and is in a relationship with an adult (the wife).

    That adds yet another level of vileness to me, because while there’s never an excuse for acting on pedophilia, I can at least feel pity for non-acting pedophiles who are only attracted to children. If you’re also attracted to adults but choose to indulge your attraction to children anyway?


    [–] I (40F) have lost my best friend (42F) because I can't forgive her husband (41M) for being a sex offender DiplomaticCaper 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    I wouldn’t be able to look at my friend with the same perspective after something like that; I would have lost respect for her for siding with a predator.

    Unfortunately, it seems like you’ll have to mourn the friendship for the time being. You can’t convince her to leave him; it’s like when someone has a shitty partner, amped up to 10.

    But when/if she comes to her senses and leave him, you may be able to be open to her. In that case, you should probably try to be as nonjudgmental as possible (which seems hard), if the friendship is still worth it to you at that point.

    [–] Michigan. I was denied a restraining order because my abuser said I'm kinky and because of my sexual history. DiplomaticCaper 5 points ago in legaladvice

    I read it as that they did have consensual sex, but didn’t participate in BDSM activities that could explain bruises, etc, although she had done those activities with previous partners.

    [–] Michigan. I was denied a restraining order because my abuser said I'm kinky and because of my sexual history. DiplomaticCaper 20 points ago in legaladvice

    OP is saying that she has not participated in that type of sex with him before. She has in the past with other people, which is far less relevant if it is at all.

    That would make his potential defense of “it was consensual, we’ve done this type of thing” more similar to her analogy, where Guy #1 claims he couldn’t have raped Woman because she’s had sex with Guy #2 previously.

    [–] Ja Rule has announced plans for Fyre Fest 2.0 DiplomaticCaper 1 points ago in fyrefestival

    If they had chosen another weekend in their original location (as opposed to the same one as the regatta, which is apparently the only other big event held there), it could have plausibly worked as well. Many of their issues got worse with the sudden move to the island with the Sandals resort next to them and no infrastructure outside of that.

    Obviously with a longer time frame as well.

    Even postponing when things started going south would’ve been a better choice. The problem is that Billy got money from loan sharks that needed to be paid off ASAP.

    I’m going to a local festival this weekend that used to be held annually in October, but they learned from previous issues (namely, hurricane season causing headline artists to cancel) and moved the dates to February.

    [–] WE ARE NOT MANBABIES! DiplomaticCaper 67 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    It’s nice that they think the #MeToo movement is simply an excuse for people to enact their vendettas against celebrities by making knowingly false accusations of sexual harassment and rape. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    No wonder they think all real accusations are bullshit, when fake accusations are their go-to for smearing anyone who created media they don’t like. It’s projection: they assume everyone is doing it.

    [–] The NYPD is busted abusing cyclists to bring home the bacon, but it's a rumble in the (urban) jungle between peds, cyclists, drivers and cops in /r/nyc. "Tasty boots, eh!" DiplomaticCaper 60 points ago in SubredditDrama

    Drivers rarely get punished for running over bicyclists (or pedestrians) in this car-centric society, if they weren’t drunk at the time.

    There was this really horrible case in Miami a few years back that was the exception: some douchebag was leaving the club at 8 am on Sunday morning and ran into someone riding his bike on Key Biscayne. The driver didn’t stop, and actually kept going all the way home with parts of the destroyed bike on his front bumper. He not only killed someone but did a hit-and-run, probably so he could sober up before the cops got to him. They had to confiscate his passport before he was sentenced so he didn’t flee the country.

    It turns out the driver was this two-bit aspiring singer that had performed at my university once. Your standard acoustic guitar type. I got a signed EP from him but never ended up listening to it before this shit went down, and after that never would.

    [–] What's the deal with Donald Trump declaring a national emergency? DiplomaticCaper 1058 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Trump was actually planning on signing that budget, until media commentators like Ann Coulter started freaking out about how he was breaking his promise to build the wall, so he backed out.

    [–] What's the deal with Donald Trump declaring a national emergency? DiplomaticCaper 21 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    One of the main objections is that if they set the precedent that a national state of emergency can be declared for things like this (that aren’t either foreign affairs or natural disasters, but political priorities that the executive branch can’t get through Congress), it can then be used by a Democratic President for other contentious domestic issues like gun violence or climate change—Nancy Pelosi has pointed this out.

    [–] Ryan Adams Dangled Success. Women Say They Paid a Price. DiplomaticCaper 32 points ago in popheads

    He literally made an R. Kelly reference. Why would he do that if he thought he was talking to another adult?

    [–] Local badass destroys libtards DiplomaticCaper 26 points ago in iamverybadass

    It’s like most of the time when people say Twitter is up in arms over something, it’s a few people and half of them are being sarcastic.

    Like when had those articles about how “liberals want to ban Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer because it’s offensive!” It was mostly observational jokes like “lol they bully Rudolph for being different until they find him useful haha”. Very few people were actually offended or calling for it to be taken off the air.

    [–] Musician deadmau5 leaves Twitch after suspension for homophobic slur DiplomaticCaper 26 points ago in GamerGhazi

    Did he not watch this Hilary Duff PSA from 15 years ago?

    Seriously though, I don’t understand what people don’t get: you’re comparing the group typically referred to with that slur to something bad. If someone points it out, why do you get so mad about it?

    He’s made some good music IMO, but he’s such an edgelord, my lord.

    [–] And then she revealed herself to be Howard Schultz DiplomaticCaper 1 points ago in thatHappened

    Maybe she was trying to replicate Cuban coffee? That’s normally how it’s done (tons of sugar mixed with the espresso).

    But Starbucks doesn’t even have the same machines, so that’s pretty pointless. And if you live somewhere with actual Cuban restaurants, it would be much cheaper there.

    [–] Investigators in Bezos probe conclude his mistress’s brother was National Enquirer source DiplomaticCaper 13 points ago in news

    It doesn’t even have to have been an actual conspiracy: the brother could’ve leaked everything to get a pat on the back and retweet from Trump. People do crazy shit for their idols.