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    [–] Confused about I.T. vs. "Health I.T." DiscursiveMind 3 points ago in healthIT

    As far as the informatics goes, I always explain it as a venn diagram. On one side you have informational sciences, on the other, you have the targeted "domain", the intersection is the "domain" informatics.

    What you have to realize is that the are multiple informatics, there is clinical, bioinformatics, public health informatics, consumer health informatics, clinical research informatics. Informatics isn't even restricted to health, there is legal informatics, cheminformatics, and others. What we are doing is looking at our tool chest of information science and pull out tools relevant to questions we want to answer or address. So, kind of like a garage, the tools there are common tools you would pull out to work on a car or truck, which you might not if you were working on a boat or refrigerator. That means when we are deploying CS to help us understand molecular biology and DNA, we are working in bioinformatics. We move up the scale and start to look at whole individuals and not cells, we are now working in clinical or health informatics (the terms are pretty interchangeable). If we shift from individuals to populations as our domain focus, we are now working in public health informatics. Informatics is really the specialization about performing analysis and building the tools for analysis.

    Information technology is more about how to set up and manage the technology. I explain it that you would want someone in IT to build and maintain a database, but the informatics specialist is the one who would use the data stored in the database to seek answer to questions (performing data mining, or running a statistical analysis on the data). You don't have to be a clinician to work in informatics, but it helps to have a good understanding of the domain.

    Someone trained in clinical informatics will have training on project management, statistical software (R, or SPSS), SQL, and perhaps some training in standards (HL7, SNOMED, LOINC). An IT specialist will have more specific training in certifications (CompTIA A+, CCNA, MCSE) and their knowledge base is deeply rooted in knowing a system or software (powershell, active directory).

    [–] What ‘kind’ gesture actually annoys you? DiscursiveMind 4 points ago in AskReddit

    There was actually an article in The Atlantic where the mother was diagnosed as terminal, basically told she had 1,000 days left to live, and they didn't tell the young kids (8, 9, and 11).

    It was the mother's decision, and in her word's, she didn't want to rob them of their childhood, or have them fret about if this was the last day they would have with her or not. It's a really interesting read, and it gave me a different perspective on if you should tell people or not. Ultimately, I think it comes down to the individual, and the dynamic they have with their family.

    [–] Desperately need advice from other parents... DiscursiveMind 30 points ago in Parenting

    Ugh, I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

    I can't help but think that some parents are so terrified about sex, either from their own upbringing, or through constantly catastrophizing it that they project those fears onto unsuspecting kids. This is how we end up with a disproportionate amount of African American kids drowning because their parent's fear drowning or injury is a major deterrent to enrolling them in swim lessons. We all want to protect our kids, but sheltering them is not always the best course, and sometimes leads to greater damage than what we were trying to protect them from. Part of learning about sex is part of what is learning about what a healthy and normal relationship is. People will ask how someone can stay with a partner who is physically and emotionally abusive, well, sometimes it is because they thought that is just how relationships worked.

    I hope you've had a chance to heal and recover from your past traumas, again, sorry you had to go through that.

    [–] Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize at request of U.S., report says DiscursiveMind 6 points ago in politics

    Impeachment is a charge of misconduct leveled against the holder of a public office. There isn’t an explicit list of impeachable offenses, it is up to congress to identity what they consider impeachable and try to prosecute their claim.

    Hell, they could try to impeach him for using hair dye if they wanted to, but the problem isn’t the charge, the problem is the Senate. Congress can bring up charges and vote to impeach Trump, but the Senate needs to convict, and thus remove him. The situation we have now is like a principal in a high school refusing to punish a kid because their parent is on the school board. Any other kid would have probably been expelled, but this one keeps getting away with murder because the fight isn’t worth it, unfortunately.

    [–] Desperately need advice from other parents... DiscursiveMind 234 points ago in Parenting

    Even worse, she has now established a very clear red line that prevent her from discussing anything about sex with her Mom again.

    If an actual sexual assault or rape occurs down the road, will she notify anyone or just try to hide it? What about even coming forward about minor things that are being exploited into bigger problems? For example, what if she was pressured into sending a sext and now that sext is being used to push for more than she is comfortable with, or else it gets sent to the rest of the school? All that the wife has unfortunately accomplished is the daughter will fear her Mom’s wrath more than the consequences of not speaking up.

    Sex is confusing enough without the new land mines and social norms teens have to navigate these days. I’m sorry this played out this way OP, it sounds like she has an advocate in you. Best of luck.

    [–] Just finished Harry Potter Series. What should I listen to next? DiscursiveMind 1 points ago in audiobooks

    Stormlight is great, but I recommend starting with some of the earlier works: Elantris, Mistborn 1-3, Warbreaker, then the first Stormlight: Way of Kings.

    That gives you a chance to a pick up on some of the Cosmere story (the story behind the stories). Don’t read up on it too much, part of the fun is the mystery, there isn’t a correct read order, but there are ones that expose more of the meta story than others. You can join /r/cosmere later on to swap theories!

    [–] Republicans and Democrats reach deal without wall cash to avert shutdown, putting all pressure on President Trump DiscursiveMind 4 points ago in politics

    There has been some reporting that he isn’t going to declare an emergency, he’s going to rob Peter to pay Paul, or basically try to re-allocate CA and Puerto Rico funds to pay for his wall.

    As the article states, this may lead to an even quicker loss in the courts because Congress controls the purse strings, and it would put him on very shaky ground to defend his actions.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? DiscursiveMind 461 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in OutOfTheLoop

    I’d also mention that Page had just been on Colbert at the start of the week, and gave a highly impassioned speech calling out Pence and others on anti-lgbtq issues:

    Which is my guess why the Pratt interview landed on her radar.

    [–] What is a dirty little (or big) secret about an industry that you have worked in, that people outside the industry really ought to know? DiscursiveMind 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Not only are there fees (Article processing charge: APC), but they can be shockingly expensive. As an author you only have a few options, you can submit to a journal which has low or no APCs, but then your work gets stuck behind a paywall, or you can pony up funds to pay for Open Access.

    Open Access allows for your publication to be free to everyone, where the paywall tends to have variable lengths. Usually you have an embargo for 6 to 12 months, and then you can self-archive (put the paper out there on your own) via sites like ResearchGate, your own personal website, or your institutions website. It all depends on the journal, the downside of picking the low or free path is that your work isn't as accessible and then doesn't get cited as much as an open access journal. Citations help raise your stature as an expert on a particular topic, so they are part of the currency of the realm in academia. So there is a lot of pressure to have your manuscript as available as possible.

    There are some journals that are completely open access, meaning all of articles are open. With no subscription fees to offset the cost of running the journal, they have to support the entire operation through open access fees. I have a manuscript under editorial review, which if it is eventually accepted, I have to pay $3650 to publish (£ 2,570.00). Which puts me in an interesting position, I'd be thrilled if accepted, but nervous about being able to cover the fee if my school doesn't accept my APC fee support application. It is in a well regarded journal (impact factor of 8.9). Impact factor is a metric to kind of measure its prestige, The New England Journal of Medicine has an impact factor: 79.258 and Nature has an impact factor of 41.46, it basically an average of the yearly number of citations an article in the journal gets. The higher the impact factor the harder it is to get in. Back in 2016, only 2% of journals out there have an impact factor greater than 10, the top 5% of journals average around 6, the top third of articles are have an impact factor greater than 2. The higher the impact factor, the higher the APC tends to be.

    Of course, the high cost of some APCs, the pressure to publish, and get your work out there has created an entire industry of preditory journals. As you can imagine, it is really easy to set up a new "journal", lets say The New Journal of Reddit Science, build a website, and solicit authors to submit their work for a small fee, lets say $250 or $500, and just collect the fee from desperate authors trying to boost their publications numbers on their CV. These predatory journals often have little to no peer review process, and thus tend to have pretty poor quality articles. However, to a graduate student or new faculty who is feeling pressure to have some publications, the allure of paying a few hundred bucks to help them graduate or keep their jobs is real.

    There is a ton of debate around all of this, but its the world we live in with the competitive research publication model that will make or break academic and research careers.

    [–] This is my gopro after riding in snow and fog for a whole day :P DiscursiveMind 3 points ago in gopro

    One thing I found out is hypersmooth will disable for 4K if the temp is too low. Only happened once for my trip. I didn’t check and see if it was available at lower resolutions.

    [–] Spectum's New $5 Reduction Policy DiscursiveMind 2 points ago in cordcutters

    For others, perhaps, but not for me. I looked at my usage and we didn’t need that amount of bandwidth for what we use. Why have a sports car when most of your drive is on a dirt road? My 4K streams still look great and that was my only concern. Besides, the speed wasn’t my complaint, it was their pricing business practices.

    The only complaint an ISP actually listens to is one from the wallet. As the article states, I can’t qualify for any Spectrum discounts until I’ve left for 30 days. So if I’m dissatisfied with Centurylink, I can switch back and get the promotional rate I wanted in the first place.

    [–] Spectum's New $5 Reduction Policy DiscursiveMind 7 points ago in cordcutters

    I just dropped Spectrum this month for failing to drop my internet by more than $5, now I know why. Jumped over to Centurylink and I’m saving $20 a month. Which is stupid because I would have stayed on for a $10 a month break (Spectrum was 120Mbps compared to the 20 I get now). But I still get 4K streaming, so I’m ok with the occasional short buffering.

    [–] Let Children Get Bored Again - Boredom teaches us that life isn’t a parade of amusements. More important, it spawns creativity and self-sufficiency. DiscursiveMind 4 points ago in TrueReddit

    I feel like that Ryan toysreviews kid on YouTube is going to end up as some psych student’s dissertation subject. What happens when you are literally provided every toy imaginable as a 5 year old. I know they donate most of the toys, but still, he is going to turn out like an 80’s child star.

    [–] Got this bad boy today. Can't wait to test it on the ski slopes. DiscursiveMind 1 points ago in gopro

    Its an estimate since I've only taken it out for three days this season, but I would guess I get 20-30 minutes of use out of one battery (4k 60fps). I think having the camera outside of its case (the super suit) probably does cut down on the battery life, I tended to get better run times with the hero 4 in the case.

    Over a three hour window (9 to noon), I have usually used my first battery, and about half-way through my second. Keeping in mind that the spare batteries tend to loose power from the cold too, so a fresh second battery won't last as long as the fresh battery I started with. But for $25 for a dual pack of wasabi batteries, I'm pretty happy. On the off chance that I hit an epic day and wanted to record more, I can always use my portable power bank to recharge the batteries I'm carrying with me.

    [–] Got this bad boy today. Can't wait to test it on the ski slopes. DiscursiveMind 1 points ago in gopro

    I’d say that I go through about 3-4 batteries for an active day (3 fresh, 1 recharge). That usually nets me somewhere around 15-20 minutes of raw footage. I try to film interesting runs, and to break up the recoding, so that battery usage isn’t 100% filming. Some of it is reviewing shots or having the camera on but not filming. I’d guesstimate it’s 70-80% filming.

    [–] Got this bad boy today. Can't wait to test it on the ski slopes. DiscursiveMind 1 points ago in gopro

    I actually bring an Ankar portable battery charger with me, so I can charge the batteries as I go if needed. Plus I can use the portable battery for any overnight lapses if needed.

    I have never used one of the battery banks you attach on the actual GoPro, so I can’t offer much insight there.

    [–] Got this bad boy today. Can't wait to test it on the ski slopes. DiscursiveMind 2 points ago in gopro

    Yep, I’ve been happy with Wasabi. Usually can find two for close to the price of one GoPro branded battery.

    [–] Got this bad boy today. Can't wait to test it on the ski slopes. DiscursiveMind 9 points ago in gopro

    Something I learned when I took mine out skiing, on colder days, hypersmooth may be auto-disabled.

    Also, invest in a spare set of batteries, the cold is brutal on all Li-ion batteries. I usually bring two spares and will recharge all three over lunch. Keep the spares in an interior jacket pocket so you can keep them charged.

    Have fun out there!

    [–] The Shutdown Has Hurt Trump's Approval With His Base DiscursiveMind 3 points ago in politics

    Agreed, there is a reason Obama said Pelosi will probably go down as "the most effective legislative leaders that this country's ever seen".

    We just watched the equivalent of some trust-fund twenty year old douche go up on Shark Tank with some idea he came up with with his crew of lampreys when they were getting high. Not will he be embarrassed on national TV, he won't even catch on that they fleeced him on the deal he signed up for until months later.

    [–] The Shutdown Has Hurt Trump's Approval With His Base DiscursiveMind 59 points ago in politics

    Things are about to get so much worse for Trump. What he doesn’t realize is that he just gave Pelosi what Ryan and Boehner haven’t had for close to a decade, a unified body of reps who believe in their leadership. For a short window of time, what Pelosi says is what everyone will do. All doubts about her will be removed, and that means she can maneuver the House Dems as a unified block. Eventually, that block will wander off to their preferred pastures (young progressives, socially conservative Dems, etc,) but unlike the GOP Speakers who were constantly hamstrung by the Freedom Caucus, she will be in utter control.

    If she says not now on impeachment, people will listen. After this shutdown, it is clear she has a plan on how to take on Trump. The sad thing is it is simply stand up to him, something Ryan and McConnell have failed to do, even when Trump kept running the GOP into the meat grinder.

    What I’m astonished at is that I actually see a path to impeachment where I thought it was impossible before. If Pelosi can drive a wedge between Trump and his base, GOP senators may finally stop cowering under the cudgel Trump holds over their heads due to the grip he has on his base. GOP Senators don’t love Trump, they fear his fan base.

    His base is going to be furious at Trump, Mueller is just getting warmed up, the effects of the economic hit from the shutdown will start to become more apparent, Dems haven’t even started using their subpoena power yet, and just wait for the uproar when people find out their tax refunds will be smaller or that they owe more this year.

    Firms like H&R Block have been training for upset customers who are accustomed to larger refunds but didn’t change their W-4s last year. Telling someone who was expecting a couple grand that they probably spent a good portion of it because it came back as a small bump in their paycheck isn’t going to go over well. A large number of people probably had mentally spent their refund already, be it as a down payment on a car, or paying off some bills. That’s going to be a gut punch to Republicans this April.

    By Spring, the GOP might be desperate enough to try and jettison Trump ASAP, and you know Pelosi will be steering her ship to prevent the GOP from having any other option but in a direct collision course with the Trump administration.

    [–] Happy Friday, /r/gradschool! Tell us something GOOD that happened this week! DiscursiveMind 7 points ago in GradSchool

    Had a good week.

    • Finished a draft on my second to last chapter for my dissertation. That keeps me on track to have a complete draft done by the end of the month.
    • Additional authors are all on board for submitting my manuscript to a journal I didn't think I was ready to submit to yet, but gotta swing for the fences right?
    • In reviewing my student intro assignments for my class, several said they were excited about my class because they had heard good things.

    So I'm a happy, focused camper right now!