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    [–] Megathread: Federal Judge Blocks Justice Department’s Effort to Withdraw Lawyers on Census Citizenship Case DiscursiveMind 24 points ago in politics

    The Trump administration wants to add a question to the census to determine how many US citizens reside at a residence. While it may seem benign, adding the question will cause and undercount by up to 4 million people. The reason is that undocumented aliens would be fearful to complete the census, even full US residents may avoid compiling the survey if they have an undocumented individual living with them.

    The reason why this is important is that resources and representatives all allocated by the census. Republican strategists want the question added because it will tend to hurt blue and more liberal areas, and benefit redder more conservative areas. A skewed census that discounts minorities and a green light from the Supreme Court on gerrymandering means the Republicans could maintain power when only representing a minority of the population.

    [–] Don't touch yer brakes! DiscursiveMind 21 points ago in MTB

    My guess is that the OP meant the brakes would be red hot after that, thus they should not be touched.

    [–] Did AHIMA drop the CPHI? DiscursiveMind 1 points ago in healthIT

    Thanks, I was evaluating if it was something I should put on my student’s radar, but it looks like that question has been answered for me.

    [–] What's a "Homecoming" and what is it like to go to one? DiscursiveMind 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Homecoming is more of an informal event as far as alumni are concerned. The school organizes it and the current students are the focus. It usually centers around a Homecoming week, which has theme days where students dress up, capped off by a dance. Homecoming happens in the fall, and Prom happens in the spring. Alumni are encouraged to go to the homecoming game, but no formal invites are sent. This tradition also extended to students in college too.

    We do have reunions, which are organized by the alumni, and only students from the particular graduating class are invited. Those are falling out of favor due to social media and Facebook.

    [–] First Gopro advice DiscursiveMind 1 points ago in gopro

    Yes, changing the resolution and frame rate is simple, knowing what setting to use is where you want to study up on (YouTube tutorials, photography blogs are good for this). For a beginner, I’d recommend shooting in 1080p 120 frames per second (FPS) and edit your videos with GoPro’s Quik app on your phone. The 120 FPS gives you super silky footage in slow-mo, but you can also run it in normal speed. Just an FYI, when loading 120 FPS into the Quik app, it will automatically use the slo-mo, and you have to tell it what clips you want sped up. The Quik app is fairly intuitive if you’ve done editing before, and it will make good videos automatically, but learning the ins & outs will really improve the final result.

    [–] What to bring on first vacation with new GoPro?? DiscursiveMind 1 points ago in gopro

    I’d recommend downloading Quik to the iPad or your phone and creating your videos while on the vacation. That way you can get rid of the footage that ends up on the cutting room floor and save space. Just an FYI, Quik only outputs 1080p for iOS, so that’s something to keep in mind for what resolutions you shoot in.

    [–] First Gopro advice DiscursiveMind 3 points ago in gopro

    There is a learning curve for getting good shots and coming up with unique footage, so don’t wait for the trip to get some practice. Another thing to consider is what resolution to shoot in. The Hero 7 Black is great, but the 4K footage storage footprint is massive and you will want a fairly decent rig to perform editing on 4K footage. Unless it was purchased/built with video editing in mind, most laptops and desktops will struggle with 4K editing.

    [–] Trump says Russia 'helped me get elected' for first time in furious outburst at Mueller DiscursiveMind 5 points ago in politics

    She’s doing two thing, one I’m sure of and the other I’m predicting. The first thing she is doing is serving as a shield to catch all the arrows for all the Dems that flipped seats in Red districts in 2018. That helps prevent the reps in those districts from having to talk about Impeachment with a district that might have much less of a stomach for it. This I’m sure of because it is being done to help protect the house and keep it in Democrat’s hands. She can take the heat, a brand new rep might slip up and cost them a seat in 2020.

    The second thing is, and this is my guess, trying to get enough political momentum behind an impeachment that even McConnell won’t try and get in its way. That’s the 20 ton gorilla she’s dealing with. I think she is trying to frustrate Trump enough to make it too painfully for the GOP and to flush out more Amash types.

    [–] [UPDATE] My thesis is due in two months. If I do not submit in this timeframe, my candidature is cancelled and I will be unable to ever get my PhD. I have spent 6 years doing what should have been a 3 year course. I am nowhere near finished writing. I am going to fail. DiscursiveMind 285 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in GradSchool

    I like to say completing a PhD is like completing an Ironman Triathlon. Everyone automatically thinks of the elite athletes breaking through the finish line and holding up the trophy, but that isn’t the full picture. A world class finish time in an Ironman is around 8 hours, but the race actually lasts for an additional 8 hours and 50 minutes after that. There are people that stumble across the line with seconds to spare at 16 hours and 49 minutes. The last person across that line earns the right to call themselves an Ironman just as much as the person who won the race. It may not have been as pretty or as impressive as those who were racing to win, but you did it, you dug deep and refused to give up. It is just like the old joke, what do you the person who graduated at the bottom of their Med school class? Doctor.

    Kudos for pulling through, and on the off chance they come back harsher than you expected on the evaluation, just remember, a few months ago you didn’t even think you could finish, you have it in you to pull this off, you got this!

    [–] 'He will not go to sleep': White House staffers reportedly dread foreign trips with Trump aboard Air Force One, where he holds meetings at odd hours and constantly watches Fox News DiscursiveMind 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in politics

    Yep, his admin is filled with wash-ups, and frauds that no other administration would touch, but they had no choice because nobody with career aspirations beyond this presidency would even return their call. Just take a look at the co-founder of Students for Trump, who is now indicted for impersonating a lawyer at age 23. Not entirely sure they had integrity to begin with.

    [–] Netflix's Rim Of The World Shows Where Sci-Fi Is Headed DiscursiveMind 2 points ago in cordcutters

    I was kind of shocked at how bad it was. It was just so confusing, is this happening in the 90’, the early aughts? Everything was so frantic, no character development, just full speed ahead. It felt like it was a movie created by stringing together a bunch of Vine clips.

    [–] (Spoilers Main) Book Readers: We got lucky DiscursiveMind 18 points ago in asoiaf

    Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive is expansive in a novel way. I’d recommend actually starting with Sanderson’s Mistborn series and reading a few of his other books before you get started on Stormlight. There are some fun Easter eggs to be found if you follow his publication order.

    [–] (Spoilers Extended) The Show has no rewatchibility value DiscursiveMind 2 points ago in asoiaf

    I took a different interpretation on it, Jon was making the final sacrifice for his family. He had been exiled to the wall, but that didn't keep him free of being potentially roped back in to the politics of the realm. Sansa, Tyrion, Bran, Sam, and whomever Varys had notified were all aware of Jon's lineage. If a fate similar to Robert's befell on Bran and Tyrion's council solution fell apart, it would be easy to rush up and scoop up Jon out from the watch and try and force him on the throne. They were trying to use Jon against Danny's claim, they could do it again. The only solution for Jon was to remove himself from the equation. Living with the free folk would put him out of reach of those who had machinations of seating him on the throne instead of Bran or usurping Sansa if things went poorly there.

    [–] (Spoilers Extended) The Show has no rewatchibility value DiscursiveMind 3 points ago in asoiaf

    Yep, this is new content, and it the only new content we are likely to get for the foreseeable future. Winds can clear the pallet, but that's not coming anytime soon. I'm disappointed in the fact that the popular band wagon is now the "entire show is ruined" or offering up hot takes on they screwed it up and could have fixed everything if they did this one thing.

    I loved the show, and was satisfied with the ending. Was it all that I had hoped for, no, but it gave me closure. After the first season, I was frustrated that they had transformed Sansa from the brat that got her Dad killed into a more likable character who was simply a naive girl who was manipulated. But after it dawned on me that the broad strokes would be similar, but the detail work would shift occasionally, I just held on and enjoyed the ride. I get that people are disappointed, angry, and frustrated. People were heavily invested in the show. Everyone wanted a blowout final season, but that's not what we got, and I think its a combination of being let down and wrestling with the fact that it is finally done is driving so many of these emotions. Perhaps people most frustrated with the show will move on, because I really don't want to rehash people's feelings on the show when Winds finally arrives.

    [–] What movie really changed an actor's career? DiscursiveMind 24 points ago in AskReddit

    My all time favorite improv story of his was when he flashed Amy Poehler as part of a scene:

    Here's a gif with the scene spliced in:

    [–] The wheel of time.. DiscursiveMind 8 points ago in Fantasy

    Jordan’s wife actually picked Brandon. She was his editor and read several authors others had suggested after Jordan’s passing. She liked his books and the open eulogy Brandon had written.

    [–] The wheel of time.. DiscursiveMind 35 points ago in Fantasy

    Have you seen the hate D&D are getting from this final season of GoT? Excluding the debate of if expectations were too high or if the quality really did take a dive, I think unless they pull of a miracle, nobody is going to want to take a crack at trying to wrap up aSoIaF, even if GRRM did pull a 180 and gave the effort a green light.

    I'm with you on GRRM, I'm happy I'm getting an ending thanks to the show, anything else beyond that I consider a bonus. My current prediction is that Winds is the last aSoIaF book we are likely to see, and I think I gave up on getting excited for it back in 2016.

    [–] Is a Song of Fire and Ice worth reading? DiscursiveMind 3 points ago in audiobooks

    For any new reader, I tell them not to expect a book ending. I love GRRM, but old, fat, and slow are not the combination you want to see when there are two books left. He already had a near miss a few years ago when he was hospitalized. He was averaging 2 years between books at the beginning, but now it has slipped to 5-6 years between books. That isn’t accounting for his numerous side projects he’s picked up.

    However, we will get an ending thanks to the show. People will debate what a book ending would look like, but there will no Sanderson save like we saw with Wheel of Time, GRRM has stated clearly, these characters die with him. All that being said, it is still worth the experience and I still recommend it.

    [–] So I was dick in high school... DiscursiveMind 5 points ago in LifeAfterSchool

    The lack of friends isn't correlated in the decline in your dickish behavior, it is due to the subtle transition out of highly concentrated peer group into a much more diluted general population. In high school, everyone was within a few years of each other, living a generally shared experience. You had easy hooks to start and maintain friendships. The effort to required to sustain those friendships was kind of baked in, everyone was going to see each other because you were required to be in the same general location, 5 days a week from 8ish to 4 pm.

    After high school, and even college, there are fewer "easy" and serindipidous friendships. It can be hard to relate to a co-worker who is going through a divorce with two kids as 20 something, and it can be equally jarring for someone older to relate to the dating life of a 23 year old who never had to call a land line and ask a parent of someone they are interested in "Is So&So available?".

    What you are finding out is that, making friends as an adult is hard! If you think back to how you met friends in high school, how many did you make simply because you were sat next to each other in class, or you were paired up on a project? Friendships in high school were like shopping at the super market. As long as you had a few bare necessities, you were bound to walk out with a few friends. Friendship as an adult takes away the convince of the super market, and now you have to cultivate you own. It isn't as simple as stopping by the store and picking up a carton of eggs, sometimes as an adult you have to build the chicken coop, and raise the chickens in order to get a couple of eggs. Seek out those shared experiences that you used to take for granted. Find a new hobby, or revive an old one and join a group, a shared interest in things can help be that same foothold that you had when you had to share a class with someone. Good luck!

    [–] What company has lost their way? DiscursiveMind 10 points ago in AskReddit

    Fun fact, back when Twitter first launched, there was an app called Twinkle that let you see tweets by proximity, so you basically got to see "local" twitter based off your location. It even lead to "tweetups" where you got a chance to meet folks you had been chatting with over twitter. Ah, 2009 Twitter, you were such a different beast back then.

    [–] Greg Gianforte “seriously considering” running for Montana governor DiscursiveMind 12 points ago in VoteBlue

    I’m wary about Williams, she wasn’t able to unseat Gianforte in a wave election (2018), and Gianforte is damaged goods (not particularly loved within the MT GOP, plus his audition tape for the WWE). I think she is a great candidate, but she was outspent by outside groups ($8.6 million pro-GOP to the $2.8 million pro-Dem). I really want Bullock to stop flirting with a Presidential run and just go after Daines in the Senate.