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    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. DoctorRhinoceros 6 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I don't know the exact culture of where you trained, but I would only stick up for one of my students if they had the courage to stand up for themselves against a patient who was harassing them. As long as they did so in a professional manner, they would get a glowing evaluation from me. It shows a comfort/confidence level in the clinical setting that would be admirable. I wouldn't dream of putting up with harassment toward my clinic staff, so why would I expect that from students?

    I've always thought it very unfortunate that students in our field often feel that they have no agency over patient encounters and that they have to walk on eggshells with some attendings/residents.

    [–] Looking for a recipe DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in chinesefood

    Thanks for the info! I've had plenty of dan dan noodles in the past and love it, but this was a bit different. Simpler, more pronounced peanut flavor and no meat. However, I've never had cold dan dan, so I may have not recognized it as a variation.

    Sounds like I have some experimenting to do in the kitchen!

    Thanks again!

    [–] How do you make a living off a Performance Degree of classical guitar? DoctorRhinoceros 1 points ago in classicalguitar

    Excellent! Best of luck to you!

    I'm sure you have plenty of people to give you advice, but if you ever need anything, drop me a PM.

    [–] How do I get rid of stage fright? DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in classicalguitar

    Beta blockers can certainly help and it's not uncommon in the performance world. However, using meds for stuff like this should be considered only after all of the other suggestions in this thread have been tried. At the end of the day, performance anxiety is best managed by behavioral modification and almost everything else is a bandaid.

    Also, you may have to specifically request a low dose beta blocker from your doctor because those medications are not first-line for anxiety issues and many doctors might not think of them if you just ask for something to help calm you before a performance.

    [–] How do you make a living off a Performance Degree of classical guitar? DoctorRhinoceros 7 points ago in classicalguitar

    All these replies are exactly why I turned down a performance scholarship. I was fortunate to have the insight as a teenager to decline (when my mother was really pushing the idea of me becoming a professional musician). I decided that I would keep music as a passion/hobby instead of making it a career. I studied biology and went to medical school.

    Looking back on it, I certainly could have studied music and still become a doctor. Sometimes I regret not having the more rigorous musical training. Point is, depending on your other interests/abilities/etc., you could study music without trying to make a living out from it.

    [–] Help! New Anova cooker and a roast for xmas dinner DoctorRhinoceros 1 points ago in sousvide

    I've been successful with the chefsteps method. In general its: - presear to develop a good crust

    • 136F for at least 4 hours

    • let rest

    • brush with egg white and then coat with an herb mixture of your choice

    • into a 475-500F oven for about 10 mins to set the herb crust

    [–] Advice Please: Prime rib and Yorkshire pudding DoctorRhinoceros 1 points ago in sousvide

    As others have said, save the jus for making gravy and don't bother trying to separate enough fat drippings from the jus. I prefer to have a better flavored gravy and use a good lard (use leaf lard if you can find it) for the yorkshire pudding.

    [–] I'm rooting for you to hang on! DoctorRhinoceros 23 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Watering of the tree was always done superficially and the tree never developed deep roots. It just spread them out shallowly.

    [–] Window Cleaning 101 DoctorRhinoceros 13 points ago in gifs

    My guess is that he was wetting the edge of the squeegee so that it glides smoothly on the surface.

    [–] Cat party DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in gifs

    This is the only reason I cared to look in the comments.

    Do you have bluetube?

    [–] A Deng cleaver update, more info + pics in comments DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in chefknives

    Nice write up! I actually ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago based on your initial post and can't wait to get my hands on it! Glad to hear it's a satisfying project knife!

    [–] Redditors with kids, what do people without kids do that annoys you? DoctorRhinoceros 15 points ago in AskReddit

    I can't tell you how often I have to counsel parents against severely limiting children's (especially toddlers) diets just because they refuse to eat anything else.

    Your 2 year old won't eat anything except cereal? Don't buy cereal and only provide food options that the rest of the family is eating.

    Your child throws a temper tantrum when they don't get the food they want? How is that different than the temper tantrum they throw when they don't get anything else that they want and can't have?

    Your child will eat whatever food you provide if they are hungry enough. As a doctor, I don't care if your child misses a few meals in the defense of future good eating habits.

    It's been said a lot in this thread: Don't negotiate with toddlers.

    [–] Privilege and the concept of being offended DoctorRhinoceros 1 points ago in MensLib

    I'd recommend watching this debate and paying particular attention to Christopher Hitchens' arguments. You'll get a much better feel for what lies behind Stephen Fry's short sentiment. His first comments start at 41 minutes, but I suggest watching the entire debate.

    An important point that he makes, which I feel should really be taken seriously, is in brief, this:

    Placing too much importance on the very subjective notion of offense becomes a major problem for basic freedoms. Of whom can you think that you'd like to give the power of limiting offensive expression? Who would you trust with the power to determine what is too offensive to be allowed and where does it stop? An excellent example of this is the way in which the entire world media was terrified of the repercussions of fully reporting on the Dutch newspaper printing of a caricature of the prophet Mohammed. Islamists actually drew up thier own, even worse, caricatures to pass off as what was printed. They stoked the fires of "offense" so that only 2 other newspapers in the world (if I remember correctly) printed the cartoon in order to comment on it. They cried "offense" while openly calling for the murder of any journalist who dared reprint the cartoon, when they themselves printed their own versions to hand out to thier followers in an attempt to encite outrage.

    The argument against offense is not about privilege, it's about ensuring everyone's freedoms and protecting against the subjective whims of those who actively seek to be offended by things.

    Can things be offensive? Absolutely. However, you run into a very slippery slope when you try to protect people from it.

    [–] Swiping just got way worse DoctorRhinoceros 6 points ago in idleapocalypse

    Much preferred the previous settings. The tapping method I used is now completely unusable and everything slides all over the place.

    [–] Haken - The Good Doctor DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in progrockmusic

    Thanks for posting this!

    [–] Is this rust or patina? DoctorRhinoceros 5 points ago in chefknives

    Use a rust eraser to remove the rust and expose the good steel underneath and then force a patina on the fresh steel to protect it. Watch it closely for tiny spots of missed rust that might grow and touch it up as needed.

    [–] A sister flipping lighter DoctorRhinoceros 9 points ago in gifs

    This is exactly what I thought was cool 25 years ago

    [–] [I ate] breakfast for dinner DoctorRhinoceros 0 points ago in food

    Who the fuck eats steak fingers for breakfast???

    It's like my elementary school cafeteria manager forgot to place a order for powdered eggs, so we get to have lunch for breakfast.


    [–] The annoying side of teaching hospitals DoctorRhinoceros 8 points ago in funny

    Have you not heard of "Tropical Medicine"?