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    [–] I tried to make guabao DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in chinesefood

    A steamer is key and bamboo steamers are cheap. A steamy oven is too dry and they will puff up like this. I've made my own and used frozen. The homemade were better, but I'm not convinced that they are better enough to justify the work involved unless I'm just in the mood to hand make them.

    Enjoy your cooking!

    [–] Dakota Fanning DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in gentlemanboners

    Photoshopped eyes are creepy sometimes

    [–] London Urban Fox DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in pics

    I believe it's well past time to give up on that tarp.

    [–] My latest, thanks for looking! DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in chefknives

    My Instagram is always tempting me to buy one of your knives and now you show me this beauty! I expect I'll give in to that temptation in the not too distant future.

    [–] I know this game I'm making is inspired by one I loved in my childhood, I ... just.. can't quite figure out which one. DoctorRhinoceros 3 points ago in OculusGo


    I played a lot of the games listed here, but it reminds me of Jane's USNF from 1997.

    Thanks for bringing back memories and keep us updated on the game progress!

    [–] Warmer ... DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in Miata

    Ha! I never look at usernames

    [–] Warmer ... DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in Miata

    Looks like NM. Everytime I'm there I always want to do a miata driving trip

    [–] Wife and I both joined the family. Do y'all think she's a distant enough cousin that our marriage won't be creepy now? DoctorRhinoceros 7 points ago in Miata

    It's a 2019 manual RF with the GT-S package. The Fiat is definitely very fun to drive, but the turbo doesn't make up for the ability to shift more aggressively with the manual.

    [–] Wife and I both joined the family. Do y'all think she's a distant enough cousin that our marriage won't be creepy now? DoctorRhinoceros 11 points ago in Miata

    I'm fortunate that I could convince my wife to get it. She absolutely loves it and it really turns heads as most people have never seen one. The Fiat dealer said it's the only one that they know of in our city and she loves how unique it is. It's fun to drive even though it's AT. It's an interesting comparison driving both.

    [–] Question about nails DoctorRhinoceros 3 points ago in classicalguitar

    Nails don't need to be that long and many play without them. A few millimeters passed the finger tip is all that's really needed and in my experience if you keep your nails is good shape then you will hardly notice them on other instruments. My experience tells me that anything longer is just personal preference or needed due to a different shaped finger or unfortunate nail growth pattern.

    [–] Surgeon Hospitalized for 6 Weeks After Working 180-Hour Shifts, Gets Called an 'Emotional Female' DoctorRhinoceros 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Yeah, but it goes both ways. There are plenty of times when a text page can be sent informing me of a potassium of 3.3, but instead I just get an extention to call back and then I'm questioned for several minutes from the RN about why I'm not ordering oral potassium at 2am for a K of 3.3 when the patients primary team will be in hospital in 4 hours and can address it. Oh, you now need to document that I'm refusing to treat the patient? Great... I'm hanging up on you now and going to sleep for 15 minutes until the next page about potassium...

    And doctors don't necessarily get listened to more than nurses. The nurses aren't my employees and I wasn't part of the brilliant committee that decided that values such as these need to be urgently reported.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. DoctorRhinoceros 6 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I don't know the exact culture of where you trained, but I would only stick up for one of my students if they had the courage to stand up for themselves against a patient who was harassing them. As long as they did so in a professional manner, they would get a glowing evaluation from me. It shows a comfort/confidence level in the clinical setting that would be admirable. I wouldn't dream of putting up with harassment toward my clinic staff, so why would I expect that from students?

    I've always thought it very unfortunate that students in our field often feel that they have no agency over patient encounters and that they have to walk on eggshells with some attendings/residents.

    [–] Looking for a recipe DoctorRhinoceros 2 points ago in chinesefood

    Thanks for the info! I've had plenty of dan dan noodles in the past and love it, but this was a bit different. Simpler, more pronounced peanut flavor and no meat. However, I've never had cold dan dan, so I may have not recognized it as a variation.

    Sounds like I have some experimenting to do in the kitchen!

    Thanks again!

    [–] How do you make a living off a Performance Degree of classical guitar? DoctorRhinoceros 1 points ago in classicalguitar

    Excellent! Best of luck to you!

    I'm sure you have plenty of people to give you advice, but if you ever need anything, drop me a PM.

    [–] How do I get rid of stage fright? DoctorRhinoceros 3 points ago in classicalguitar

    Beta blockers can certainly help and it's not uncommon in the performance world. However, using meds for stuff like this should be considered only after all of the other suggestions in this thread have been tried. At the end of the day, performance anxiety is best managed by behavioral modification and almost everything else is a bandaid.

    Also, you may have to specifically request a low dose beta blocker from your doctor because those medications are not first-line for anxiety issues and many doctors might not think of them if you just ask for something to help calm you before a performance.

    [–] How do you make a living off a Performance Degree of classical guitar? DoctorRhinoceros 9 points ago in classicalguitar

    All these replies are exactly why I turned down a performance scholarship. I was fortunate to have the insight as a teenager to decline (when my mother was really pushing the idea of me becoming a professional musician). I decided that I would keep music as a passion/hobby instead of making it a career. I studied biology and went to medical school.

    Looking back on it, I certainly could have studied music and still become a doctor. Sometimes I regret not having the more rigorous musical training. Point is, depending on your other interests/abilities/etc., you could study music without trying to make a living out from it.