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    No worries. I had the think of an explanation due to a n x I e t y. It could also be a seat chushion these have little ties.

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    Maybe it's a really long body pillow or slight longer and tied? I pet the owner saw him doing that bear necked and allow the doggo to be more comfortable

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    I tried to their quiz for fun you have to pick things you don't like about you skin. Gotta shame your customers

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    i know family that have that opinion. Guess they don't care if they don't see their grandchildren grow up

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    "Can you Turn down the bitch please"

    or look at the child and say "you mother is a hateful bitch"

    in a calm voice

    good luck explaining what a bitch is to your child, ya cunt

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    Plus armor especially really fancy armor is super super super time consuming/expensive/and need great skill to make. You would literally need a kings amount of money and to pay to transport/pay logging someone from far way to make a unique peice not even including what they'd charge. It's going to be custom fit too.

    [–] Bannerlord, the best a butterlord can get DoctorWholigian 2 points ago in mountandblade

    It based on real dark ages in britain and ireland

    Here's the full list

    1. -New system of character creation.
    2. -New quests 3.-New textures
    3. -Cultural stores - depending on the culture you visit you will find different products in the stores.
    4. -Improved faces for NPCs and, new faces for women, men, and especially, new face for picts!
    5. -Talk to village elder and Guild Master in menu.You can speak Guild Master in Town Menus
    6. -New (and most Warband) bandits and mercenaries.
    7. -Extra renown for winning the tournament.
    8. -Make people love you, hate you, or fear you with a new system of improved relations with villages.
    9. -Listen to the songs of the bards.
    10. - New Pictures 12.- Improved Dialogs 13.-Dramatically increasing the cost of unit upkeep. 14.- troop tree in game - (see: camp menu > take an action > Troop tree). 15-. Improved dialogs. 16-. Add new menus in reports (Factions relations, lords relations...)


    1. -A detailed map of the British Isles (including the countries we know as England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland now), with meticulous recreation of the coasts, rivers, forests and mountains.
    2. -A map almost twice the size of Native.
    3. -More than 40 cities, over 75 castles and 200 villages to explore, conquer and plunder. All with historical names.
    4. -New Icons for forts and villages.


    5. -31 Historical Kingdoms, all specific to the year 636. A huge world to explore: With Kings, lords, ladies, bards, priests and many other characters.

    6. -More than 200 historical characters to interact with, their behaviors defined according to what we know of them. Meet the Brytenwalda Oswald, his brother, Oswiu, which will give life to future Northumbria. The pious Annan, who saw his brothers die in bloody wars with Mierce; talk to the beautiful Hild, be before Santa; the widow of Edwin, and Aethelburh; the warlike King. Penda, the murderer of kings; the Bishop Binarus; Talk to King of Powys, Eluan, or the legendary Nowy Hen among others.

    7. -Nearly 50 extra “common” npcs like clerics, bards, quastuosas, spies, shepherds.

    8. -Names npcs are in Old English, Welsh, and Irish.

    9. -Bounty system – you can ask the tavernkeepers for wanted lists and become a famous bounty hunter!

    10. Hunting system – you can hunt deers and boars in the woods of Britannia and Ireland.

    11. Ship Travel – You can buy a ship at a Shipyard town and you can travel out to sea.

    12. Expanded dialog system kit

    and more

    ALOT of features that change the game form sieges to battle strategies and religions that affect how ppl perceive you

    AS a huge fan of history i LOVE it. It has alot of PoP battle stuff so you are not missing much.

    Its a breath of fresh air if you haven't tried it

    [–] Bannerlord, the best a butterlord can get DoctorWholigian 1 points ago in mountandblade

    Have you played bretwalda (sp?) that's one of my faves.

    [–] There is a solution(and it's really very inexpensive)... DoctorWholigian 1 points ago in fatlogic

    I have to choose bc I have a skin condition, I just deal with it.

    [–] The bottom comment annoyed me more than the correction did. DoctorWholigian 3 points ago in fatlogic

    That's like 7 minutes are an elpitcial machine. Also do eat 1500+ calories if you are mostly sedentay

    [–] An Open Letter to Thin People Who Feel Infringed on by Fat People on Airplanes DoctorWholigian 9 points ago in fatlogic

    She honestly looks cuter than him, and a gay dude. Of she lost weight she'd be considered very attractive by most people, besides her personality.

    [–] Ellen Page condemns Pence for his stance on gay marriage DoctorWholigian 1 points ago in politics

    Seems like you care you commentes nine times on this post to comments similar to min🤣