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    [–] Trump hated that his aides took notes, according to notes acquired by Mueller's team DoctorWholigian 1 points ago in politics

    Alot of places I went to for burgers have said they can't allow you to order that. But everytime they bring it out as you ordered it.

    [–] Cat Catches Fly DoctorWholigian 1 points ago in Catculations

    Mine FUCKING loves chasing and noming bugs

    [–] 2 weeks without seeing her and I get yells in return DoctorWholigian 2 points ago in Catswhoyell

    I'm on a trip now for 2 weeks. Haven't even started yet and i miss him... Pet your kitty for me

    [–] The rare and elusive couch shark DoctorWholigian 4 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    There's the issue of death too. If you looked up a chart (I forgot the specific name for them) that shows age distribution there probably very very few 61, year old sharks.

    [–] The rare and elusive couch shark DoctorWholigian 30 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    Did you know there would never be a grandma shark due to the lo g gestation period and low life expectation of sharks

    [–] How to get weed in California as a tourist? DoctorWholigian 2 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Oh you meant coming into the country. I thought you meant they'd ask that at a dispensery

    [–] Arrests in London climate protests exceed 700 DoctorWholigian 1 points ago in worldnews

    Really what other suggestions do you have, asking nicely. We are about to smash into a crisis. They should be greatful peaceful protests are still an option

    [–] Phoebe sees us outside and is very flustered! DoctorWholigian 5 points ago in Catswhoyell

    Try get the harness that's like a shirt rather than the straps

    [–] "My doctor said exercise could hurt me!" DoctorWholigian 12 points ago in fatlogic

    They have nearly a hundred up votes its THEIR responsibility to not trigger fatties

    [–] Therapy dog for the Turpin children while they give their testimony <3 [info in comments] DoctorWholigian 83 points ago in dogswithjobs

    The Children are extremely psychological abused. It's not amazing. The only amazing thing is how vapid and ignoroant you are.

    [–] Notre-Dame Cathédral in flames in Paris today DoctorWholigian 1 points ago in pics

    The current bibles are edited a million times and recopied a million times. To those who hold it as the literal word of *god* that matters little.

    [–] Woman has uploaded hundreds of videos of herself eating pure cornstarch DoctorWholigian 4 points ago in DeepIntoYouTube

    There's nearly 200 videos, and the comments on the videos. Wow if this is one that people skip over. Deep dive into this video series