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    [–] What Nick Saban said about Jalen Hurts DoctorWhosOnFirst 5 points ago in rolltide

    The only downside to waiting is that transferring before the season would allow him to redshirt and have two years to try to be the starter elsewhere.

    But yeah, at worst, being the #2 guy behind a first year starter - especially when you're a proven starter yourself - and getting more time to pick the best spot for yourself is certainly not a bad situation to be in.

    [–] Keith Holcombe will NOT be rejoining the football team DoctorWhosOnFirst 6 points ago in rolltide

    Not surprising after he wasn't listed on the roster, but here's confirmation from Saban himself.

    Hope Keith kills it on the diamond.

    [–] What Nick Saban said about Jalen Hurts DoctorWhosOnFirst 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in rolltide


    • He doesn't expect Hurts to transfer before the season.

    • He's not planning on using the new redshirt rule to manage the quarterbacks. Then again, he probably wouldn't tell us if he were; and I doubt he'd announce it to the quarterbacks themselves right now.

    • He confirmed Hurts can graduate in December, which we all expected was possible. That would let him play this year and transfer without restrictions for the spring.

    Nothing earth-shattering, but it's good to get confirmation on these things.

    [–] Mod Request: Weekly or Monthly Mega Threads for academic, service, achievement, awards. More inside... DoctorWhosOnFirst 6 points ago in rolltide

    That seems more like a thing for /r/capstone. This sub's more about the athletics. We do try to post about the academic success athletes are having, but that's still related to athletics.

    Now, if someone wants to throw together a thread once a month that focuses on all that stuff, I'm not gonna remove it or anything.

    [–] Tuesday Evening Thread Brought To You By Missing Your Pet Because You're 3,000 miles Away. DoctorWhosOnFirst 2 points ago in CFBOffTopic

    It’s weird. I’m fully aware the Brewers play in Milwaukee. I’m also fully aware Milwaukee is in Wisconsin.

    I just never consciously associate the Brewers with Wisconsin.