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    [–] Enemy player lets me die with dignity DogeShelter111 3 points ago in gaming

    I get motion sickness just by looking at this gameplay... It sucks because I would actually love to play this game.

    [–] Please Nintendo DogeShelter111 1 points ago in gaming

    Nintendo just doesn't like voice chat

    [–] go sanic go DogeShelter111 93 points ago in gaming

    He is moving at super sanic spood!

    [–] 28 y/o. Officially feel like a kid again. DogeShelter111 1 points ago in gaming

    PlayStation because of God Of War (huge fan) and most of my favorite games, Xbox because my brother's kid loves it for some reason plus, I got it for half the price from a friend who didn't need it anymore and a Switch for a weekend party with friends. Mario Kart is always great with 4 people.

    PC is mostly used for my day job since I freelance from home but I also have games on it that I play during the breaks.

    [–] Smash Brothers Ultimate has crazy lineup DogeShelter111 107 points ago in gaming

    Did he steal that briefcase from Hitman?

    [–] Tried to play Fortnight (old man rant) DogeShelter111 5 points ago in gaming

    Old man reply:

    It looks like kids want substandard, inaccurate, and boring. We also don't have the right to question their taste because we were also into some weird shit as kids. If they enjoy the game we should just let them be and leave the game alone. To make it clear it's unplayable for me as well but, on the bright side, CS:GO servers were a lot better during Fortnite's peak popularity.

    [–] 28 y/o. Officially feel like a kid again. DogeShelter111 707 points ago in gaming

    Two years older and have 3 consoles along with a gaming PC. You are never too old for gaming

    [–] To celebrate God of war winning GOTY, I wanted to share the composer’s message in the game’s soundtrack booklet. DogeShelter111 3 points ago in gaming

    Cory Barlog will always be my favorite character from the gaming industry. He is the only person that can't hide how important the gameplay experience is to him. I just hope we can have more people like him and Kojima in the industry.

    [–] Why is no one talking about this? Crash Team Racing is getting renewed for PS4! My dream has finally come true. DogeShelter111 1 points ago in gaming

    It's the biggest announcement on that cringe-fest of a show if you ask me.

    No offense to my fellow Obsidian fans. I'm just not into Fallout

    [–] Et tu, Valve? DogeShelter111 1 points ago in gaming

    Oh dear lord... tell me this is not true...

    [–] Got this for my 21st last night from about 50 of my friends. I am speechless!! DogeShelter111 2 points ago in gaming

    I always appreciate when they all combine money for presents and buy something that's actually worth it. Congrats and enjoy

    [–] Its never easy to please the gamer. DogeShelter111 6 points ago in gaming

    Not preordering a game is a smart move. What's wrong with that?

    [–] I can almost hear him say it. DogeShelter111 105 points ago in gaming

    This paid ad is as credible as Kotaku at this point

    [–] GOW won Game Of the Year ! DogeShelter111 491 points ago in gaming

    I watch it for the cringe... It's amazing to look at people who make millions a year but have a hard time maintaining a simple conversation...