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    [–] [Meta]Can we make it a rule that you have to post the title and artist of the album you're posting a picture of? Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 3 points ago in hiphopvinyl

    I tried enforcing rule 4 for a while, but people were just screeching at me/downvoting me. Unfortunately the sub tends to favor popular stuff over thoughtful content. And there's not really anything we can do to change that, aside from removing low-effort posts. But once we start doing that, people start getting pissy. It's a lose lose. Plus, I was the only mod trying to enforce the rules. No one else really seemed to care, so I kinda gave up. There's only so much one can do in a sub of 10,000+. When I have the time, I'll try to draft something up reiterating rule 4 and whatnot. I'm just busy with work and with the sub being in the state that it is, it's honestly just not a priority right now. I'll keep you posted.

    [–] Nickelus F - Stuck tape edition Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 1 points ago in hiphoptapes

    Bummed I missed out, but good looks nonetheless!

    [–] Hammerhead & Redtail Foil Art Peels! Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 3 points ago in cowboybebop

    Says limited stock on your Etsy shop. Will you be making more in the future? Would love to pick up all 3.

    [–] Question: are one of these objectively best? (Details in comments) Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 1 points ago in AnalogCommunity

    Awesome, thanks for the info. Excuse my ignorance, but what's the M42 adaptor? I looked at some of my lenses and couldn't seem to find one that fit. Eventually found one that just screwed right in. I'm guessing it has something to do with that?

    [–] Question: are one of these objectively best? (Details in comments) Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 1 points ago in AnalogCommunity

    Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate the insight.

    I have four new rolls of film, so I think I'll test out the 1000DTL, the ZE, the Olympus, and Pentax K1000 (which I added in my comment after posting).

    Thanks again! Curious to see what any others have to say.

    [–] Question: are one of these objectively best? (Details in comments) Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in AnalogCommunity

    Hi guys,

    So I've only shot on the Canon AE-1 thus far, but I got a bunch of cameras at an estate sale (and about 10 lenses not pictures), and I'm wondering if one of them is objectively better than the others. All are in working condition, as far as I know.

    Top row, left to right:

    Argus (coated cintar?) — this one is a tank. Feels incredibly heavy and solid, and looks older than the others buy a good bit. Looks to have a range finder.

    Yashica GSN — also looks older than the others (aside from the Argus, that is).

    Olympus OM10

    Sigma SA-7n

    Bottom row, left to right:

    Mamiya ZE — aside from knowing Mamiya is generally understood to be a solid brand, I have no knowledge of this (or any of them, for that matter).

    Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL

    Canon AE-1 — Put a handful of rolls through this one and it seems good enough. For all I know, it's the best here.

    Ricoh XR-P multi-program

    Also forgot this one. Pentax K1000 SE.

    So yeah, those are what's shown. Not sure if anyone has experience with any of these and can chime in. Or if y'all know, flat-out, if some are better than others, that'd be helpful too. I just got a few rolls of Kodak Superia X-tra 800 and I'm itching to shoot.