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    [–] Not understanding the physics of this.. How did I go forward after the bomb? DogsFuckingSuck 1 points ago in TagPro

    I don't think there's a physics problem here at all. Your momentum vector is pointed to the left, and the force vector from the bomb (which has greater magnitude) is pointed to the upper right. Adding these vectors, we get a vector that's pointed up and a little to the left.

    [–] Im new how you play secret Hitler? DogsFuckingSuck 1 points ago in SecretHitler

    The Smosh people obviously haven’t read the rules, though. They do a number of things wrong.

    [–] Is it just me or is the most toxic community in existence? DogsFuckingSuck 1 points ago in SecretHitler

    Metas develop for a reason. Your insistence upon removing the meta is backwards and anti-competitive.

    [–] Max Penny or Nita first? DogsFuckingSuck 2 points ago in BrawlStarsCompetitive

    Penny, because Balls of Fire is the most important of their SP’s. Nita is playable without either SP.

    [–] Unpopular opinion: I don’t like energy drink. DogsFuckingSuck 35 points ago in BrawlStarsCompetitive

    It somehow makes SD even more luck-based. You’re engaged in a tactical battle, then one of you suddenly gets an energy drink and kills the other. Or even worse, a Bibi comes running in from nowhere with an energy drink and kills you both.

    [–] Nicely shaped butts are better than big butts DogsFuckingSuck 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I agree. I consider myself an ass man, but most butts I really like are in the medium to small range.

    [–] Housing Outlook for Junior With Early Monday Timeslot? DogsFuckingSuck 4 points ago in USC

    Probably not. The lottery usually ends for juniors/seniors by the second day. Whatever village lofts and cargar/century are left over at that point are given to sophomores under the Sophomore Guarantee.

    [–] Unpopular Opinion Coming In DogsFuckingSuck 12 points ago in Dodgers

    I don't hate all the fans, just the delusional ones who are claiming to be the victims right now

    [–] Sophmore General Lottery Housing DogsFuckingSuck 5 points ago in USC

    If you are a freshman right now living in USC housing, you are guaranteed housing for next year. That said, I’ve heard the lottery usually ends by the second day, so you’ll likely be given a reserved sophomore assignment automatically.

    [–] You can add one inch to anything that exists. How do you cause the most chaos? DogsFuckingSuck 7 points ago in AskReddit

    If we want to double the mass, we need to multiply diameter by sqrt(2)

    (x+1) = sqrt(2)x

    x - sqrt(2)x = -1

    x = 1/(sqrt(2)-1)

    x = 2.41 inches

    [–] AITA for "destroying" my sister's wedding? DogsFuckingSuck -1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA for expecting anyone to read this wall of text.

    [–] AITA for not wanting to go to our high school reunion with my wife to fulfil her revenge fantasy? DogsFuckingSuck -1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I agree with this. Maybe not for this situation in particular, but definitely in general. So many people on here are under the impression that if you’re not literally forced or required to do something, you’re under no obligation whatsoever to do it and they say NAH or NTA.