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    [–] The 6.4k people that disliked appreciation thread Domri_Rade 0 points ago in Ice_Poseidon

    I was there. I disliked and left the steam immediately.

    [–] Its here! Domri_Rade 6 points ago in pokemongo

    I don't know any gen3 pokemon, this is about to get exciting.

    [–] FWD: HAHAHAAH I'M LAUGHING MY "ASS" OFF TO THIS ONE! Domri_Rade -1 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    How come every time someonemone makes fun of a Hillary Clinton supporter they are automatically assumed to be a Trump supporter?

    [–] Bisexuals don't matter, it's no longer LGBT Domri_Rade 1 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Does the B in LGBT imply there are only 2 genders?

    [–] Left hand kiridashi "Event Horizon" Domri_Rade 12 points ago in knifeclub

    What is the difference between a left and right handed kiridashi?

    [–] Is he actually expecting us to become withdrawn and beg for him to start streaming again? LOL Domri_Rade 48 points ago in Ice_Poseidon

    Made me realize how miserable I was trying to watched his scuffed ass stream. So much more enjoyable to do other things.

    [–] Do "weed culture" fanatics piss you guys off? Domri_Rade 0 points ago in Drugs

    As a daily smoker it does bother me because it makes other like me look bad. I view it pretty similar to the people who brag about how much they drink and wear miller lite shirts (or w/e brand).

    [–] Best meal replacement shakes? Domri_Rade 0 points ago in keto

    I tried the ketolent sample and they taste fine.

    [–] "HMB while I kiss my husband" Domri_Rade 1 points ago in holdmybeer

    Love whoever is holding thatpretzel.

    [–] Cool, classy, humble, and scandal-free. Domri_Rade 0 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in pics

    Maybe if you are under 8 years old.

    [–] Guy vs Couple, Guy wins! Domri_Rade 4 points ago in pussypassdenied

    Hoagiefest getting heated.

    [–] Guy vs Couple, Guy wins! Domri_Rade 4 points ago in pussypassdenied

    Gotta love wawa, only place I have ever been in a fight in my life.

    [–] So I asked a flat earther why he thinks the earth is flat Domri_Rade 1 points ago in atheism

    Ask him to explain satellite internet. If the earth was flat, we couldn't have satellites orbit the earth.

    [–] Ben-Ben's octopus hat Domri_Rade 1 points ago in magicTCG

    What about those hats that have hair attached to them.

    [–] Donald Trump 'to be snubbed' with no invite to royal wedding Domri_Rade 1 points ago in worldnews

    The only people I know who care about the royal wedding are the same people who watch reality TV.