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    [–] J-Roc ftw though DonKeedick 1 points ago in funny

    Is that a double wide??? Damn! He be ballin’!! Kentucky Cribs sure to be callin’ any day now.

    [–] When boys help you choose your clothes DonKeedick -13 points ago in NSFWFunny

    No boy would have picked out that hideous bikini!

    [–] Hey! What happened here? DonKeedick 13 points ago in combinedgifs

    “What? No blowjob???”

    [–] Adults that are obsessed with Disney are creepy DonKeedick 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Look at the bright side: at least they’re not breeding!

    [–] Deja vu all over again. DonKeedick 2 points ago in The_Mueller

    Damn. Fake news will get you every time!

    [–] Which celebrity “sex symbol” do you just not find sexy in the slightest? DonKeedick 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I ran across a photo of her earlier. She is the specific reason why I posed this question.

    [–] Which celebrity “sex symbol” do you just not find sexy in the slightest? DonKeedick 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I must admit I do not get this either. Not only the “sexy symbol” status, but all the infatuation or even a passing interest.

    [–] Is Orlando the worst city for singles? DonKeedick 5 points ago in orlando

    I believe there are two primary factors leading to a shallow dating pool for both men and women in the Orlando area. Firstly, not many people are native Floridians and the very nature of the tourist town is a transient community. Therefore, it’s “okay” to shit in your own back yard, because Orlando isn’t really your own backyard, or at least you feel no “sense of duty” to better yourself and your community.

    Secondly, Florida seems to be the ballsack of the Nation. Central Florida specifically has an over abundance of fucked up people who fucked up their lives elsewhere and decided that a fresh start in the sunshine is just what the doctor ordered. Newsflash! If you were a POS elsewhere, you’re STILL going to be that same POS here, sunshine or not.

    Are there good people in Orlando? Certainly. Unfortunately, we are way out numbered. Good luck everyone.

    [–] First time visiting the 9/11 memorial. Even being from Mexico, I couldn't help feeling heartbroken. I salute to you USA and your people. God bless you. DonKeedick -2 points ago in pics

    I believe I can speak for all my fellow Americans when I say we greatly appreciate your heartfelt condolences and prayers. Now kindly step aside Into this awaiting squad car and kiss you children goodbye!