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    [–] Skin tone before and after drinking alcohol DonKeedick 3 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I have no idea about the skin tone, but the girl on the right looks a lot more fun!

    [–] Ugly fireplace makeover DonKeedick -7 points ago in DIY

    Yeah, fortunately you’re not nearly as versed in the field of fireplaces, chimneys, and rock as you are being an angry internet troll, as not a single structural part of he chimney has changed and the “fake rock” you refer to is actually real stone. Stick to trolling, as it appears you at least have that talent going for you... or against you.

    [–] Ugly fireplace makeover DonKeedick -20 points ago in DIY

    Yeah, would love to see your before and after.

    [–] Ugly fireplace makeover DonKeedick 23 points ago in DIY

    Thank you. When I started out had no real plan, so I’m happy with the way it evolved

    [–] Ugly fireplace makeover DonKeedick 42 points ago in DIY

    The HVAC unit was originally located behind the fireplace. I had the unit and the vents relocated into the attic space.

    [–] I am an American who lived on a sailboat around Latin America when I was a little girl. We visited deserted islands, the Mexican police surrounded us with guns on Christmas Day, and once we hit a whale. DonKeedick 28 points ago in AMA

    I am currently giving serious consideration to circumnavigating with no set time schedule to be anywhere in particular. With the experience of a 6 year old, and the hind site of an educated 27 year old, would you encourage it or consider doing it again as an adult?

    [–] What person famous for being sexy do you not find sexy at all? DonKeedick 4 points ago in AskReddit

    There's a reason why her and Dee Snyder have NEVER been photographed together.