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    [–] Thoughts on triptan and fioricet overuse DrAndross 2 points ago in pharmacy

    I think you missed the point that taking triptans too much actually causes headaches. They may not have headaches anymore if they stop taking the triptan.

    [–] What makes a good tech? DrAndross 30 points ago in pharmacy

    Initiative. That's it.

    [–] We are all Clinical Pharmacists DrAndross 3 points ago in pharmacy

    It's still 25K more. I interviewed for a staffing job at 45/hr. I got a retail job at 60/hr

    [–] The disrespect! DrAndross 1 points ago in gaming

    How many headsets do you buy? I've had three in the last 8 years. That's using them almost everyday.

    [–] Independent job offer right out of school or retail? DrAndross 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in pharmacy

    401k match at either?

    Sounds like more work for less pay at the independent. Being a floater only 32 hrs a week is pretty nice. No one expects anything more than keeping the place from burning down. I'd prob take the more money and 401k match that the chain mostly offers. Especially if you can get 40 hrs a week at the chain. You're talking 20k difference a year if you're able to get full time hrs at the chain and 25k if you factor in your 401k match.

    Most people are prob gonna say the independent tho bc the grass is always greener to all the negative nancys on here.

    Edit: how close are you to the independent? Tell them your chain offer and see if they can do any better

    [–] Petition to keep 50v50! DrAndross -7 points ago in FortNiteBR

    You just suck. Git good kid

    [–] Should I say something? DrAndross 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in pharmacy

    Good Lord. That's bad. Does she think she's a psychiatrist anyway? Bringing it up privately would be unprofessional too unless asked about it. Safe to say you should fill somewhere else

    [–] Issues with Ranked Play taking into account Individual Performance DrAndross 1 points ago in CoDCompetitive

    So then you rank up my for taking the bomb in snd and touching the hill first. Then you change the mentality to I have to score as much points as possible. Winning is all that counts. The only reason your teammates won was bc of you. Next game they'll lose and be right back where they were where you will rank up away from them.

    [–] Lets talk about Ranked Play In-Depth DrAndross 11 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in CoDCompetitive

    We're 4 days in. Chill.

    I played 6 games today for the first time. No one left. every one had mics. It's the best "ranked" we've had in years.

    [–] TJHaly jokes Temp with a machine pistol from range DrAndross 1 points ago in CoDCompetitive

    The best gun hands down. I used my unlock token on it in pubs lol. Machine pistol and AR makes you able to compete in all situations. I'd like to see the percentage of kills in SnD tourneys that are machine pistol. Probably like a third

    [–] Walgreens employees: How do I find a green/waiting tpr? DrAndross 6 points ago in pharmacy

    If there's a green tpr, someone f1d a waiter and it rejected. Ask the person that is doing f1s and tell them to quit ignoring rejections

    [–] Ranked Play Discussion Megathread DrAndross 0 points ago in CoDCompetitive

    Increase the ban. Eventually people who quit won't be able to play. That's all you can do.

    [–] Ranked Play Discussion Megathread DrAndross 1 points ago in CoDCompetitive

    The way I stated is how every other game with ranked does it. That's the answer and the most fair way.

    [–] Ranked Play Discussion Megathread DrAndross 2 points ago in CoDCompetitive

    You have to get a loss. You could just make a teammate quit and never loss.

    The players that stay should get a loss that lowers rank less. The dude that left should get a ban and their rank should be heavily dropped