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    [–] Been looking to get back into rebuildable tanks. DrBrogbo 2 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    The OFRF Gear RTA is great for single coil use, but if you want dual coil, I've really been enjoying the Wotofo Bravo and the Vandy Vape Kylin II.

    They're all pretty easy to build on, although the Bravo builds up condensation around the base of the tank and the Kylin II is easy to over-stuff and get dry hits with.

    [–] Linux gaming is on a life-support system called Steam DrBrogbo 2 points ago in Games

    Hahaha, that is the most perfect analogy I've ever heard.

    That's all. Have a nice day!

    [–] How many of you still have their OG PlayStation 4? DrBrogbo 1 points ago in PS4

    I've got my OG PS4, my OG PS3, and my OG PS2. Seriously, launch models of all 3, still working (disc drive on the PS2 is flaky, though). I used to have an OG PSX, too, but I lost it somewhere along the way and had to get one of those mini PS1 things.

    No problems with my PS4 yet, although I did have to re-do the thermal paste on my PS3 a few years back. Might look in to doing that on the PS4 before too long.

    [–] Does iStick TC40W explode? DrBrogbo 2 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    The old 50W iSticks had issues that I know of, but not the 40W or any of the newer Eleaf LiPo mods (iStick Power 80, iStick QC 200, iKuun, etc.).

    If you can still get one somewhere, the iStick Power 80 is a fantastic device. If you can't find that anywhere, then I've heard great things about the Ijoy Shogun Jr (although it's brand new, so time will tell) and the Voopoo Drag 2 Mini (also fairly new). I also like the tiny form factor and performance of the Voopoo Mojo, but it's only like 2,600mAh, and there's no vape-while-charging (although it does charge fast).

    [–] Moon and back DrBrogbo 9 points ago in funny

    "Mr. Meeseeks, go to the moon and come back."

    "Oooooooh, can doooo!"

    [–] Shoutout to this hero. He woke himself up snoring, covered his mouth with his scarf, and went back to sleep. All I could hear was a slight rumble after that. DrBrogbo 21 points ago in funny

    I don't get why people don't laugh at that kind of stuff. It totally defuses the situation.

    I took a pilates class at my local community college years back, and in a room full of about 35 girls (and me), someone in the back of the class farted while we were all doing some leg-lift thing. About half the class laughed, which caused someone else to fart, and then it was pandemonium for about 5 minutes. Even the teacher had to stop her demonstration to laugh.

    [–] [Anthem] Day one update details DrBrogbo 14 points ago in Games

    Yeah, that's not what was happening. There was one guy running, dodge-boosting, and flying as fast as possible from one checkpoint immediately to the next, while the other 3 people were forced to either play catch-up the entire time, or sit at loading screens.

    Not once did anyone have to "wait on me forever", and besides, that isn't what would happen anyway. If I were going that slow, the other 3 people would move on, and I would be left behind and miss out on all the fun. It's a self-correcting problem.

    [–] [Anthem] Day one update details DrBrogbo 10 points ago in Games

    They said the "gather party" mechanic was made more lenient, but it needs to just be gone. I don't want more time added to the countdown; I don't want the countdown to secretly start in the background for a little while before it displays on screen; I want it gone entirely.

    [–] Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon - More than Words [Rock] DrBrogbo 7 points ago in Music

    It's a duet though, so should it be called "Just Shut Up and Blow Us Already"?

    [–] [Anthem] Day one update details DrBrogbo 161 points ago in Games

    I'm glad it sounds like the stability is being worked on, and that you can re-join expeditions you disconnected from.

    However, please get rid of that "out of range" thing when one player zips ahead and crosses a barrier. I do not enjoy being forced to rush along because some random feels like speedrunning. If it's my first time playing a mission, I want to take my damn time and look around.

    [–] Can't charge mod over night?? WTF DrBrogbo 9 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    You're pushing back pretty damn hard against some common sense advice here.

    First of all, a lot of regular consumer devices do tell you not to charge batteries while sleeping or not around. Second of all, if there is ever going to be a problem with a device/battery failing, 95% of the time it will be when it's being charged. Since these 18650/20700/21700 batteries we use make particularly dangerous bombs and spew toxic chemicals in the air when they vent/explode, isn't it best to eliminate that risk?

    Will you suffer battery failure leading to a fire that burns down your entire home if you ever charge overnight? Almost certainly not. The chances are tiny. Is it worth taking that risk at all if you can avoid it? Nope.

    If you only charge your batteries when you're around and awake, then you will be able to react to that one-in-a-million chance before it turns in to a catastrophe. By all means, you do you, but don't expect everyone here to take your side because things shouldn't be the way they are.

    [–] Anthem is fascinating and flawed DrBrogbo 16 points ago in Games

    I've been enjoying the game, too. I haven't noticed the load times being too bad, since it's on an SSD, but it takes the friend I play with another 30-45 seconds to load in, which makes me just feel bad for her.

    The core gameplay loop is a blast, though. The different "classes" you can pick are all pretty cool, and the combat is pretty damn satisfying, especially when there are 4 players all cooperating with their skills. I didn't even realize it while playing, but apparently there was another player who was just following me around throughout the entire combat, freezing enemies for me to melee smash. It was a great way to combine class strengths.

    I do have some serious complaints, though:

    The stability is absolutely horrendous. Playing with a friend for about 3 hours, I disconnected, then she disconnected, then we both crashed to desktop at the same exact time, then she crashed, then she disconnected, then we both disconnected and called it a night. And every single disconnect, it boots you back to the menu, causing you to lose whatever you had done, and have to load all over again. Totally unacceptable.

    Also, the whole "out of range" thing that pops up for all players when whoever is in front passes the "checkpoint" needs to be gone. Right now. It is utterly horrendous and completely ruins the flow of the game. I don't give a fuck if a random player dropped in who wants to speedrun to the boss to grind for materials, everyone else shouldn't be forced to play by their rules. Seriously, get rid of it.

    [–] The ONE advantage cigarettes have over e-cigs... DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Well, the panels say they're 15W, but I'm sure that's at high-noon with a perfectly clean panel facing directly at the sun on a cloudless mid-summer day, so in reality it's probably half that.

    It takes the better part of 2 days to charge up one of the 20,000mAh packs I use, so I'm usually just rotating packs to charge every couple days.

    [–] The ONE advantage cigarettes have over e-cigs... DrBrogbo 0 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    I solar charge everything I can. My phone, tablet, Kindle, the 3 or so LiPo mods I use regularly, etc. Everything USB-powered gets solar charged, and I work from home.

    [–] Looking for a single 21700 mod (adjustable) DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    I'm not sure. The 24mm will be no problem at all (up to 26.5mm fits), but I'm not sure about the bubble glass. It looks like it might bulge out to 28mm or so, which would be a problem. If it bulges out high enough up, it might clear the battery cap and still fit (I have a dozen or so tanks that work that way), but even if it does fit, you would need to remove the tank every time you swapped out batteries.

    [–] The ONE advantage cigarettes have over e-cigs... DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    I would think a LiPo mod, a 20,000mAh USB battery pack (or two if you can fit them), and a USB solar array would be able to solve that need.

    [–] [Giveaway] Geekvape newly released Zeus X, specially designed for RTA enthusiasts. DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Looks good! I like the short drip tip and the smooth lines up there. Looks much more comfortable than the old 90° corner between top cap and drip tip. Haha, I have a feeling 3.5mL liquid won't last me very long with dual-coil claptons, but it's worth it for such a compact tank and top airflow!

    I've only used the original Zeus, but it was a hell of a single coil RTA. Wicking it was a bit fiddly for me, but once I figured it out, I retired quite a few other RTAs.

    [–] Razor Game Store Closure DrBrogbo 3 points ago in Games

    I love my G13. That LCD comes in super handy while gaming, since you can have MSI Afterburner show stats on it the entire time.

    Plus, the programmable macros are insanely handy for work.

    [–] There are two types of people... DrBrogbo 1 points ago in funny

    Yeah you're right, there's already shit particles on everything in your entire house, including the food you're prepping itself, so why not just take a big ol' dump right on the counter and smear it around? I mean, there's already particles present, so how can more possibly hurt?