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    [–] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice version 1.03 update launches today DrBrogbo 826 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Games

    Improvements to Strategic Approaches

    • Adjusted the efficiency and Spirit Emblem cost of the following to encourage usage and diversity of approach:
    • * Prosthetic Tools: “Lazulite Sacred Flame,” “Loaded Axe” series, “Sparking Axe,” “Lazulite Axe”
    • * Combat Arts: “Ashina Cross,” “Dragon Flash,” “One Mind,” “Floating Passage,” “Spiral Cloud Passage,” “Mortal Draw,” “Empowered Mortal Draw”
    • * Items: “Spiritfall” series
    • Reduced the Posture damage dealt by the first hit of the Combat Arts “Senpou Leaping Kicks” and “High Monk” as it was causing more damage than intended in certain cases. Posture damage dealt in the latter-half of the combo has been increased.
    • Increased the Poison build-up dealt by the Prosthetic Tool “Sabimaru” against enemies that were intended to be weak against it.
    • Increased the drop rate of “Divine Confetti” for Fencers in Ashina Castle.
    • Adjusted loading screen tips and tutorial text, as well as adding new text.

    Other Fixes

    • Slightly reduced Posture and Vitality of Blazing Bull in order to improve game pacing and balance time in combat.
    • Lowered the price of information sold by Anayama the Peddler. The Chained Ogre inside Ashina Castle is now Red Eyed.
    • Fixed a bug where “Gokan’s Sugar” and “Gokan’s Spiritfall” were not mitigating player Posture damage taken while guarding or deflecting enemy attacks.
    • Fixed a bug where system crashes could cause save data to become corrupted on PC.
    • Fixed a bug where certain enemies would sometimes stop attacking the player.
    • Fixed a bug where certain actions could not be performed after reconfiguring the controls.
    • Fixed certain bugs that were allowing the player to access unexpected areas, which could result in becoming unable to obtain items or make further progress.
    • Fixed cases of certain text being displayed incorrectly.
    • Improved stability.
    • Improved performance.
    • Other various bug fixes.

    [–] Fw candy watermelon DrBrogbo 1 points ago in DIY_eJuice

    As far as I know, a lot of Vape Wild's flavorings are just re-branded FW flavors, so I wouldn't be surprised if you have tried FW Candy Watermelon.

    [–] It's Spring! BOGO 50% Off Easter Sale 👉 [Giveaway] | DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    I've never tried y'all before, but the flavors that look the most interesting to me are Fuzzberry, Key Lime Pie, Pixy, and Strapple Berry.

    Vape-related question: How long does it take you to come up with recipes? I've wandered in to the DIY subreddit a few times, and it seems like the rule over there is constant experimentation. Try this, try that, use this flavor instead but a few % less, etc.

    [–] Hey ECR, it's been a bit, lets have a sale and a [giveaway]! DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    That is one swanky-ass lookin' gift box there!

    My plans are staying at home with a slightly-sick dog, cooking up an insanely-sick bacon-wrapped spicy-sausage-stuffed pork loin roast, and watching a hopefully-sick episode of Game of Thrones. Do you (all) have any cool plans?

    [–] TIL that breathing 100% pure oxygen for more than 16 hours can lead to irreversible lung damage, damage to the retinas, and eventually, death. DrBrogbo 3 points ago in todayilearned

    As a stupid young kid, one time I drank 5.5 gallons of water during the first 6 hours of a standard 8-hour work shift in an office. By the 6th hour, it honestly felt like my kidneys were shutting down, my heart was racing, and I was achey all over.

    After getting screamed at by a family doctor and paying the ER to make sure I didn't die, I learned never to ever do that again. I honestly had no idea at the time that too much water could kill me.

    [–] “Whoever’s the Market Leader Will Drag Their Feet on Cross-Play,” Says Dev DrBrogbo -7 points ago in Games

    Valve absolutely knows how to stop Epic from eating their lunch.

    1) Do nothing and wait for Epic to run out of money/interest

    2) Improve the revenue split (not much reason to yet with Steam being an objectively better storefront for consumers in every single way and only a handful of games going exclusive to Epic so far)

    3) Outbid Epic for exclusivity (why bother? All it would do is waste money, and set up a dangerous precedent where publishers could incite a bidding war)

    Valve knows exactly how to stop Epic, they just either don't care, or are in the process of making a plan.

    [–] S6E1: "Abed's not comfortable with C-H-A-N-G-E" DrBrogbo 14 points ago in community

    It's the #1 Changnesia research entity worldwide, dedicated entirely to curing that unfortunate malady.

    [–] Eciggity's Easter Sale + [Giveaway]! DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    $100 gift cards!? Well lordy lord, happy Easter to you all, too!

    [–] The Typing of the Dead: A Zombie-Slaying Education - LGR DrBrogbo 12 points ago in Games

    Sorry, I must have missed the check they mailed to me for having fun.

    I apologize for offending your sensibilities by recommending a game I enjoyed.

    [–] A photo I took from my recent trip to Japan DrBrogbo 5 points ago in pics

    DVD and BluRay copies of Fisherman's Wife and Fisherman's Wife 2: The Re-Tentacling

    [–] "1-Blue-3" DrBrogbo 3 points ago in DIY_eJuice

    I can't find any single flavor reviews of sour ball candy. How much taste does it add just by itself? Could it be added to an existing recipe to give it a tart candy feel, or does it add some blue raspberry flavor as well?

    [–] Cloudberry Vapors Easter [giveaway] DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Not entering as I've already tried all your flavors, and I think you deserve all the monies anyway, but good on ya for doing this giveaway!

    You're good people, Daniel. Happy Easter!

    [–] I've been told my thumb is unusually large. DrBrogbo 2 points ago in pics

    Dude can scratch the first knuckle on his middle finger with that.

    [–] VaporDNA 2019 Easter GAW [Giveaway] DrBrogbo 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Wow, that's a hell of a giveaway!! My favorite color for both of those is blue. If there was an iridescent "rainbow" of the Topside, it would be that, but the blue looks gorgeous too.

    Easter plans involve resting at home with a sick dog, and cooking/eating a big meal while drinking a big beer and watching Game of Thrones.

    What about your Easter plans?

    [–] 'Whiplash': An Example of Brilliant Writing, Directing, and Editing DrBrogbo 7 points ago in movies

    Honestly, as someone that deeply-meshed in the music world, you might not like it. It's beautifully-filmed, and tells a captivating story, but it's more of a movie about musicians than it is for musicians, if you catch my drift.

    [–] Received a weird working mod from VaporDNA. Worst customer service ever. DrBrogbo 26 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Is it possible that the Vmate just has shit TC? There are plenty of mods out there that just flat out don't work in TC mode, and even though that means they won't be good for your use-case, they're not technically defective with regards to that mod's normal operation.

    [–] The Typing of the Dead: A Zombie-Slaying Education - LGR DrBrogbo 18 points ago in Games

    That really makes me want to play Typing of the Dead: Overkill again. I had an absolute blast playing that co-op with a friend a few years ago.

    [–] “This is not the greatest Ross in the world, it’s just a tribute.” DrBrogbo 93 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in funny

    Once every hundred thousand strokes or so, happy suns will shine, happy moons will glow, happy grass will grooo-hoooo.

    [–] Amazing Metroid cosplay by Hendo (not zerosuit) DrBrogbo 1 points ago in gaming

    Probably because some of her other pictures flirt with the NSFW line.

    [–] Funny but it's true! DrBrogbo 7 points ago in funny


    [–] So thats why airports smell like that. DrBrogbo 1 points ago in funny


    [–] Ever been kicked in the balls so hard you turned into a T-Rex? DrBrogbo 1 points ago in funny

    Of course. You're basically asking "ever been kicked in the balls?"

    [–] This little piggie... DrBrogbo 11 points ago in funny

    Not gonna lie, I would love to try that.