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    [–] My parents gave us the best wedding present ever (commissioned by Marvel artist Scott Johnson). DrFridayTK 2 points ago in pics

    And now my wife and I are arguing about who would officiate our geek wedding.

    Final answer: Gandalf, but with a Magneto helmet at hand.

    [–] Me-ow! DrFridayTK 26 points ago in pics

    This is high-level Durarara!! cosplay.

    [–] What's your "I may actually be the only the person in the world that does this" habit? DrFridayTK 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I involuntarily hiss at things I don’t like. Ok, so it’s not totally involuntary, but I do it more often than I should.

    [–] Steve? DrFridayTK 4 points ago in MST3K

    Not everyone is named Steve!

    [–] What is something you learned recently that seems to be common knowledge to everyone else? DrFridayTK 80 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m 38, and I only learned this year that the designation of police dog units as K-9 is a pun. I literally never thought of it before.

    [–] White House Ramping Up To Thrilling Season Finale DrFridayTK 1 points ago in onionheadlines

    I keep reading this as "White House Ramping Up to Thrilling Final Season." Still funny, slightly darker.

    [–] It does end. DrFridayTK 48 points ago in gifs

    Really, really surprised the foam at the end didn't spell out "Send Nudes."

    [–] [3e] How do you/enemies roll against Mists of Eventide? DrFridayTK 5 points ago in exalted

    Also note that the 3i damage is damage dice, not straight points of Initiative lost. This can make a big difference in the spell's potency.

    [–] Hit him with your best insult! DrFridayTK 7 points ago in PandR

    Stands on table

    I like Jerry. Jerry is my friend!

    [–] Getting frustrated with authors as of late... It seems like no-one writes stories with an end anymore. DrFridayTK 3 points ago in books

    Oh my god, I was literally just going to post this exact topic. I've read several books recently that just sort of stop rather than having, you know, a meaningful resolution to anything.

    [–] Who else avoids Io like a plague because of those damn Taken? DrFridayTK 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Really? Huh, I must be the weirdo that loves killing Taken.

    And I find Asher's assholery hilariously charming.

    [–] Who says cats don't get excited to see their owners like dogs? DrFridayTK 2 points ago in videos

    My four year old thinks this is the funniest video on the internet and demanded we watch it 20 times in a row.

    [–] Every single time... DrFridayTK 63 points ago in gaming