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    [–] December Predictions (post SAG and Globes noms) DrScientist812 1 points ago in oscarrace

    That's bold predicting Jojo Rabbit to win BP without a Director nod. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

    [–] 2020 SAG Award Nominations: The Complete List (Updating Live) DrScientist812 3 points ago in oscarrace

    Maybe the real Willem Dafoe nomination for The Lighthouse was the friends we made along the way.

    [–] Whats your "must watch" movie list? DrScientist812 3 points ago in movies


    The Big Lebowski

    Lawrence of Arabia

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Once Upon a Time in America

    [–] 2020 SAG Award Nominations: The Complete List (Updating Live) DrScientist812 6 points ago in oscarrace

    Very pleased to see Jojo Rabbit make Ensemble. My favorite movie of the year.

    [–] Most Overlooked Films of the Decade? DrScientist812 14 points ago in movies

    Him going for the imaginary ankle gun had me in tears.

    [–] What's a film that you were excited to watch but were disappointed after watching it? DrScientist812 9 points ago in movies

    Imagine traveling billions of miles across the solar system to find your long-lost dad and then he tells you he doesn’t love you within 2 minutes of meeting him.

    [–] Live Episode Discussion: Season 1 Episode 8 'A God Walks into Abar' DrScientist812 209 points ago in Watchmen

    I didn't think it was possible but Jeremy Irons actually made me sympathize with Adrian Veidt. The way he said "sounds like paradise" with that quaver in his voice was some truly incredible acting.

    [–] Good Shot For Sandler DrScientist812 11 points ago in oscarrace

    He needs that SAG nod.

    [–] Critics’ Choice: ‘The Irishman’ Leads Movie Nominations – Variety DrScientist812 4 points ago in movies

    Considering BP is awarded at the very end of the ceremony I can't imagine it would have a huge effect on ratings.