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    [–] How can I hint that I am a “safe space” for questioning elders? DrTxn 1 points ago in exmormon

    If you need a place to do laundry on p-day, I would let you use my washer and dryer...

    [–] T-Minus 30 min until my TBM step-daughter gets her patriarchal blessing in our house. DrTxn 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago) in exmormon

    Get her the hard copy of this as a gift:

    In book form it is called:

    “Early Patriarchal Blessings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”

    [–] Patriarchal blessing: You will serve a mission, get married in the temple, and have children. Mormons: DrTxn 5 points ago in exmormon

    Well JS’s blessing from Oliver Cowdrey said, “Thus shall God bless, and thus shall he be prospered: and he shall have peace after a little; for his enemies shall be consumed, many of them, and many shall turn and be his friends in very deed: he shall remain to a good old age, even till his head is like the pure wool.”

    I guess he wasn’t righteous enough.

    [–] Eavesdropping mother DrTxn 8 points ago in exmormon

    Cock Pulling Rhythm

    [–] A TBM asked just said this to me. DrTxn 1 points ago in exmormon

    I forget you can read things differently. I was thinking positively for Jillette not negatively towards the poster.

    [–] Seminary Lesson 46 – The Con Starts Paying Off DrTxn 2 points ago in exmormon

    Well, those things are of higher priority to the Mormon God so of course he went into more detail.

    [–] Seminary Lesson 45 – Shit Show Overview Known as Ohio DrTxn 1 points ago in exmormon

    “The vote has been noted”

    I am sorry if you are an Ohio fan 😥 but the lesson title was Ohio. I guess I should have put Ohio overview.

    See, I gave you more than Uchtdorf.

    [–] Early Saints Gift of Tongues Translation DrTxn 2 points ago in exmormon

    Oh, the book is a shelf breaker.

    I'm still laughing at "Anglo-man". It sounds like a DC comics character someone should do a movie. According to JS, that is the name of an angel in the pure Adamic language. Funny thing is I did a google search on the term an it was first seen used by Thomas Jefferson to be a British interest's lover in North America.

    I was thinking that JS was thinking all angels are white and delightsome.

    [–] Joseph Smith's Patriarchal Blessing - I guess he wasn't faithful enough DrTxn 1 points ago in exmormon

    I have not listened to any.

    There are books of patriarchal blessings given by the first couple patriarchs. Here is one: