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    [–] Heard in Sacrament Meeting... DrTxn 6 points ago in exmormon

    I was taught in seminary that on the frontier husbands would die and God instituted polygamy to help these poor widows. Plural marriage was a sacrifice.

    Meanwhile, JS was marrying other men’s wives, children he was a guardian to, and more while lying about it because it violated the law.

    CES has nothing to do with education. It is just straight up brainwashing.

    [–] New dean for BYU Marriott School of Business is a woman. I'm pleasantly surprised. DrTxn 1 points ago in exmormon

    I would agree, but when I went, a lot of people started at Goldman Sachs. At that point, you win.

    [–] New dean for BYU Marriott School of Business is a woman. I'm pleasantly surprised. DrTxn 3 points ago in exmormon

    BYU is a good second tier MBA. You are paying for your classmates (networking) at Harvard, Stanford and other big name schools.

    [–] Sister wives DrTxn 2 points ago in exmormon

    So that could be after you are dead...

    [–] New dean for BYU Marriott School of Business is a woman. I'm pleasantly surprised. DrTxn 7 points ago in exmormon

    This board hates BYU, but if you are getting an accounting degree or an MBA, BYU is a good school. In addition, it is cheap. Now the naysayers will say it will have a negative impact on other aspects of your life. I am not going to argue with that. If you are going to a graduate program, you don’t have to take religion classes. Looking at tuition rates of comparable schools, would you go to church for $40k plus per year of savings? Realize those are aftertax dollars and school will only be 2/3 of a year.

    [–] Link to Ministry of Truth DrTxn 3 points ago in exmormon

    I was thinking about "the apology" this week and reading this blog and thinking this description of 1984 describes the event as people found out where the apology came from.

    On the sixth day of Hate Week, as crowds gathered to denounce Eurasia, the Party switched enemies to Eastasia. In a particularly rousing speech against their enemy, the speaker was handed a slip of paper, and in mid-sentence, without pause, without change in content or tone, he changed the name of the enemy he was speaking against to Eastasia. Eurasia was now their dearest friends. Those holding banners denouncing their enemy were suddenly embarrassed to discover they had unaccountably written the wrong name, and quickly trampled and destroyed them.

    In fact, it applies to anything that doesn't fit the narrative of follow the prophet and the church is true.

    [–] A conversation with my current highschool girlfriend DrTxn 6 points ago in exmormon

    As an example to the above:

    • Get the Lowry Nelson letters
    • Read the last one where the First Presidency secretary tells Lowry his churh membership is in jeopardy and he is basically hellbound
    • Ask the question, “What do you think about Lowry right now?”
    • Read all the letters
    • Ask the qustion, “If you could go back in a time machine and were in Lowry’s position with the knowledge you have now, what would you do?”
    • Ask the question, “It was taught as doctrine that blacks were less valiant in the preexistence. We now teach according to the Gospel Essays that is not true. How did what happened in the preexistence change?”
    • Ask the question, “How do we know God’s will?” Obviously, prophets are wrong in answering this question sometimes as given by this example.
    • Why are you spiritual experiences more valid then someone else’s?

    [–] Condoms required at National BSA Jamboree. DrTxn 1 points ago in exmormon

    Yes, but teens need a little balance in life. (No cult needed in the balance.)

    [–] Condoms required at National BSA Jamboree. DrTxn 2 points ago in exmormon

    I am not a fan of boy/girl camping. At the national jamboree, the subcamp with boy and girl units was a raging party. The other subcamps were working on scout skills. I would not want to be an adult leader in at a mixed group site. I think it is a mistake. Perhaps the boy and girl scouts could have made up and done some joint adventures together.

    [–] Blacks were banned from being families together forever until 1978 DrTxn 4 points ago in exmormon

    🎶🎶 White families can be together forever, Black families are fucked however, but God is merciful and has a work around, be sealed as a slave for salvation to be found... now you can be with whities forever... 🎶🎶

    [–] TIL it takes 50 hours to do all the temple work for one name. DrTxn 3 points ago in exmormon

    They forgot to include the number of hours it takes to indoctrinate people to do the 50 hours of work.

    [–] Hi, I’m Mel, an exmo and I work at McDonald’s DrTxn 1 points ago in exmormon

    Could it be exmos hitting the drive through in suits after cutting out after sacrament?

    [–] The faithful sub has gone Apostate. DrTxn 3 points ago in exmormon

    I thought that the first question missionaries asked now was, “Do you have access to the internet?” If they said yes, they would just say thank you for your time and move on. They found it was a more effective use of their time.