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    [–] Non capturing catches RFC was accepted DrWhatNoName 2 points ago in PHP

    This is because php 8.0 release cycle is coming up. Once release candidates start RFC's will no longer be accepted for php 8.0 and must target the next major release.

    [–] Moderation changes in /r/php DrWhatNoName 1 points ago in PHP

    The problem with it is "he" still posts his whats new in 7.4 post. In which i always call him out on

    This is a bad move for r/php future. /u/brendt_gd is the definition of spam.

    [–] War Thunder has removed ricochet chance from ammo stat cards!?! (sorry for poor resolution of second picture) DrWhatNoName 1 points ago in Warthunder

    If a shell would shatter, it would shatter at 0 degrees 100% with a decrease of shattering at higher angles since there would be more surface area in contact + ricochete chance.

    [–] hi so for my final project of school i need a php projet so im here seeking for simple ideas DrWhatNoName 2 points ago in PHP

    Yummy public email address. Here have some loans, and hot russian wifes in your area, How about this passive income thing every is doing to get rich, oh this shop sells viagra.

    And the creme de' le creme, Microsoft found a virus on your computer, please pay to fix it.

    [–] What do about salary. (read comment) DrWhatNoName 0 points ago in PHP

    Politeness thing I guess? I don't want to come across as begging for more money in spit of the new guys.

    [–] What do about salary. (read comment) DrWhatNoName 1 points ago in PHP

    So a couple months ago I posted about how to get my boss to allow us the devs to rebuild our old PHP 5 app in php 7 using a MVC framework. Slowly progression is being made on this aspect and we are now recruiting more devs for the workload.

    So we started hiring, and now the problem is, these new guys are getting higher pay then I am. and not by a little, by like £10k/year more, its like i shot my self in the foot. I dont want to have the talk with my boss about these new entry level jobs being paid more then I am, I dont think I should have to.

    They all do different things too, Im full-stack, I work on the UI, backend, deployements and server management. And one of the new guys whole role is Vue.js. and he is on a higher payroll then i am, even tho I also working with vue.js and all the rest of it.

    [–] TL;DW - War Thunder 1.99 Dev stream DrWhatNoName 2 points ago in Warthunder

    There are rumours of t-90 being shown in the next dev stream.

    [–] TL;DW - War Thunder 1.99 Dev stream DrWhatNoName -12 points ago in Warthunder

    Watch the clip and find out...

    [–] Megathread: Update 1.99 Dev Stream DrWhatNoName 16 points ago in Warthunder

    Thought they already have the AH-1S?

    [–] Megathread: Update 1.99 Dev Stream DrWhatNoName 177 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in Warthunder

    Clips collected from dev stream

    USSR 9P157:

    Ground FCS:

    France Mirage IIIC:

    Mirage Weaponry:

    Italy F-104S:

    Sweeden Strv 9056:


    USA F3H-2:

    Italy Sparviero:

    Japan IJN Tone & AH-64DJ:

    Italy MC 591 + ASM:

    Italy Trento:

    Italy Navel tree:

    UK Scimitar F:

    UK Challenger 2 2f:

    USSR SU-7B:

    French Char D2:

    China T-69 II G:

    China F-86F:

    Germany M48 Super:

    Pars missiles fire and forget:

    Japan IJN Tone + AH-1S _ AH64DJ:

    Air Ballistic computer auto bombing:

    Scope pinging:

    [–] Happiness Analysis by language: Php devs swear alot DrWhatNoName 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in PHP

    I dont fucking care about happiness, I'm more interested in the fact PHP is the 2nd most gender diverse language.

    Also, Perl still exists?

    Also, my code only has 1 swear in it, and its not a comment. Its a error message to the user :)

    [–] Password hashing: Use bcrypt instead of Argon2 DrWhatNoName 2 points ago in PHP

    People dont crack hashes over an API, they download hashcat and with a RX 5700 can brute force 200 million sha512 hashes per second.

    SHA is also extremely prone to buffer collision attacks.

    [–] AMD Zen 3 CPUs will only be compatible with 500-series motherboards DrWhatNoName 384 points ago in pcgaming

    They said that because there would be no PCI-e gen 4 on those boards. If they said it was supported and some idiot expected PCI-e 4 to magically appear, it opens AMD up for liabilities.

    Its a ton of legal better safe than sorry.