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    [–] I'm just saying DragonMomma420 1 points ago in gaming

    Context sir!

    [–] I think taking kids away from their families for not being able to pay lunch fees is pretty trashy DragonMomma420 -4 points ago in trashy

    You only addressed one issue, what if it is a meal that needs to be (re)heated?

    You can't expect a school going child to only eat (pack) only cold served lunches.

    [–] Why can't Rein melee? DragonMomma420 1 points ago in Overwatch

    I don't play Rein at all, but my husband does, so when I watch him, I just assumed that his hammer swing was his melee. 😅

    [–] Leaving a comp game DragonMomma420 -1 points ago in Overwatch

    I don't think that will happen as often as people think it will, as there are so many people against leaving a comp match. (I know because of SR loss) that does not mean that everyone will turn into a bully, or "cheat" their way to get SR. And if it does hapoen, it is because comments like this one, that go on to explain the issue, have saturated the comment section of every post like this. It is sad that the whole are getting punished because of a few. Gaming (mostly multiplayer) has gone down hill.

    [–] The world needs more people like this ma. DragonMomma420 17 points ago in wholesomememes

    Have you not seen the rise in Christmas in July trend? Even Little Debbie has Christmas in July tree cakes.

    [–] Looking for games. DragonMomma420 1 points ago in gaming

    I believe The Bards Tale might be close to what you are looking for.

    [–] From deep sea with love DragonMomma420 3 points ago in wholesomememes

    I am going to start downvoting unwholesome memes. This trend is getting outrageous.

    [–] Get to work OG gamers, you know what to do DragonMomma420 7 points ago in gaming

    I am not asking for safe space. I am asking why hate on a game you don't like, most likely never ever played? Why can't the people who like that game, like it without being bombarded with "hate disguised as "jokes".

    And you are exactly right, and prove my point, the over saturation of toxicness in the gaming community is the reason why I asked what I asked in my first post. It is also the reason why gamers want offline single-player story based games.

    Now, I am done with this conversation as you have added nothing, besides things I already know. I hope you have a good day, and a good weekend.

    [–] Get to work OG gamers, you know what to do DragonMomma420 24 points ago in gaming

    Then the feeling is mutual. I see gamers like you as the problem, because even if it is a joke, it is a bad and worn out one. Maybe I am sick of seeing Fortnight hate memes, because it is hate. Maybe find something else to joke about for awhile?

    You decided to post hate, on a post that says "let people like what they want", and I am the problem?

    The gaming community has become so toxic that it isn't a wonder why over 80% of gamers just want a single player story based games again.

    [–] Jeffrey Epstein is to the United States as Jimmy Savile was to Great Britain DragonMomma420 3 points ago in conspiracy

    Sadly, I have counted out about half those who still have not opened their eyes because they simply don't want to know. Though I still hold out a sliver of hope for the other half, the ones who are willing to hear and discuss these topics.

    I have woken up, and "turned truther", a few of my closets friends. All because, when I was not researching and looking into anything I could find, I was talking to my friends, telling them of the things I've found.

    It is not much, but those few people are now trying to do the same to their friends. It is a web of truth and discussion that can't be stopped, as long as we keep talking.

    [–] Get to work OG gamers, you know what to do DragonMomma420 78 points ago in gaming

    Why not just let people like what they like, while you simultaneously like what you like?

    It is a sad day for gaming when you can "vote" to have a game (you) don't like, "deleted".

    [–] Jeffrey Epstein is to the United States as Jimmy Savile was to Great Britain DragonMomma420 6 points ago in conspiracy

    I never said things are getting better. I don't even hold that belief. I believe that the more people like Ebstein and Saville get outed as sick pedo fucks, the more people will wake up to just how deep it all goes.

    We are far from that point at this moment in time, but does not mean that everyone is asleep to the goings on in the government/shadow and royalty alike.

    Here we are both agreeing that these men are sick ducks, and something needs to be done about it, and that starts with talking about it, bringing these Bastars to light.

    My apologie was for saying he was caught. His story was covered, he never saw jail time or punishment at all, because he had ties with the royal family. Yet there are people out there who spoke out against him. Victims came forward and called Saville out. The truth of his nature is out there, and just because he was not brought to justice does not mean we can't use his story (well his victims and whistle blowers) to continue to show the masses just how much power these men hold, just because they like to rape kids.

    [–] Jeffrey Epstein is to the United States as Jimmy Savile was to Great Britain DragonMomma420 5 points ago in conspiracy

    I was not trying to talk shit. I believe that more people are becoming aware of the child rapists because of Saville and Epstein being exposed.

    I apologize for saying Saville was "caught", but he was caught, by victims and those closest to him, and his actions and penchant for little kids was brought to light by those people. Those who heard the message spread it, even after his death.

    [–] Jeffrey Epstein is to the United States as Jimmy Savile was to Great Britain DragonMomma420 4 points ago in conspiracy

    But they are both the first people in the spot light in their respective countries. The sick fucks who were caught and opened the eyes of an entire country to the depravity of the sum that run our world.

    [–] My own little stairway to heaven DragonMomma420 9 points ago in arresteddevelopment

    That is amazing! I just watched the scene where Maeby took the staircar from George Michael, and gave him Lucile 2s car.

    I still think it is funny that George Michael never met Lucile 2.