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    [–] Free America Now Drazil_ 1 points ago in libertarianmeme

    Can someone explain his stance for me? Genuinely curious, not being aggressive

    [–] Memeatic watermark Drazil_ 0 points ago in shortcuts

    I really appreciate the effort, however, it needs to actually extend the photo with a white bar, as opposed to cover the original photo with a white bar

    [–] I’ve seen the amber alert all over my feed Drazil_ 46 points ago in ontario

    Emergency alert, but it was the same idea

    [–] Top 6? Drazil_ 1 points ago in CastleClash

    I also have rambard, crystal wraith, and landwalker

    [–] Don't snitch on the working class Drazil_ 1 points ago in socialism

    You socialists disguise greed as compassion. It’s justified to steal until you get your belongings stolen.