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    [–] The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Have To Build - Our Daughters Final Resting Place Drone6040 2 points ago in woodworking

    I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you find some relief in your endeavor... I know I did. Years ago I made a coffin for someone. At the time I could barely swing a hammer or use a saw, but it was incredibly cathartic.

    [–] ELI5: How do small, isolated groups of people (like the people who live on small islands) maintain enough genetic diversity to avoid genetic defects in the long term, both in modern times and in antiquity? Drone6040 2 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Fun story! Back in 1775 a Typhoon wiped out the population of Pengelap reducing the native population to ~20 people. One of them, the ruler at the time (I think), was a carrier for color-blindness. Today due to inbreeding the population has the highest rates of color-blindness in the world with 10% of the population color blind and 30% of the population are carriers of color-blindness. In the US the rate of color-blindness is .003%.

    So basically... Sometimes you can't do a damn thing about it. Inbreeding is bad but not as harmful as it's made out to be.

    [–] Historians of Reddit, what misconception about history drives you nuts? Drone6040 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I would argue that they have a different type of generationally accrued knowledge. Lived with a group of hunter gatherers for 2 years and they had an incredible amount of knowledge on the medicinal uses of plants and animals. Unfortunately, it's all oral traditions so much of it is constantly being lost or altered.

    [–] Reddit, what's the most ultimate petty revenge you've seen or been a part of? Drone6040 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Luck. They needed a field researcher to collect data for a much larger project and I was able to put my own research into their agenda.

    [–] Reddit, what's the most ultimate petty revenge you've seen or been a part of? Drone6040 43 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in AskReddit

    I'm late to the party but I feel like I have to share.

    Back in the day I was doing fieldwork for my PhD in the Amazon jungle. I would spend 2-3 months at a time in the bush, living in a thatch roofed hut, before I would head back to civilization and restock my food and essentials. Anyway towards the end of my fieldwork a team of National Science Foundation (NSF) students were brought to my field site by my dissertation advisor for training. Now all of a sudden there were 12 students who had no idea what they were doing living under my roof. Initially I was thrilled, I could finally speak to someone in English, and find out what was happening in the world. After 3 days however, it became obvious they were nothing but a bunch of assholes.

    Here is some of the shit they pulled while living in my house:

    1. They found my stash of snack food and ate it. This included a bag of chips and a candy bar that my mom had sent me 3 months earlier. They claimed they didn't understand why I was soo upset. The nearest town was 12 fucking hours away!

    2. They would piss/shit in/on my hut. At night when it got kind of spooky the students took to pissing right outside my door, rather than walk out to the latrine I had dug for them. One of the guys even took to pissing between my wall boards (it was a bamboo hut with 1/2 inch gaps between poles) with moderate success. It was like sleeping in a urinal.

    3. One of them "borrowed" my soap and shampoo and then lost it in the river.

    4. Their presence was fucking up my research. I was working with a group Hunter/Gatherers and the NSF students were a huge distraction to the village and fucked up my research.

    5. They forgot to bring some essentials. Namely, Salt, soap, rope, and toilet paper, and were quickly eating through mine. This meant that I had would have to go back to town 2 months earlier than planned and would fuck up my research timeline.

    6. They blew holes in my roof. They saw a snake in the tatch (it was a 4 ft Boa and completely harmless) and decided to kill it. So they started firing my shotgun at it. They blew through half my ammunition, blew a bunch of holes in my roof, and never hit shit.

    7. They were rude. I had been living out there for 11 months and had a number of routines and rules in place that they completely ignored.

    After a week of getting shit on by these assholes I decided to catch the next canoe down river and hitched a ride with some loggers back into town. Before I left however, I made sure to take all of my toilet paper with me. They had to spend 3 weeks in the field, where everyone gets diarrhea, wiping their ass with leaves, and corn cobs... Cause fuck them.

    TL/DR: Was in extremely remote location with a bunch of irresponsible assholes. I left early and took all the toilet paper.

    [–] Motorcycle rider jumps across train tracks as police try to stop him Drone6040 1 points ago in gifs

    planned stunt that the cops tried to stop because they thought he was going to kill himself.

    [–] What’s your “that’s why I don’t go home for the holidays” story? Drone6040 21 points ago in AskReddit

    I've never met a conservative anthropologist. Hell I once met one who was only just left of center and it was like seeing a unicorn.

    [–] Socially awkward people of Reddit, what seemingly simple social situations would you like advice for? Drone6040 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in AskReddit

    I read a study a while back where they had men approach women in public and say the following line.

    "Hi, I've noticed you around, and find you beautiful, would you have dinner with me tonight."

    It had a 50% success rate. The alternate line "Hi, I've noticed you around, and find you beautiful, would you have sex with me." was not nearly as successful.

    The study has apparently been recreated and had similar results.

    Edit:*** Found citations: Clark, R. D., III, & Hatfield, E. (1989). Gender differences in receptivity to sexual offers. Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality, 2, 39-55. doi:10.1300/J056v02n01_04 Clark, R. D., III, & Hatfield, E. (2003). Love in the afternoon. Psychological Inquiry, 14, 227-231.

    There has been a lot of criticism of the study but replicated versions of it controlling for attractiveness etc. have shown the general premise of "Be polite, respectful, and get to the point" is the best bet for asking someone out.

    [–] Socially awkward people of Reddit, what seemingly simple social situations would you like advice for? Drone6040 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Movies are a no go with me. Unless they suggest it I would avoid it. 2 hours of sitting in silence to talk about a movie that they might not have wanted to see. Comedy club is a better idea and most of them have a drink minimum so at the very least you will both be loosened up.

    [–] Socially awkward people of Reddit, what seemingly simple social situations would you like advice for? Drone6040 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Set up dates where conversation lends itself naturally. Take a cooking class, play a board game at a bar, play bocce ball, go to a museum, take a dance class... I used to play it off something like this: Do activity 1st, then grab a drink afterwards, talk about them and the activity.

    What ever you do don't see a movie. It's too long and you can't talk during it.

    [–] Socially awkward people of Reddit, what seemingly simple social situations would you like advice for? Drone6040 1 points ago in AskReddit

    When I moved to my new city I came here loosely knowing one person. In an effort to make friends I joined a bunch of clubs and activities. It was all stuff I enjoyed doing and that had a social component to it.


    Took a Salsa class: I sucked and I knew it but I kept a smile on my face and the next thing I know I had women asking me if I would go to clubs with them!

    Joined a board game group: This is where I made a bunch of friends. A bunch of us still hang out on Thursday night and play games.

    I started a scrabble night at a local cafe: This one back fired. People take scrabble way too seriously, but I still go to meet a few really interesting people.

    Joined a DND met up group: Made some really awesome friends!

    Found a trivia night at a bar: Invited some people from the groups above had a blast.

    [–] TIL Cassava, which produces an edible tuber and is a staple food in many regions, can cause acute cyanide poisoning if not prepared correctly Drone6040 2 points ago in todayilearned

    There are various varieties of cassava and this is only true for some of them. Additionally, Bitter Cassava (the type with higher cyanide levels) is eaten predominately in Malaria hot spots. The cyanide, while not necessarily harmful to the person helps prevent malaria.

    [–] Mechanics of Reddit: What vehicles will you absolutely not buy/drive due to what you've seen at work? Drone6040 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Loved my tuscan. Traded out for a new ford and regret it every day. Brought my ford in for 4 recall notices thus far. It's only been 18 months

    [–] How did women of the past deal with "that time of the month?" Drone6040 90 points ago in history

    There are a lot of great answers here but it's important to realize that there is so much variation in human behavior that no single answer is correct.

    From my own experience with Hunter-gatherers menstration periods were actually exceedingly rare. If the women were not pregnant they were breastfeeding (which causes anovulation for 27 months on average in this particular population). So you could feasibly go 3+ years between periods. However when this particular group of women did menstruate they used hand spun cotton pads that they would place between their legs. They claimed that they would separate themselves from their spouses but i never witnessed this and most folks just gave it lip service.

    [–] C average high-school students, where are you now in life? Drone6040 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Have a PhD. Was told not to apply to college or take the SATs.

    Got insulted. Said fuck those people... Got a near perfect SAT score. Got into every college I applied to. Was on the deans list every semester in college. Got into every Grad school I applied to (Full ride+). Went back to high school to tell my Guidance Counsel and Bio teacher to fuck off. He was dead. Kind of lost my motivation after that...

    [–] What tender and juicy drama is going on at your school/workplace? Drone6040 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Knew someone like this. Let's call her Kate, because her name was Kate. She ruined everything she touched with her nonsense and pathological lying including the passion i had for the job we shared. Fuck Kate. Made my life miserable for years with her emotional manipulation.

    [–] Students and professors of Reddit, what moment made you want to rage quit college? Drone6040 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This has happened to me a few times as a student and a professor.

    As a Grad student one of my thesis advisors screamed at me for not planning my defense better. Apparently the email he replied to stating that he was free on May 5th between 1 and 4pm was not sufficient. I was supposed to have reminded him because he is fucking irresponsible asshat and can't be bothered to check his calendar. I had to reschedule my defense... I missed the deadline for graduation and couldn't walk until the following year. Then at the dissertation defense, when he told me I should have included a section on various evolutionary hypotheses... I started twitching. It was apparent that he didn't read the damn thing. Chapter 3 was titled "Evolution of XYZ".

    As a professor, I was recently dragged into the deans office due to a students complaint. They claimed I said some really ignorant stuff... Which I did. I was reading quotes from various view points. They also claimed I had no business teaching that particular class because I didn't know the material. I am legitimately a leading expert on the topic... the world's other experts were at my wedding. It's what I do! To make matters worse the title of the lecture was "Opposing view points!!!" The dean didn't want to bother with it since it was apparent that the student was an idiot so he kicked it down to my department chair. My department chair had only been chair for 2 weeks and had no idea how to proceed, so he asked that I apologize to the class. After some back and forth I agreed. I apologize to the class and several students began questioning my apology, saying that I had nothing to apologize for and that who ever complained was a "F'n moron". They demanded to know who complained. I quickly shut down the witch hunt and told them it wasn't important who complained, but that I was wrong in not making it clear that I was playing devil's advocate and that the opinions I expressed in class were not my own and could be offensive to some (they really weren't). Needless to say I got called in by my chair again because the student felt personally attacked by thier class mates.

    Oh yeah and when a student told me "I'm a graduating senior and this isn't even my major. I'm really an instagram model so you should be grading on a scale or something." This was in response to missing 2/3 of the class.

    [–] Forensic Anthro Question: Basilar Suture Closure Drone6040 1 points ago in Anthropology

    Yes it's possible, but not all that common.

    Edit: Just read intrepidticksaw's post... what they said.