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    [–] In what light do Germans of today view their WW2 veterans DsntMttrHadSex 528 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in history

    No matter how often I asked, I never got my grandfathers to talk about their time. There are no heroes if there's too much horror to talk about the time back then.

    [–] Tips fuer Berlin um 'ne naechtliche Wartezeit rumzubekommen? DsntMttrHadSex 0 points ago in de

    Der McDonald's sollte auf haben. Zur Not trinkst du ein paar Bier in einer Bar am Hackeschen Markt.

    [–] Diss erfolgreich abgewehrt DsntMttrHadSex 0 points ago in de

    Bitte? Was hast du denn genommen?

    [–] Ach_Kapitalismus.jpg ( von heute) DsntMttrHadSex 3 points ago in de

    Die untere Unternehmensebene ist leichter zu ersetzen, falls die Arbeit ohne viel Vorkenntnisse auszuüben ist. Du kannst auch nicht jede Person an die Spitze eines Unternehmens setzen. Nicht jeder kann mit dem Druck und Multitasking umgehen. Ein dummes Jahr kann ausreichen, um abgehängt zu werden und Kunden zu verlieren.

    Viele Unternehmen erwirtschaften kein Gewinn. Dann würde man eventuell gar nichts bekommen, weil es z.B. eine große Sonderabschreibung gibt, die ja nicht cashwirksam ist, aber den Gewinn schmälert.

    Es ist schon alles ganz okay so. Es gibt ja auch Mitarbeiteroptionen und Boni, die abhängig zum Unternehmenserfolg ausbezahlt werden. Das kann sich halt nicht jedes Unternehmen leisten, da man auch Geld für Investitionen bereitstellen muss. Ich habe gehört, dass Porsche seinen Mitarbeitern gerne was auszahlt.

    [–] I mean basically DsntMttrHadSex 25 points ago in memes

    You mean Harrison Ford licking his fingers, turning pages wouldn't be still a hit?

    [–] I mean basically DsntMttrHadSex 69 points ago in memes

    Archaeology is the search for fact ... not truth.

    If it's truth you're interested in, Dr. Tyree's philosophy class is right down the hall. So forget any ideas you've got about lost cities, exotic travel, and digging up the world.

    We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and "X" never, ever, marks the spot. Seventy percent of all archaeology is done in the library.

    [–] Ach_Kapitalismus.jpg ( von heute) DsntMttrHadSex 16 points ago in de

    Wenn der Gewinn von 10TEUR auf 30TEUR steigt, sollten nicht die Personalkosten von 100TEUR auf 300TEUR steigen, da Insolvenz drohen würde.

    [–] There's early Weimar republic economics for ya DsntMttrHadSex 2 points ago in HistoryMemes

    They had to repay the dept in gold mark, but what you see here is the Papiermark.

    So: No.

    [–] I think that the diablo mobile outrage is stupid. DsntMttrHadSex 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Holy shit, rather than tackling my argument you resorted to only using petty insults, nice one. Sorry for having different from the hive mind and can think for myself. Prior to this incident, if you asked any blizzard fan, whether if they are from Wow, starcraft or overwatch they would have said the same thing. Blizzard games in general have long life span for a reason. They have multiple community managers for each of their games and have forum discussion with fans on how to improve them. Prior to this incident, blizzard have a strong reputation for 25 years and that is not because of nothing.

    If you want to use petty insults, I can too. Im sorry that you’re a dumbass that can’t think for yourself and jump on the bandwagon because its cool to do so. Next i will hear about how CDPR and rockstars can do no wrong and you are willing to sacrifice your first born if it means giving them more money.

    And you think anyone younger than 16 know what blizzard is? You know? A company who fan consist of mostly old school starcraft and warcraft lovers? Do you use your brain?


    Btw blizzard fucked with their fan base before. That's why I asked that question. Maybe you are too young to remember, because lately they improved until the weekend.

    [–] I think that the diablo mobile outrage is stupid. DsntMttrHadSex 0 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Also to add on to my points, blizzard is known to listen to their fan base feed backs and give them what they asked for. They are more connected to their fans than any other developers in the industry.

    a) How much did they pay you?

    b) Are you older than 16?

    [–] I played it at BlizzCon. Yes it sucks. DsntMttrHadSex 0 points ago in gaming

    It's still a much much smaller screen than 28"! That's the point here.