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    [–] Michael Avenatti's Past Won't Stop Him From Running in 2020 Duck_Expert 9 points ago in politics

    Eh probably more like its being reposted dozens of times.

    I really dont anyone is tribalistic toward Avenatti.

    [–] Cops pull up hundred of suspected pot plants from a city park only to find out they were pulling up common weeds. Duck_Expert 2 points ago in videos

    Someone correct me if I am wrong. But I think there is a much higher risk rate the more often you pass over care into someone elses hands. It keeps the information centralized, so healthcare workers do longer shifts.

    [–] Kyrsten Sinema wins in Arizona as Democrats capture a longtime GOP Senate seat Duck_Expert 2 points ago in politics

    I have no problems with this. Sometimes the big picture is more important. Thanks for voting

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread: 11/12/2018 Duck_Expert 3 points ago in bodybuilding

    Not me :( Atleast there was no traffic

    [–] Game Thread: Arizona Cardinals (2-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) Duck_Expert 2 points ago in nfl

    This is going very well actually. We won the coin toss Mounted what seemed to be our longest/succesful drive of the year We milked the clock also


    [–] Redneck vs Drone Duck_Expert 1 points ago in IdiotsFightingThings

    Holyfuck I love this channel! I am so glad we got a new video it has been so long. Billy is the best

    [–] Kyrsten Sinema again extends lead over Martha McSally in Senate race Duck_Expert 7 points ago in politics

    Hmm I only use an antenna, no other service beside netflix/amazon. So maybe it was worse for me because of that, maybe channels 1-15 and some random ones after that

    [–] Kyrsten Sinema again extends lead over Martha McSally in Senate race Duck_Expert 35 points ago in politics

    Thats strange, I definitely saw a majority of ads for mcsally attacking sinema, sinemas ads had a later start date then mcsallys also

    [–] Sinema widens lead over McSally in Arizona Senate race Duck_Expert 17 points ago in politics

    I cant speak for McSally. But the attack ads that her side has been airing against Sinema have been un bearable for most people. Its driving moderates and centrists towards Sinema because they have been so hyper aggressive. McSally called her a traitor in their debate multiple times for no reason.

    AZ's population is super focused in one central area and its disconcerting too see one side being so aggressive for no reason day after day. The PAC money was dominating our airwaves, our televisions, even fucking youtube "thank martha mcsally for tax cuts". Watching the NFL I would watch 3 chevy ads in a row followed by 2-4 attack ads. Rinse and fucking repeat.

    [–] Water Cooler Wednesday Duck_Expert 1 points ago in nfl

    JD power awards are next on my list of most hated ads.

    [–] Water Cooler Wednesday Duck_Expert 1 points ago in nfl

    Hi your comment is a bit confusing. But i think the caravan is just stirred up controversy. The border patrol has been handling and training for shit like this forever. Reasonable people understand the need too maintain borders.

    The conversation gets messy when things like actual refuges get involved. People who need sanctuary because they are not safe in their home companies.

    [–] Megathread: Attorney General Jefferson Sessions Resigns at Request of President Donald Trump Duck_Expert 2 points ago in politics

    Not really biased. Trump has made it clear he thinks the jnvestigation is bullshit and will break any laws he thinks he can get away with to stop it.

    You dont get to cancel your own investigation Many people, me included, have been following this closely for almost two years. This investigation is not bullshit and must continue.

    Mueller had a stunning track record, read up on him and then please make an argument that he is bullshitting

    [–] Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned at the president's request Duck_Expert 32 points ago in AskTrumpSupporters

    Your first sentence is a lie. Mueller is special counsel, not an FBI i investigator. Why are you misleading people?

    [–] Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned at the president's request Duck_Expert 21 points ago in AskTrumpSupporters

    Lol? As an AZ native and non supporter both Dems and Republicans flipped flopped on how much they loved or hated McCain. Thats politics and thats what happens to mavericks. Why do you associate that behavior with only democrats?

    [–] Weekend Wrapup Duck_Expert 1 points ago in nfl

    Same as an AZ resident. Last thursday I heard the words JD power award 8x in two minutes followed by 4 political ads. Its fuckin horrible.

    [–] Bernie Sanders comes to reddit to do an AMA (2018, colorized) Duck_Expert 6 points ago in fakehistoryporn

    ? He answered questions carefully as any other politician. Seems like a weak criticism for someoje doing an AMA and elaborating.

    [–] 2018 World Championship / Final / FNC vs. IG / Live Discussion Duck_Expert 2 points ago in leagueoflegends

    2nd song Audio is not being recordeded well. Riot does do the CGI stuff for past few years...the dragon last year that shit was whack!

    [–] Jets activate RB Elijah McGuire from IR for Week 9 vs. MIA Duck_Expert 3 points ago in fantasyfootball

    Im not desperate...but I like my 2nd place spot and its between him and Ito. Fuck this is no choice