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    [–] What to read after The Dresden Files? Duck_Expert 9 points ago in dresdenfiles

    The KingKiller Chronicle's are absolutely amazing. Its kind of heartbreaking that the 3rd book is probably never going to come out.

    My whole family reads Dresden and we all love Codex Alera and the kingkiller Chronicles

    [–] Here's your grinder giveaway, reddit! Duck_Expert 1 points ago in weed

    Usually I hop on my drum kit and start jamming, usually followed by some extraordinary sandwiche making. Combining nutella and cherry jelly on a toased bagel is top notch

    [–] As I Lay Dying - Redefined (Official Music Video) Duck_Expert 7 points ago in Metalcore

    I liked it. Once I listen to it another 5-10 times I will probably love it

    [–] Weekly Release Thread: April 12th Duck_Expert 1 points ago in Metalcore

    Took a minute to warm up to it, but enjoyable. I just got introduced to The Browning, and this gives me a similar vibe

    [–] It might get quiet. Finally getting back into drumming Duck_Expert 5 points ago in drums

    Just bought my 2nd kit today, Catalina Gretsch, already worried about the noise lol.

    Are those tom heads just normal sounding heads? How is the sound balance? That setup looks clean

    [–] TIL that Dalmatians are the official firehouse dog because, in the 1700's, they would run alongside horse-drawn carriages keeping pace, even at full sprint, and protect the horses from other dogs or animals that could spook them. Duck_Expert 1 points ago in todayilearned

    Fuck man, my family has had a jack russel my whole life, our current one is 14. They are retardedly demanding when they are young. We used to hit him tennis balls from a racket at the park twice a day (15-30 mins) so he could get his sprinting in. He usually wanted a walk or two also and loved to play.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread: 03/17/2019 Duck_Expert 70 points ago in bodybuilding

    Our dishwasher broke two weeks ago, the sink is also fucked up from it, no hot water. Yesterday my dad decided to do a deep clean on the oven. Now the oven is broken.

    If he touches the fridge or microwave we are in trouble.....

    Honorable mention the washing machine he messed up two montha ago

    [–] What are pick up games like in your city? Duck_Expert 2 points ago in ultimate

    I was in Fullerton CA for six months, there games were pretty intense 7 on 7 nonstop. San Diego was even more serious though, lots of good players semi pros/pros that play pickup.

    [–] Physique Phriday Duck_Expert 3 points ago in Fitness

    Use the assisted dip/chinup machine

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread: 03/07/2019 Duck_Expert 1 points ago in bodybuilding

    Yaa I play Ultimate for about 2.5 hours every saturday. Its killer

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread: 03/07/2019 Duck_Expert 33 points ago in bodybuilding

    Went skiing for past three days... best leg workout I have had in years. In fact, I dont think I will need to do leg day again for months!

    But seriously, using that little trip to reset my program and jump on PHAT. Woohoo!

    [–] There is a notorious camera bug long unaddressed for semi-locked players I'm wondering about Duck_Expert 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    I never play with camera lock on. So when it does camera lock sometimes its better to die then to have your play neutered, especially if you have a ult with long range

    [–] Average female faces by region. Duck_Expert 1 points ago in coolguides

    This only confirms my love of Greek women....

    [–] Victory Sunday Duck_Expert 1 points ago in Fitness

    Thats awesome man, thats my next goal actually! Currently at 178 and max OHP is about 150 (i hit 145 for a double last week)

    Did you alter your training at all the closer you got? Right now I have been sticking to heavy triples and doubles.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread: 02/23/2019 Duck_Expert 2 points ago in bodybuilding

    Played a season and its both exhilarating and painful

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread: 02/21/2019 Duck_Expert 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in bodybuilding

    Basically outsourced an order, about 10 large boxes via overnight. There was a dropdown menu and ups ground is followed by overnight, I misclicked, and didnt catch it in my 2nd check of the order. So yea.

    Unfortunately after me it is mostly automated and people who just do as they are told... so yea, that order lost us a lot. Especially sucks since I checked the acknowledgment and missed it.

    It was really not a good order to fuck up on, we get plenty of smaller orders that wouldnt have been a big deal, but this fucker went from PHX to Canada.