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    [–] Aaaaaaaand I’m done DyceFreak 13 points ago in youtube

    You're done? Why is this in your SUGGESTED videos?

    [–] So, did I get this right? DyceFreak 1 points ago in BattleRite

    A fully developed new game is a lot more than a hastily cranked out "mode."

    They are literally doing the opposite of Fortnite. Main game is free and BR is paid? They are going to be the opposite of Fortnite... Dead instead of insanely popular.

    [–] So, did I get this right? DyceFreak 3 points ago in BattleRite

    Why do people post this every day?

    Don't play coy with us. Or do you really have no idea?

    [–] So, did I get this right? DyceFreak 5 points ago in BattleRite

    If it's not, I'm out!

    [–] Trump supporter’s wife gets deported to Mexico DyceFreak 36 points ago in politics

    You're assuming he didn't want his wife deported to Mexico.

    [–] When you ask a Michigander to draw a map from memory DyceFreak 13 points ago in Michigan

    It's also the entire countries orange barrel storage center. They just happen to store them on the roads themselves.

    You could shit on Ohio for days honestly.

    [–] The Psychotic Experiment of Vault 106 - Fallout 3 Lore DyceFreak 2 points ago in Gaming4Gamers

    I've hardly played any of the fallout games but I sure as hell watched nearly all of his videos. He can dive deep into the lore of which I knew nothing about. The references make the fallout series much more rich, but I would have had no idea without playing and remembering everything.

    [–] Why do single player games do this?? DyceFreak 7 points ago in iosgaming

    Better yet, go into privacy settings and disable background app refresh on non-essential apps. Makes your phone run a ton faster.

    [–] I (26F) don't like how my boyfriend (26M) dresses DyceFreak 1 points ago in relationships

    That's why I can get away with it in Michigan. All of those elements of the south, with actual lakes and boats included. I can't stand polos though personally, especially the pastel ones. I hear ya there.

    [–] I (26F) don't like how my boyfriend (26M) dresses DyceFreak 10 points ago in relationships

    No shoes should be smelly, ever, unless you're actively polishing them. You have a lot to learn if you have smelly shoes. A nice dusting of foot powder before putting your feet in and you can sweat your ass off and your shoes will smell fresh and nice, socks or not. It's a habit every true adult should adopt. Ain't got no time for teenager jock bull shit.

    In any case, what do your propose people wear in the summer? Flip flops? Crocks? I prefer boat shoes since I tend to dress like a Californian.

    [–] I (26F) don't like how my boyfriend (26M) dresses DyceFreak 38 points ago in relationships

    Yea, "no cargo shorts" is stupid generic male fashion advice. Cargo shorts + opened collared short sleeve button up + sockless boat shoes is a fantastic outfit for the summer. They just need to actually fit. Fit is 9/10th of fashion.

    [–] why is player base shrinking so badly ? DyceFreak 3 points ago in BattleRite

    Battlegrounds is going to be the nail in the coffin I think. We have issues getting 4-6 people a game, and they want to make a queue for 30 people a game? Have you looked at the Steam charts for Battlerite the last few years? NO updated ended up with positive growth. NONE. Battlegrounds is a last ditch attempt to gain players. Once they realize it won't work and the queue times are totally impractical, it's F for SLS.

    [–] Leaked example of knockback changes DyceFreak 7 points ago in BattleRite

    As a Freya player, you had me shitting my pants for a second...

    [–] Hey, i was referred to post my problem here. Theres something wrong with my computer and this has been going on for about a year now. DyceFreak 1 points ago in techsupport

    well damn.. next I would remove the video card and see what happens. If nothing changes then I would re-install the motherboard and processor to eliminate the possibility of a short. Were there standoffs between the motherboard and processor?

    [–] AirBnB Tenant just used 500 gb of data in three days. This seems excessive, no? DyceFreak 3 points ago in techsupport

    Can confirm. Just got back from vacation, using my phone with YouTube as my main source of music. Did 100gb in a week.

    [–] GTX 1060 vs RX 580 DyceFreak 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in buildapc

    This is wrong. HDMI 2.1 supports 5K at 120hz. It can do 1440 @ 144+ no problem.

    [–] Apple Says Third-Generation Keyboards Exclusive to 2018 MacBook Pro DyceFreak 13 points ago in mac

    there has been no confirmation, but the membrane is (nearly?) identical to a patent they filed a couple of months ago for a dust-proof keyboard.

    That patent wasn't filed a couple months ago, it was filed in 2016, and only recently published: Link to actual patent

    They've been sitting on this for 2 years.