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    [–] Welcome to the thunderdome! DyceFreak 1 points ago in crtgaming

    Sonic & Knuckles without Sonic 2 or 3? Weird.

    [–] Upgrade from a G9X? DyceFreak 1 points ago in G502MasterRace

    I upgraded from my g9x a few years ago since my middle click was broken on it and have never looked back. I was absolutely in love with my g9x after tweaking the sensors, but the g502 is even better in every aspect.

    [–] New 3DS update - 11.9.0-42 DyceFreak 2 points ago in 3DS

    My original 3ds is one of the few devices I feel actually gains value over time. I don't mind the screen/performance and don't care for any of the NN3DS exclusives so I had no reason to get an upgrade. Makes me feel like a kid again, especially with a lot of my old favs on the virutal console.

    [–] You're not a true L4D fan till you watch this DyceFreak 1 points ago in l4d2

    What are you talking about? l4d2 always has the freshest of content!

    [–] Does anyone still have the PC-Version of Final Fantasy 7? There is the YAMAHA S-YXG70 Midi Synth on it - does it work with Windows 10? DyceFreak 1 points ago in Retrogamingmusic

    I think I got what you want. Just did a test install from an old CD image and I have the LGP files if you want them (or the whole installer). YGM.LGP looks to be the one you're looking for according to this post. Just uploaded it to my works file share here if you want to take a look.

    [–] Today is a great day! DyceFreak 10 points ago in dreamcast

    I still use my VGA cables because of that.

    You have a 4k TV that takes VGA?

    [–] Sinclair Forces Local TV Stations to Air Segment Defending Tear-Gassing Migrants DyceFreak 13 points ago in DeFranco

    they’ll realize their error.

    Errors are mistakes. This is on the other hand is malicious fascism.

    [–] Mario Tennis Aces gets Doubles play in Online Tournaments on Dec. 1st! DyceFreak 3 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Wait, friends come free with the Switch? What the fuck? Why haven't I gotten any then?

    [–] Things I Miss. DyceFreak 4 points ago in datingoverthirty

    dragging someone to tree lighting things

    My ex last year was Jewish and she still dragged me to these things.. She celebrated xmas more than I did..

    Though now I have too many hoodies, would love to lend some out.

    [–] My(25/f) boyfriend (27/m) thinks that a CEO of start-up is flirting with me. Help. DyceFreak 15 points ago in relationships

    The problem with startup CEO's is they usually have absolutely no personal life/work barrier, and their habits start to spill over to the rest of the company. The text sets a mode of communication which exemplifies this. What if he never uses email and always uses text? Red flag. The CEO's who have a good personal/work barrier established can make great companies for employees, the ones who don't expect their employees to sacrifice their personal lives just as they have.

    [–] Detroit be like DyceFreak 8 points ago in Michigan

    I think there's a bit of a crackhead stigma that you're glossing over here.

    [–] Has ETH bottomed? DyceFreak 1 points ago in ethtrader

    Development and technological ability has zero effect on value in the current market. It never has. Price is 100% popularity based.

    [–] TF JUST HAPPENED DyceFreak 16 points ago in SonicTheHedgehog

    Double position swap. Sonic broke the first box, Knuckles broke the second. Pretty hilarious lol.

    [–] YSK That by being nice to the IT guys, especially by not letting your frustration be directed at them, they will go above and beyond to help you. IT gets nothing but complaints and issues all day and by not being demanding and showing respect and gratitude, it makes all the difference. DyceFreak 2 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in YouShouldKnow

    IT are the only ones that think this is because everyone is mean and stupid.

    I'm driving 2 hours there 2 hours back through a blizzard at 4PM (rush hour) on a Friday so I can push buttons through a presentation, because the idiots who created the presentation put videos into a PDF. Said videos stop 'the clicker' from working, requiring you to use a mouse for two clicks to get back onto the presentation area. This is too much for the execs. (actual CEO of our company and entire creative lead presentation team) They are 100% inept and require an IT guy at the actual demonstration to take care of this small speedbump in this presentation.

    We have skills, but we never get to use them because people are strait up retarded and/or willingly ignorant. Our skills become people's crutches, not people's ladders like most professions. This completely diminishes any kind of sense of accomplishment or fulfillment, which is literally the only reason we do this.

    [–] A wee bit of a waste... DyceFreak 2 points ago in wine

    Must have been an afternoon bar stop.

    [–] Thank you for the update YouTube DyceFreak 48 points ago in youtube

    Ew, YouTube comments. Who cares to participate in such filth.

    [–] Camera Op is dedicated to his job DyceFreak 25 points ago in Filmmakers

    They look built for power, not speed.

    /notices they are all caucasian.