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    [–] My BF (22M) got upset with me (20F) over a snapchat post and it seemed uncalled for DyceFreak 1 points ago * (lasted edited 21 minutes ago) in relationships

    The 'it's just a joke bra' defense doesn't make you look any more mature really. When drama in your life boils down to, 'it's just a joke bra' then there is a 99.9% chance that the source of said joke was being immature.

    'I baked something, wife me up'

    Really doesn't sound like a bastion of maturity to me.

    [–] Did I do the right thing or am I being sensitive? DyceFreak 1 points ago in datingoverthirty

    So many 'adults' here and not one suggestion to cook the bacon in the oven? I call shenanigans. None of you cook nude at all, do you?

    [–] How bad I Tim hortons iced capps for me? DyceFreak 3 points ago in TimHortons

    53 grams of sugar combined with 23 grams of fat for a medium. Definitely not good, almost the equivalent of 100 m&m's. Fat isn't normally bad, but it is when it's combined with sugar.. especially that amount of sugar. Sugar is quite addicting so that's probably where your addiction comes from. It's almost impossible to go to Tim Hortons and not get a good dose of sugar, though I've switched to medium's with double cream and they still taste pretty good.

    If you're looking for motivation to fight the addiction, I highly recommend it. Your digestive system will thank you hugely for it, the addiction is all in the head and isn't providing you any actual energy. Consuming 400 calories in pure sugar is never a good mix with any diet, not even on a cheat day.

    [–] [MEME] Midwest PC Magnet DyceFreak 14 points ago in ProtectAndServe

    I just put more money into my 2001 LeSabre than it's resale value. Still has less than 100K miles though. I've had the thing for over 10 years and have been across the country in it. I certainly love never having car payments. I pay for free towing with my insurance and have never had to use it.

    [–] Your favorite Character in FF7 DyceFreak 9 points ago in FinalFantasyVII

    The Seto story kills me every time. Somehow it hit much more tragically than Barrett's, even with the Dyne conclusion.

    [–] America's 10 Fastest Drive-Thru Restaurants DyceFreak 23 points ago in fastfood

    Nowhere has ever made me roll back. Most have me park somewhere and run the food out on foot.

    [–] Law Students To Hold National Walkout, 3-Day Strike To Protest Kavanaugh DyceFreak 8 points ago in politics

    Quit ur bullshit, you haven't even met a fraction of 1% of people in that profession. You have absolutely no merit to make that claim.

    [–] Gods we were strong then DyceFreak 12 points ago in ANormalDayInRussia

    Oh, well I'm sorry I shredded your worthless joke.

    [–] Gods we were strong then DyceFreak 140 points ago in ANormalDayInRussia

    Looks like a Naval outfit so... very few?

    [–] What's your favorite video game town and why? I'm talking from Rpgs (like chrono trigger/mario RPG) or Action Rpgs (like zelda, elder scrolls, etc.) DyceFreak 2 points ago in Gaming4Gamers

    old LA was probably my favorite as far as character.

    Have you read Sea of Sorrows? It really is pretty awesome that you could visit almost all of the locations of the events in the book before new LA. I've never really had a book connect up with a 3d explorable world so that was pretty awesome. Ghosts of Ascalon too, that book had me SUPER-HYPED to do the AC dungeon before GW2 even came out.

    [–] Best Use for a iMac in IT DyceFreak 8 points ago in iiiiiiitttttttttttt

    The door doesn't even need a doorstop, it's not even making contact with the box..

    [–] La Raza Nightmare DyceFreak 2 points ago in TalesFromThePizzaGuy

    NOTE: I am NOT SEEKING LEGAL ADVICE. I've been in a situation similar to this before and I already know how I'm going to handle it.

    I mean, this is your response to getting absolutely fucked. Basically you left every justice seeking person here assuming that you have a gallon of lube available for your anus so that you can be ready for the pounding. A pounding that you claim you're used to receiving. Shame. Reddit loves a good justice story, but you seem more determined to be a sub with your employer (and gf?). To each their own. Who am I to judge.

    [–] Tim's rips people off like crazy DyceFreak 1 points ago in TimHortons

    The price has fluctuated a few times for me as well. I only get coffee and sometimes they will charge me $.10 more or less. I always thought it was based on freshness or something.