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    [–] I'm not "a bit rude" for refusing to do your job EEJR 20 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Not even really on break either... off the clock.

    [–] Last night's episode.. EEJR 32 points ago in KUWTK

    I was thinking the same thing. When Khloe called her out on it, she did that "this is uncomfortable, you're crazy" smile. 😒

    [–] Dear Reddit, how would you feel about a law that would make it legal to charge anti-vaxxers with child negligence and assault with jail time? EEJR 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I don't agree that jail is the answer.

    However, manslaughter would be a perfect fit for a parent if their child spread an fatal illness to another child.

    If a female who tells her boyfriend to get back in the car to go through with his suicide can be put in prison, or a drunk driver who kills someone with their car can go to prison, so should a parent who knowingly does not vax and spreads a preventable, fatal illness.

    [–] babies can smell mom's milk?? EEJR 2 points ago in FormulaFeeders

    They will have cues from day one, they will try to "crawl" to the boob, and you will be producing colostrum right away. Breasts have oil scent markers, its those little pimple looking things next to the nipple. They will also search, by moving their head back and forth and opening their mouth.

    [–] Another Potty Training Post (day 3 disaster) EEJR 7 points ago in toddlers

    We tried at 24 months ans 25 months, what we thought were signs of readiness, really were not, just interest in a new thing. We are on 28 months now and might try again in a couple weeks.

    It's a bummer that you wanted to be potty trained before new baby, but even in two months, your LO still might not be night-trained either.

    [–] Did tyga and Jordan have an affair EEJR 10 points ago in KUWTK

    It was Khloes boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan that hooked up with Kylie's friend Jordyn.

    [–] A fun take on a dramatic trailer EEJR 6 points ago in KUWTK

    That was my favorite part!

    [–] Seeking advice for 25K debt/15K income EEJR 5 points ago in povertyfinance

    Definitely talk to your credit card companies. I struggled after a medical event. I worked debt collection, so I knew I could go 180 days of non-payment before they charged-off the account. I snowballed as much as I could. It did hurt my score some, but I needed liquid cash to pay gas, food and daycare.

    One credit card, Discover, had the highest balance. 10k. They let me CLOSE the card and take .99% interest. Yes, that is the correct interest rate. So instead of paying the minimum balance for 5 years and paying over 30k in interest, I now have a $182 payment for 5 years, paying about $700 in interest.

    [–] Judge your success with this: average Credit Score and incomes per State. Are you close or above? EEJR 17 points ago in povertyfinance

    I'm minnesotan, I think it's because of the economy, it has always thrived. Our government has been pretty progressive too. It funny, we have high taxes, but I love it because it pays for infrastructure.

    [–] My dad is forcing me to get a case manager by lying to the mental health center about my symptoms. How can I fix this? [KS] EEJR 9 points ago in legaladvice

    If you find out the correct people to talk to, to deal with this, can you make these phone calls privately with your therapist? It sounds like your dad attends everything and drives the conversations.

    [–] As President, Bernie Should Cancel All Student Debt EEJR 3 points ago in SandersForPresident

    Sure, I agree with this. I am crippled by student loan debt. However, if public college is going to be free, then some type of plan needs to exist to reduce student loan debt. It going to give opportunities to people who would or wouldn't have attended college and give them a majorly unfair advantage to those that graduated 40k in debt.

    [–] More bad news... possible microcephaly...😭 EEJR 4 points ago in beyondthebump

    This! Microcephaly can happen without the Zika virus, OP.

    [–] My college fund EEJR 5 points ago in legaladvice

    She might have committed fraud if the check was written out to you. There are states that say the Statute of Limitations clock only starts ticking once you become aware of the fraud.

    [–] Gossip YT vid alleges that Jinger supports the Trans community EEJR 8 points ago in CountingOn

    I mean, but it takes time to become educated. If all you've known and taught your entire life that the sky was purple, it could take some time to evolve and change your beliefs. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these topics follow the seven stages of grief.

    [–] CNN: Letters Reveal Joe Biden's Fight to Keep Schools Segregated EEJR 12 points ago in WayOfTheBern

    Okay. How did he end up a vice-president to a black president?

    [–] Will she always root? It makes me sad :( EEJR 5 points ago in FormulaFeeders

    It goes away, even if you would be breastfeeding. I believe it's a newborn reflex and I think my LO stopped by 3 mknths, because they are better at signaling with other cues at that point.

    [–] Bf owns condo in full, wants me to pay rent EEJR 14 points ago in relationship_advice

    So why is it an issue to pay rent, if thats exactly what OP wants to do... share expenses. Everything would be in his name, so she would have to pay him.

    [–] Bf owns condo in full, wants me to pay rent EEJR 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    Even if she was his wife, she still would need to pay for expenses.

    Property taxes, house insurance, utilites, home maintenance in addition to normal wear and tear.

    Roommates would still have this cost. She is free to use the entire home, it just so happens they share a bed.