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    [–] I think my [27F] dad [62M] is lying about odd things, and I'm not sure how to cope EEJR 1 points ago in relationships

    Are you sure he doesn't have Dementia or Alzheimers? Making vivid and large stories can be one symptom, and can seem lucid and well.

    [–] Scott killed an alligator... EEJR 1 points ago in KUWTK

    Sarcasm? Sorry, I can't tell lol!

    If serious, she does on the show I seen her eating hamburgers with no buns and fried chicken.

    [–] Waking up thinking your baby is in the bed... EEJR 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    I wonder if its an old instinct, possibly hard-wired from our ancestors? I did it too! Evolutionary we have come a long way, I can imagine women used to hold their babies and sleep lightly from predators.

    [–] Kim Kardashian Thanks Paris Hilton For Her Career EEJR 22 points ago in KUWTK

    That actually looks fun to watch, minus sitting in the makeup room talking about it for 3 minutes... Why do they need to film those fake conversations.

    [–] Season 17 Press Release EEJR 5 points ago in KUWTK

    Well from what it sounded like from tabloids, Kris was really pitching for the 300m resign, apparently saying there will be more camera time for all of them rather than then 3, or rather 2. Even stating more Rob and Kanye.

    [–] Who do you think leaked the Ray J & Kim tape? EEJR 5 points ago in KUWTK

    That kinda sounded like Kourtney.

    Wasn't Kris already pitching for KUWTK when the tape was released? If so, it was probably Ray J. Most people wouldn't leave something of that nature out in the open.

    However, it really did launch Kim's career. From the looks from the show she was trying to shy away from provacative stuff, but that could have just been to cover it up.

    [–] 1) this post is hilarious 2) this “kids playhouse” is ridiculous 3) this loft is dangerous! EEJR 3 points ago in KUWTK

    So, just asking: On Flip it Like Disick they went outside and showed the house and playhouse. Inside you could see thebyard and playhouse, would those been fake? Did they really build a playhouse in their yard?

    [–] My (46m) son (9m) has accused my girlfriend (39f) of two years, of touching him inappropriately. But there is almost literally no possible way she has, given she has never been alone with him for any amount of time. EEJR 42 points ago in relationship_advice

    Agreed. Most often than not molestation happens with people the child knows, and it happens under peoples noses.

    OP, while it could be someone else touching your son, consider the possibility she touches him in the middle of the night or whenever you are busy around the house.

    [–] When did you start following the Duggar family? EEJR 8 points ago in CountingOn

    I think probably during the special or at least the beginning of their show. TLC shows became pretty popular once theu started the Jon & Kate + 8, Roloffs and what not.

    [–] Abandoned underwater restaurant EEJR 2 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    Wait, are you implying the restaurant is underwater or that they built it over water above the ocean?

    [–] Abandoned underwater restaurant EEJR 7 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    So is there still an ecosystem in there? Fish, aquatic plants? I saw the picture with the clownfish, but when was that taken?

    It would be sad if they left them all to rot.

    [–] Why don't interventions work on people who hoard? EEJR 9 points ago in hoarding

    Totally this-

    In addition to any addiction, hoarding items is ONLY a symptom to a much larger problem. Getting to the roots, like child abuse, sexual assault, death... Could be the reason for the hoard.

    You can't really do an intervention on someone with an alcohol or drug problem, because they have to want to get better and relapse risks are incredibly high.

    [–] Idk where to even post this so sorry in advance. To me, racism Is trashy as hell so. A friend posted some breastfeeding pics & got this message EEJR 2 points ago in trashy

    You know what worse. The large disparity of black eomen breastfeeding stems from slavery. Black women were forced to feed the white families children and the black babies were fed last, if at all.

    Its a lasting effect and only one reason why black women don't breastfeed as much.

    [–] Driving with my Bernie bumper sticker makes me a better driver EEJR 8 points ago in SandersForPresident

    Me too!

    Although, one day while I looked in my rear view I saw a guy in a passenger seat throwing the bird... I assumed it was for me, but not positive. I also assumed it was the sticker.

    I definitely didn't make a driving mistake since it was a two lane zipper and I was there way before the other car, but the female driver once on the highway started speeding up and trying to zig-zag around cars, but FAILED. Hahahahahahaha.

    [–] Ideas for our “everything” drawer EEJR 9 points ago in organization

    So I see a lot of office supplies in these drawers.

    I don't believe in junk drawers, but I do believe in drawers with purpose.

    I woukd get a separate bin, like the plastic standing 4 drawer units and some mini baskets.

    I woukd sort those office supplies and organize them into the standing drawers. For example, mine 4 drawers are: 1. office paper/envelopes 2.writing utensils like pens/pencils, markers and colored pencils 3.craft items like stickers, hot glue gun, scissors, paints 4. Misc, like thank you notes, coloring books, office folders.

    I personally have a big bin for batteries in my utility room, since we buy all different sizes. Same with command hooks.

    I also keep one spare pen and notepad near the mail bin and the rest go into my supply drawers.

    I keep prescriptions in the medicine cabinet.

    I keep coozies with our wine glasses.

    Electronics go in their own tote.

    [–] Redditors who fall asleep quickly, what's your secret? EEJR 1 points ago in AskReddit

    If I'm anxious, for reasons such as needing to pack (and worried I'll forget something) or have a whole bunch of things I need to do I will write them down and lay it on my bedside, that way if something pops into my head I can jot it down quick and not lay there and worry about it.