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    [–] At 20 years old i bought my first car under my name. Eagle4031 4 points ago in Miata

    In Central NJ with the military currently and also have a 16 club with the 6 speed. Meteor grey though.

    [–] Friday Vibes Eagle4031 6 points ago in Miata

    I'm so jealous of you states with black license plate options. Nothing good here in Jersey that I've seen...

    [–] My new CX-5 Eagle4031 30 points ago in mazda

    To me, this is in the top 5 best looking crossovers on the road at any price.

    [–] It's a Miata takeover! Eagle4031 4 points ago in Miata


    [–] Which Miata generation is this? Eagle4031 1 points ago in Miata

    The shape of the 5 spoke wheels seems NB to me as well.

    [–] Which Miata generation is this? Eagle4031 1 points ago in Miata

    I was thinking NB because of the 5 spoke wheels.

    [–] From the LA Auto Show Eagle4031 4 points ago in mazda3

    Isn’t that how most sedans look?

    [–] Gen3 vs Gen4 side by side comparison. Eagle4031 1 points ago in mazda3

    Gen 4 looks like a lower, smaller, CX-5 to me. I love it, personally. I’m sure it won’t be to all folks taste.

    [–] Three different tastes, one shared passion. Eagle4031 2 points ago in Miata

    Also interesting to me that the colors are in the reverse order with high frequency on the left ranging to low frequency/energy on the right.

    [–] Hunting gone wrong... Eagle4031 1 points ago in gaming

    Clearly you can see that was his bird to eat. Annoying human was just trying to steal dinner.

    [–] My pumpkin ❤️ Eagle4031 4 points ago in Minecraft

    I like it. It seems others have done this as well.

    Here’s mine from a few years ago: tssssssssssssst......

    [–] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Eagle4031 1 points ago in teslamotors

    (•) I own an MX-5 I don’t care.

    Crack door, power down window, open roof, and walk over trunk into car.

    [–] I already miss summer Eagle4031 3 points ago in Miata

    That thing is gorgeous!

    [–] I thought i would post this now that 991 generation is coming to an end 😅 Which one would you pick/currently own? Eagle4031 15 points ago in Porsche

    What the heck is a Carrera Turbo? (Yes I realize some 991 Carreras actually do use forced induction now)

    But aren’t the higher HP models labeled 911 Turbo, 911 Turbo S, 911 GT2, etc..?

    [–] Got her a few months ago and had a blast since then! Best choice ever. :) Eagle4031 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in Miata

    First a few disclaimers: - It’s OPs car so they obviously have every right to do whatever they please with it. - Also, this is opinion/preference, so there is no right or wrong way to do it.

    With above said, my personal preference is to avoid mods that don’t add performance, but simply make a car look faster or higher power than it is. For this reason I would never put GT badges on a V6 Mustang.

    I can also understand wanting a symmetrical look to the exhaust, but if it were me I would do this with a center mount, or using NC style singles, and not add exhaust tips unless they were actually helping to make the car perform better.

    Again totally user choice, and I want to add that I think a customized car should be a reflection of the creator or owner so I love seeing different individuals making it their own way.


    [–] My new 2005 Mazda3s! I love it so far! Eagle4031 3 points ago in mazda3

    I previously owned a black ‘06 2.3 liter 3S with those same wheels. (minus the gold paint) Mine was 5 speed, I absolutely loved that car!

    I also really like the blue and gold combo, never noticed that on a Mazda before!

    [–] Maybe... Eagle4031 3 points ago in dankchristianmemes

    Did Adam and Eve have a memory wipe? Or were they young but adult clones with no memories of Mars to pass down?