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    [–] 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Review - Here's What's New VS 2018 Miata Eagle4031 12 points ago * (lasted edited 18 hours ago) in Miata

    Two things I love: Miatas, and The Straight Pipes.

    [–] Twas beautiful Eagle4031 1 points ago in mazda3


    [–] My 09 Mazdaspeed 3 ❤️ Eagle4031 1 points ago in mazda

    Wouldn’t change a thing.

    [–] KAUS RWY 17L. Short final @ night Eagle4031 2 points ago in shortfinal

    How about you get on centerline? Just kidding...

    [–] T6 patch Eagle4031 3 points ago in aviation

    One of my favorite patches from Laughlin. Can’t say I have it unfortunately.

    [–] My speed3 in the foothills Eagle4031 2 points ago in mazda

    Those are my favorite wheels.

    [–] Cockpit selfie (painting) Eagle4031 5 points ago in aviation

    Where’s two going? He looks like he’s gonna roll right into the rest of the formation.

    [–] Gas Station lighting gave me a chance at an impromptu photoshoot! Just got a Ceramic Coating on my ND! #wet Eagle4031 5 points ago in Miata

    RFs are gorgeous, but as a current ND soft top owner I have hopefully helped assure that soft tops also stick around.

    Love the unrestricted rear view, and the simple mechanism that I can operate quickly one handed while driving. To me it’s the lightest purest form of Miata.

    [–] Just got her tinted @ 35% VLT Eagle4031 1 points ago in Miata

    If only the color looked this vibrant in real life. I get it color choice is totally subjective and most folks seem to like soul red so I say keep making it, but it always looks much darker/more purple to me in real life (especially in sunlight) and I’m personally not a fan.

    [–] One Of You Guys? Eagle4031 13 points ago in mazda3

    So jelly of States with an option for black plates. Disappears into the grille so nicely.

    [–] My CX5 in deep thought. Eagle4031 1 points ago in mazda

    Looks gorgeous with that roof rack!

    [–] My 2007 Mazdaspeed3 still looking clean and running great Eagle4031 1 points ago in mazda3

    My favorite of the Mazdaspeed 3s. Love that color as well, wish they still made it.

    [–] Found a cool bridge to shoot my buddy’s racecar on. Eagle4031 2 points ago in racing

    It’s the most Evo looking Subaru I remember seeing.

    [–] [USA] Parked driver opens car door into traffic Eagle4031 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Roadcam

    I was actually thinking this early crack of the door may have contributed to the accident if it repositioned the side view mirror wider to the left so that the occupant could not see the oncoming car. (Or anything directly behind in the lane of traffic)

    ...Parked car is still largely at fault here I’m just wondering if that contributed.

    Gotta check your mirrors...

    [–] Beastly strength Eagle4031 5 points ago in interestingasfuck

    If this guy turns into a zombie we might as well join.

    [–] made a little father's day present Eagle4031 2 points ago in teslamotors

    I just realized the Tesla logo kinda looks like a piston. Ironic.

    [–] I'm late but, what it's like owning a miata in Mississippi Eagle4031 10 points ago in Miata

    I lived in Texas for the last year with the military and had a lifted truck merge to his right into my lane simply because he couldn’t see me down so low.

    I was over in the break down lane laying on my horn by the time he realized his mistake but yeah. Made me more aware of pickup blind spots, as opposed to just those of semis.

    [–] Thought this was a flower but it's actually toilet paper on a weed Eagle4031 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    As we can see here the ever resourceful weed has camouflaged itself for survival.

    [–] Camouflage Eagle4031 4 points ago in Miata