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    [–] From the LA Auto Show Eagle4031 4 points ago in mazda3

    Isn’t that how most sedans look?

    [–] Gen3 vs Gen4 side by side comparison. Eagle4031 1 points ago in mazda3

    Gen 4 looks like a lower, smaller, CX-5 to me. I love it, personally. I’m sure it won’t be to all folks taste.

    [–] Three different tastes, one shared passion. Eagle4031 2 points ago in Miata

    Also interesting to me that the colors are in the reverse order with high frequency on the left ranging to low frequency/energy on the right.

    [–] Hunting gone wrong... Eagle4031 1 points ago in gaming

    Clearly you can see that was his bird to eat. Annoying human was just trying to steal dinner.

    [–] My pumpkin ❤️ Eagle4031 4 points ago in Minecraft

    I like it. It seems others have done this as well.

    Here’s mine from a few years ago: tssssssssssssst......

    [–] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Eagle4031 1 points ago in teslamotors

    (•) I own an MX-5 I don’t care.

    Crack door, power down window, open roof, and walk over trunk into car.

    [–] I already miss summer Eagle4031 3 points ago in Miata

    That thing is gorgeous!

    [–] I thought i would post this now that 991 generation is coming to an end 😅 Which one would you pick/currently own? Eagle4031 14 points ago in Porsche

    What the heck is a Carrera Turbo? (Yes I realize some 991 Carreras actually do use forced induction now)

    But aren’t the higher HP models labeled 911 Turbo, 911 Turbo S, 911 GT2, etc..?

    [–] Got her a few months ago and had a blast since then! Best choice ever. :) Eagle4031 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Miata

    First a few disclaimers: - It’s OPs car so they obviously have every right to do whatever they please with it. - Also, this is opinion/preference, so there is no right or wrong way to do it.

    With above said, my personal preference is to avoid mods that don’t add performance, but simply make a car look faster or higher power than it is. For this reason I would never put GT badges on a V6 Mustang.

    I can also understand wanting a symmetrical look to the exhaust, but if it were me I would do this with a center mount, or using NC style singles, and not add exhaust tips unless they were actually helping to make the car perform better.

    Again totally user choice, and I want to add that I think a customized car should be a reflection of the creator or owner so I love seeing different individuals making it their own way.


    [–] My new 2005 Mazda3s! I love it so far! Eagle4031 5 points ago in mazda3

    I previously owned a black ‘06 2.3 liter 3S with those same wheels. (minus the gold paint) Mine was 5 speed, I absolutely loved that car!

    I also really like the blue and gold combo, never noticed that on a Mazda before!

    [–] Maybe... Eagle4031 3 points ago in dankchristianmemes

    Did Adam and Eve have a memory wipe? Or were they young but adult clones with no memories of Mars to pass down?

    [–] Met another roadster at a rest stop in MD today. Eagle4031 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in Miata

    I love driving in the snow and this car is very fun for it.

    The combination of low weight and RWD means it not an easy car in the snow. But that said, handled it’s first winter duty in Jersey last year just fine. I’ve been driving with snowy winters my whole life and use dedicated winter tires (Pirelli Sottozero, but I’ve also heard Blizzaks are great) which make a world of difference.

    Also, if you haven’t before, I recommend going to an quiet empty snow covered parking lot and practicing handling oversteer situations. Because that way the first time you encounter it, it’s not in the road in traffic. (And because it’s awesomely fun)

    [–] Who else loves pictures of the flight deck? Aircraft: Dassault Falcon 900EX Eagle4031 2 points ago in aviation

    Definitely makes sense to only do the center engine if you’re doing one so it’s not asymmetric.