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    [–] I shot an Arrow yesterday :P EarthboundTimelord 2 points ago in trains

    Aren’t you guys getting rid of your Silverliners soon?

    [–] Kygo live in NYC (June 30th) presale registration EarthboundTimelord 1 points ago in Kygo

    Does anyone know if and where he’s going to have an after party?

    [–] This is a new meta. EarthboundTimelord 1 points ago in FellowKids

    Back in my senior year of hs, I thought I’d be a hilarious meme lord and buy a Dat Boi shirt. A day before it arrived, people stopped posting about it and it was officially dead... We don’t talk about that purchase of mine.

    [–] Visited the decaying NJT ALP-44s today. EarthboundTimelord 1 points ago in trains

    If you’re in decent shape (or you work for NJT!), then yes, it’s easy to get to the ALPs. You have to walk up a dirt “path” on the side of a bridge to get to the overpass where the ALPs are located. Personally I had a fairly easy time getting up, but I slipped and almost tumbled coming down, so I can’t emphasize this enough when I say, if you ever go, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!!

    As far as police activity goes, I didn’t see any (nor did the friends in my group ever see any in the past), but you should still keep your guard up because crazier things have happened. Other friends that have gone once got stopped by NJT employees, but they said they just acted dumb by pretending they were hiking through the area and they were just informed to leave.

    [–] Visited the decaying NJT ALP-44s today. EarthboundTimelord 11 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in trains

    Pretty neat! All but 4 of the 44s are stored there, but the ones that are there are destroyed in terms of graffiti and vandalism (as you can see here). From what I could find, two locomotives’ metal windshield plates were removed and the windshields were broken off, allowing access to the cabs. (can’t remember the numbers, but they were right next to one another). I’m too much of a hypochondriac so I didn’t get a chance to look inside the cabs due to my fear of cutting myself on glass and the deadly wildlife that could’ve been inside, but one of my friends managed to climb in and look around. He said the throttle, reverser, and brakes were removed and (on the more tmi side of things) people are still using the engineer’s restrooms in the engine rooms 😬

    I went because I’m a railfan (obviously) and haven’t seen a 44 up close since i was 5 or 6 years old, but my friends tagged along because they’re into urbex and wanted to see the graffiti & get a few shots.

    Overall, it was really awesome. If you want to go, go ASAP! Rumor has it that NJT is going to be scrapping them within the next few years as they plan on using that strip of track as a part of the upcoming Lackawanna Cutoff Line.

    [–] I think was worthy to come to NYC EarthboundTimelord 7 points ago in tron

    I just got mine in the mail today!

    [–] Realized something when watching Legacy recently EarthboundTimelord 1 points ago in tron

    I never said he couldn’t make food, it’s how he acquired it and/or kept it in such a fresh state for so long that piques my curiosity.