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    [–] Realized something when watching Legacy recently EarthboundTimelord 1 points ago in tron

    I never said he couldn’t make food, it’s how he acquired it and/or kept it in such a fresh state for so long that piques my curiosity.

    [–] Does anyone else just feel burnt the fuck out? EarthboundTimelord 3 points ago in college

    After last semester (some killer courses), I decided to take a lighter semester this semester (one online class and I am not stressed one bit).

    Basically, you’re a human, not a machine. Taking a break every now and again (semester off, part-time status, etc) is totally fine.

    [–] Blue collar jobs > white collar jobs: a classic gatekeeping theme. EarthboundTimelord 24 points ago in gatekeeping

    Pain relieving pills for menstrual cramps... basically calling men that work desk jobs pussies.

    [–] What’s the point of a boom gate again... EarthboundTimelord 20 points ago in nononono

    I almost went to work for CSX (American freight railroad for the uninformed). The one thing that kept me from applying was that their website (or a former employee... can’t remember) said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “be prepared to kill approximately 5 people over the course of your career.” No thanks, I’m good.

    [–] I'm a complete beginner, looking to learn some easy coin tricks I could do with a quarter. Any suggestions? EarthboundTimelord 2 points ago in Magic

    While it can’t be done impromptu and doesn’t come in a quarter format (to my knowledge), ”Scotch and Soda” is an awesome coin trick for beginners. There’s zero sleight of hand required and, best of all, you can sometimes have your spectators do the trick (and they don’t even know it!). It does use trick coins and is typically done with a US half dollar and Mexican centavo coin (or if you’re looking for a “pocket change” version, “Dime and Penny” is what you’re looking for).

    You can find the mentioned coin sets at any magic shop/website. Side note, but, personally speaking, Johnson makes the best coin gaffs (magician speak for “trick coin”... they don’t make a “Scotch and Soda,” however).

    [–] Your move, Attila. EarthboundTimelord 20 points ago in antiMLM

    Yeah. It’s a press-on nail “company.”

    [–] Is complimenting clothing weird? EarthboundTimelord 4 points ago in college

    She was probably just having an off day (we all do at times!). For me, if I ever see an article of clothing/outfit I like on someone (school, work, public, etc), I let them know and I almost always get a genuine “Thank you!”

    [–] Zoppep Poppup! EarthboundTimelord 3 points ago in Scams

    I am blessed that not just any chosen, but THE CHOSEN is showing up in my feed!

    [–] Must learn tricks? EarthboundTimelord 12 points ago in Magic

    Going off of that, develop an ACR. It will definitely take you places!