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    [–] Gotta show the males a bit of love too EastCoastAnarchest 1 points ago in teenagers

    As a homosexual male i can confirm a lot of you guys are supper cute and i appreciate all of you (even though 99/100 times you guys are straight)

    [–] Any other depressed/lonely people out there [Discussion] EastCoastAnarchest 3 points ago in LGBTeens

    I think it’s against the law but there’s a Rita’s that has hired 14 year olds but it’s about 4 miles away from where i live (i don’t have a car) and i would only be able to work on weekends so i can’t really get a job till i get a car or at least driving licenses

    [–] Any other depressed/lonely people out there [Discussion] EastCoastAnarchest 3 points ago in LGBTeens

    Same my parents would just beat me and throw me out i only have 2 friends neither of which could afford to house/adopt me (i live in a very poor city) i would have to move to an lgbt shelter (which is in the worst part or my already crime ridden city) and have to walk 2 miles every day to my school

    [–] What will u gain from it EastCoastAnarchest 31 points ago in comedyheaven

    My name is Cole and i could definitely see my self doing this

    [–] I love New York, but I don't love these characters EastCoastAnarchest 7 points ago in nyc

    Which is kinda unfortunate maybe i would consider going up at there to look at the lights every once in a while if i was bored or something if i knew i wouldn’t be pestered for 5 dollars by Elmo

    [–] Excuse me?? EastCoastAnarchest 2 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    This was a valid call/s

    [–] This is my friend who frequently browses this sub. It would be really funny if he saw this. EastCoastAnarchest 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in teenagers

    Why should i there’s nothing nice about me I’m not attractive I’m not smart im not rich I’m not good at anything besides being sad and hating my self people say I’m funny but that’s what you say when you don’t know what else to say to a person you feel bad for nothing would change if i died in my sleep tonight because honestly nobody gives a shit about me and neither do i