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    [–] British 13 year old, just got an A* on my first exam (feeling proud) AMA EastCoastAnarchest 1 points ago in AMA

    Deadass is nyc slang how do you know about it do you know someone from there or has it spread to the rest of the world

    [–] wut EastCoastAnarchest 2 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    You have to admire the details

    [–] Necrophelia saves lives EastCoastAnarchest 3 points ago in terriblefacebookmemes

    Why would there be nurses in a morgue

    [–] BILL NYE THE GAY PRIDE GUY [Repost] EastCoastAnarchest 43 points ago in lgbt

    Yeah i really hate supportive people who try to bring awareness to the community they’re just to damn nice i much prefer all the homophobes that beat us in the streets for holding hands /s

    [–] They’re siblings, not triplets EastCoastAnarchest 26 points ago in antiMLM

    As a satanist i can confirm that he’s a pretty nice guy and probably doesn’t like being associated with any of these people