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    [–] Boomers vs Millenials EdwardTennant 1 points ago in memes

    i..I would not be the correct person to speak to that about ngl

    i mean "Major L" and "Bruh Moment"

    [–] 2meirl4meirl EdwardTennant 1 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    all credits to /u/mixodes

    [–] Data_irl EdwardTennant 3 points ago in data_irl

    Must be a chevvy garage /s

    But yea that is oil of some kind. Water wouldnt stain, neither would petrol. Diesel would stain as would trans fuid, Power steering fluid, and differential oil

    It could also be CV grease but that tends to only fling out at speed if the boots are damaged, and there isnt that much in there to fall out anyway

    [–] My little pony bravely stood up to an articulated truck this weekend... and then had to have a lie down EdwardTennant 3 points ago in MotoUK

    Glad you are okay and the bike only sustained minor damage.

    I cant say that I wouldnt have been angry at the driver too, It was a heat of the moment think, Im sure we would all understand. Must have been pretty scary to have a 40 tonner nearly run you over.

    Live and learn though, When I stop behind HGVs I always pull to the right side so that I am in their mirrors and not in their blind spot, same in my car, I stay far enough back so I can see their mirrorsm just a bit of defensive riding/driving thats all

    [–] Keeping brake pads after disc change EdwardTennant 2 points ago in CarTalkUK

    No. I like to do fat lines of brake dust off some chav. Dont tell me what to do

    [–] “Why did you get an A2 bike” - What was everyone’s first “oh shit” moment? EdwardTennant 2 points ago in MotoUK

    While larger and more expensive bikes do tend to have better suspension which will reduce the chance of a wobble or slip, A2 bikes have more power than 125s and as such it is much easier to break traction. With a 125 youll struggle to break traction with only the throttle on tarmac even in the wet, but on an A2 bike you might even get it to break traction on the dry if youre choppy enough

    [–] Cursed_hay-bale EdwardTennant 1 points ago in cursedimages

    Balers are fairly resilient especially older ones, combines however are delicate pieces of machinery

    [–] cursed_fleshlight EdwardTennant 1 points ago in cursedimages

    Looks like a grease cartridge for an grease gun lol

    [–] cursed_cosplay EdwardTennant 2 points ago in cursedimages

    /u/bocktock this is even more cursed than the source

    [–] Will these boot trainers be acceptable for practical test? EdwardTennant 1 points ago in MotoUK

    Hiking boots are generally quite tough leather with good ankle support. Nothing like a proper bike boot but still better than the canvas style boot that OP is wearing.

    OP - Get some proper boots if you dont want to use the test centers.

    [–] Used family car ~£5.5k advice? EdwardTennant 3 points ago in CarTalkUK

    We have the 2010 Skoda octavia 2.0TDI and it is great. 60+MPG doing 80ish on the motorway, has plenty of poke and is good for 130Mph if you need it to be, It has no DPF to clog up with short trips. Very large amounts of space inside and is can also do a fair bit of off roading around muddy fields if thats of any use to you. We did not send ours in for the emissions fix though so im not sure how other diesels which have been altered will be like power/mpg wise. Currently at 130K on the clock with clean MOT history and no faults. Engine runs smooth and DSG gearbox changes well. Everything other than gearbox oil on this is easy to service yourself, as the gearbox oil needs to be refilled with a fancy pump. The rear seats hav Isofix points and i cant see a problem with fitting an aduly in the middle

    I know you dont want a diesel but I cant imagine the petrol counterparts will be bad by any means

    [–] Hong Kong protesters make way for emergency vehicle to pass through crowd EdwardTennant 3 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    The truck will have a huge blind spot there so he will be letting the driver know that it's clear. The driver would really like that

    [–] Selling a 'dodgy' bike EdwardTennant 1 points ago in MotoUK

    Okay so that bike has a capacity of about 1.1L.

    So yea it was pretty low. Running it like that would have caused excess wear to the engine. However if it is still running 1.5K mi later and a mechanic has checked it out chances are the damage that was done by lack of oil wasnt too significant.

    [–] Selling a 'dodgy' bike EdwardTennant 1 points ago in MotoUK

    Whole bottle being those little 1L bottles?