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    [–] [I ate] a tasty burger (and chilli cheese fries) EekumBookum 2 points ago in food

    That's truffle mayo, my friend. And it was outstanding. All elements of the beast could be picked out but the mayo stole the show. Just mind-blowing!

    [–] Never change, Cardiff. EekumBookum 2 points ago in CasualUK

    Thank you. The rest of you can all do one!

    [–] Never change, Cardiff. EekumBookum 7 points ago in CasualUK

    Haha! Where's that? I am a Cardiffian.

    [–] World Trade Center Station in New York, AKA the Oculus [1270 × 953] EekumBookum -5 points ago in CityPorn

    I really didn't like the design when I visited, it's pretty ugly, especially in comparison with the Winter Garden over at World Financial Center, however, it's good to learn that there's a purpose to it. That's really touching.

    [–] Me irl EekumBookum 1 points ago in me_irl

    "New for 2018"

    [–] In search of sunrise 14 announced, 29.06.18 release date! EekumBookum 18 points ago in trance

    "Gabriel & Dresden feat. Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)"

    Ok, we get it!

    [–] Rented a car for an overnight trip that got canceled. Where should I go within a 3 hour drive? EekumBookum 1 points ago in AskNYC

    If an alien species ever stumbles across this and we're not around to explain, it's really going to throw off their piecing together of human history!

    [–] Special AnjunaHQ Announcement.... EekumBookum 2 points ago in AboveandBeyond

    If there's a 'Classics Beach' I'm in.

    [–] Happy Flag Day to the most beautiful, bad ass, and patriotic flag on the planet! EekumBookum 1 points ago in MURICA

    I'm not meaning to be a dick here, but didn't the Brits technically create that flag, only the Union Jack in the top left was replaced with the stars? I know this isn't a serious sub but I find the founding of the US and the civil war that followed genuinely fascinating (not a word I use lightly)!

    [–] Happy Flag Day to the most beautiful, bad ass, and patriotic flag on the planet! EekumBookum 2 points ago in MURICA

    Well yeah, I know that. It's 'flag day' I don't know about and when I was in New York City on 4th July last year (on a reconnaisance mission surveying the area for a new invasion to take back what's ours) there were flipping flags everywhere! Seems like a good time to observe the flag then, no?

    [–] Ronaldo accepts deal of 18.8 million fine and 2 year suspended jail sentence. EekumBookum 118 points ago in soccer

    Every time I write a rhyme people think it's a crime to tell 'em what's on my mind...