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    [–] Weekly Fidelity Test - June 04, 2019 Efurthy 1 points ago in Hostworld

    Theres a "blocked" tab in preferences, up by the log out button

    [–] Pics from Episode 5 Efurthy 26 points ago in freefolk

    In b4 Tyrion or Varys try and act like Dany's hair means she's unkempt like Aerys

    Salt intensifies

    [–] So Friki was wrong when he said Missandei was at Tyrion’s trial at the end? Efurthy 4 points ago in freefolk

    Remember just yesterday I said you were gonna look like a clown when you jumped in my mentions?


    [–] Our biggest mistake was believing in Boatsexbaby leaks Efurthy -2 points ago in freefolk

    We don't know that he's wrong yet about Tyrion's trial

    Then how about we wait till then instead of you acting like a fucking victim and pinging me in a bunch of comments. If you’re wrong you’re going to look like a clown

    Nice attempt to dodge responsibility

    Like you dodged my question about you calling out friki? I thought that was your MO.

    The mods really dropped the ball on this one.

    It’s not up to us what people choose to believe or not believe. We never pinned any of her posts and I’m pretty sure I’ve never distinguished up to you in a comment as a threat. She’s a regular user here as well as a leaker and people like her. Get over it lol, your obsession with her and her alone is still weird and creepy regardless if her info is true or not.

    People did not believe her simply because she said what everyone wanted to hear. She got the DoP’s right and the code name for the season correct- Faith of Angels. No one else did. You’d know that if you’ve truly been around for her leak career. Anyways, this was fun and I hope she gets to dunk on you in a couple weeks 😘

    [–] Our biggest mistake was believing in Boatsexbaby leaks Efurthy -1 points ago in freefolk

    Your precious friki was wrong too, where’s his lying fleaker post?

    [–] Our biggest mistake was believing in Boatsexbaby leaks Efurthy -1 points ago in freefolk

    Twice. Why do you act like I was so mean to you you big fucking baby 🤣

    [–] Do you want Arya to be pregnant? Efurthy 3 points ago in freefolk

    No, I don't think she'll die. But she's a southern lady if you catch my drift.

    [–] Do you want Arya to be pregnant? Efurthy 2 points ago in freefolk

    Thanks, and it certainly has! I've been desperately looking for usernames I recognize to talk with lol. I miss the Long Night crew, even the trolls and antis

    [–] You say baby... Efurthy 2 points ago in freefolk

    Is this the ‘proof’ that was promised?

    [–] Do you want Arya to be pregnant? Efurthy 6 points ago in freefolk

    Yes. Unfortunately it’s something much more clear in the books, but she’s always taking care of her little pack wherever she goes. Smacking the crown prince on the head to save Mycah, tending to Sandor’s wounds, protecting Hot Pie and Gendry even though they slow her down.

    In the books she cares for a little orphan girl named Weasel and dives into a burning barn to save her life. In Braavos, she cares for the daughters of the merchant she works for when they aren’t feeling well and takes on double the work.

    Brienne comes upon an inn with a fierce little girl protecting the other orphans, and wonders if it’s Arya. This girl, Willow, goes out into the night ready to take on the Brotherhood herself when they show up to save the kids inside if need be.

    Fun fact about that part, Gendry happens to be there as well lol and Brienne thinks Willow will make some man a frightful wife, “probably that poor apprentice boy.”

    Dany and Arya are the only two women to wear dresses with baby pearls on them that signify fertility (this is also durning her time with Gendry).

    ”The pearls symbolize fertility. The more pearls Your Worship wears, the more healthy children she will bear." - Dany

    Lady Smallwood insisted that Arya take another bath, and cut and comb her hair besides; the dress she put her in this time was sort of lilac-colored, and decorated with little baby pearls.

    Aaaand I could go on a tangent as to why I think she’ll carry on the Stark line in the end instead of Sansa but that’s a post for another day 😉

    [–] Do you want Arya to be pregnant? Efurthy 3 points ago in freefolk

    Her and Dany are easily the biggest maternal figures of the series

    [–] Game of Thrones: The Costumes Efurthy 3 points ago in freefolk

    You’ve been missed DogBeers

    [–] 3rd big twist : "Bran Stark" is the true villain of the series. Efurthy 12 points ago in freefolk

    What’s extra scary about Bran is that he can (hypothetically) warg the living which is a step up from NK.

    Right now everyone is making the mistake he still has some ‘Bran’ in him. He does not. They blindly trust whatever he says without question.

    The children will have their revenge, they just needed someone easier to control. Who better than a cripple?

    [–] MRW I’ve theorized Arya kills the NK with her dagger for two years and it happens Efurthy 8 points ago in freefolk

    July 17 2017

    I don't have time to find the comments where I say it'll be Arya that does it but I have frequently and often

    Edit: Nvm looks like I mention it in the comments as well haha

    [–] For Anyone New - Here's A Non-Exhaustive List of Leaks/FAQs/Recycled Memes/Rules Efurthy 1 points ago in freefolk

    Gerneral rule of FF thumb- if something has been released in the last 10 minutes, I GUARANTEE it’s already been posted here.

    [–] Is Jon immune to Fire? Efurthy 1 points ago in freefolk

    Petition to remove every post that asks this question 2k19