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    [–] Libertarians that claim taxation is theft or extortion and are minarchists EggCraftsman 1 points ago in Libertarian

    You were arguing with a retarded minarchist. Minarchists are basically anarchocapitalists with a stronger stress on organization. Minarchists believe in privatizing the state, so basically getting rid of it, and turning it into a business that provides the courts, police, and military. Taxation is theft because it's involuntary, and you're paying for services you may or may not want. Minarchists solve this by saying you can choose if you want to fund this service or not, and if you choose to, you choose where that money goes (voluntary taxation).

    [–] Based Dalai Lama EggCraftsman 1 points ago in PinkCapitalism

    At least remodel the server bro

    [–] LibLeft gets betrayed EggCraftsman 2 points ago in PoliticalCompassMemes

    Welcome to purple, brother

    [–] Yes EggCraftsman 1 points ago in Jreg

    I'm "this" and my wife is "home"

    [–] There's No Such Thing As Anti-Collectivist Or Anti-Altruist State EggCraftsman 3 points ago in Anarcho_Capitalism

    Of course there fucking isnt. You cannot fucking reconcile collectivism with its antithesis! But ancoms are so high on their own shit they somehow are able to magically convince themselves of this clear delusion

    [–] Modern Political Parties AND Modern Anarchist Classification->Division->Exclusion EggCraftsman 1 points ago in DebateAnarchism

    Hierarchies are established by comparing one's individual worth to another on a certain basis -- to the ancom, property -- they originate in the mind, thus are not real. Abolishing hierarchies is just another collectivist excuse to suppress individuality.

    Ancoms are not anarchists because their ideology is an anarchist means to communism, not anarchy. Total anarchy requires absolute freedom of the individual, you cant reconcile this with collectivism. Anarchocapitalism is an anarchist means to free market capitalism, a system of voluntary individual association, thus can be the only compatible anarchist ideology.

    Anarchocapitalists espouse that you have a right to defend your property. Ancoms reject this, thus suppressing individual freedom and making anarchy unachievable.

    [–] How does anarcho capitalism account for the disabled or anyone unable to work? EggCraftsman -1 points ago in Anarcho_Capitalism

    By allowing them to account for themselves.

    Yes, charity can work, but the point of self-ownership is relying on yourself, so forcing people to be accountable for you is tyranny.

    If you want the support of others, have something to give.

    [–] Ancaps and ancoms fighting? EggCraftsman 3 points ago in SimAnarchy

    No, these people are immature babies. Labels like nazi, fascist, and bootlicker are ways for them to dehumanize us so they'll always see us as the enemy. I've argued with ancoms too much to know that theyve convinced themselves to hate us, they want every dialogue to be confrontational, they want to piss us off, they stalk and brigade our subs. I don't know what to do with this anymore

    Also, unions are unnecessary because wage labor is always voluntary

    Your reconciliation with unions and private property sounds mutualist, which I suggest you get into yourself.

    [–] Proof I am American EggCraftsman 1 points ago in Continuum_

    This evidence is rather compelling

    [–] Can my cat get some upvotes? EggCraftsman 2 points ago in worldpolitics

    Your cat is precious.

    I will not, however, upvote this post

    [–] "BLM" marketing EggCraftsman 7 points ago in Anarcho_Capitalism

    All my homies hate group identity

    [–] 😳 EggCraftsman 1 points ago in PoliticalCompassMemes

    Correct, we're all equally worthless