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    [–] What is something normal that scares the shit out of you? EggWedge 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The little metal bits that stick out around umbrellas... every time I walk past someone with an umbrella I think it’s going to poke into my eye for some reason

    [–] "Low effort meme" starter pack EggWedge 2 points ago in starterpacks

    Don’t forget the laughing wolf meme that has sprung up recently

    [–] CHAT I SEE IT monkaW THE SPECK EggWedge 3 points ago in xqcow

    Pompadour Perry xqcTL

    [–] See banana, want banana EggWedge 60 points ago in ape

    Fake image! momke brain far larger!! Human propaganba I say 😡

    [–] Blursed_Rollercoaster EggWedge 7 points ago in blursedimages

    I just realised it’s a guy with his shirt over his head wearing a platypus hat after seeing the regular meme a million times

    [–] HAS FELIX LOST CONTROL? EggWedge 2 points ago in xqcow

    Sadge no oats...

    [–] YEP Shungite (ft. Brian) EggWedge 3 points ago in xqcow

    This goes harrrrd 🔥

    [–] RIP🙏 EggWedge 1 points ago in ape

    One of our best... taken too soon 😪🙏

    [–] A question about 5 string ukes EggWedge 2 points ago in ukulele

    I think i worded my question badly. The reason is, i do like the sound of the low g on some songs i listen to, but prefer the high g on others, and often when listening to demos, the low g, though can sound very nice, often overpowers the high g. I mostly play finger picking and personally prefer the sound of the high g, but in strumming, the low g sounds beautiful, and i want to optimize my instrument to make the most out of it

    [–] when you started watching Mr.Cow ? EggWedge 2 points ago in xqcow

    Bit of a new frog ngl. September 2019 maybe?

    [–] This fucking sucks. EggWedge 1 points ago in teenagers

    i think it might be because that subreddit's automod is kinda broken, and removes posts that dont have anything to do with breaking the rules

    [–] I have over 100 copies of shrek EggWedge 62 points ago in teenagers

    you have a screenshot of a photo of 100 copies of shrek, but you don't actually have them. I've seen this exact photo months ago on another subreddit lol

    [–] Chicken EggWedge 1 points ago in MakeMeSuffer

    The things I would give for a sip of that water. Mmmmm

    [–] Hikaru's xQc cosplay EggWedge -12 points ago in xqcow


    [–] Oh no EggWedge 33 points ago in ape

    Lizard and monky friend 🙂🙂🙂

    [–] monky bath EggWedge 1 points ago in ape

    Wow very cute. Tell them I said hi😃