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    [–] Will MMA ever be an Olympic sport? El3mentGamer 6 points ago in MMA

    Yo, what if this is the real Phil Margera.....

    [–] African knock out El3mentGamer 3 points ago in StreetFights

    This whole video is fucking priceless.

    My favorite is when the dude steps off and continues to shadow-box by his lonesome.

    [–] Like a bull. God damn. El3mentGamer 5 points ago in StreetFights

    You can see in this one the tall kid hit his head on the lunchroom table.

    Still not seeing it.

    [–] Flying Solo - A Jumping Off List For Those Who Want To Try Solo Gaming El3mentGamer 1 points ago in boardgames

    That would definitely be interesting to try.

    Curious is this an official way to play, or a variant?

    [–] Wtf is happening? El3mentGamer 2 points ago in MechanicAdvice


    I imagine your car screeching like a banshee haha.

    [–] My life is wonderful. Plz fix this. El3mentGamer 24 points ago in RoastMe

    “I swear to God I'll pistol whip the next guy who says "Shenanigans."

    [–] Now that’s a book I’d read El3mentGamer 2 points ago in That70sshow

    You got some fuckin problems man. 🖕🏻

    Or you’re thirteen?

    [–] Now that’s a book I’d read El3mentGamer 4 points ago in That70sshow

    I want to commend you /u/unbinkable.

    You managed to correct him without bashing his post like the rest of this thread.

    [–] Now that’s a book I’d read El3mentGamer 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in That70sshow

    Jesus christ what are you? The meme police?

    The guy made a meme with red holding a book. Are you saying the dude has to seriously go to that exact moment in the show, and screenshot it, just to make a 'technically accurate' meme?

    Yeah he fucked up the quote. That's the worst of it.

    It's just a meme.

    [–] 0fficial UFC Nashville Thompson vs Pettis Poster El3mentGamer 5 points ago in MMA

    I personally really like Colby as a fighter.. but let’s face it. He didn’t get snubbed once or twice; he get permanently snubbed. He’ll never get a title shot :(

    [–] Israel Adesanya reminds Kelvin Gastelum of the 1st time they met El3mentGamer 4 points ago in MMA

    And how’s your hunger compare to your last fight. How— just how hungry are you?

    [–] This. Isn’t. Ok. The desert has officially ceased to function properly (Arizona) El3mentGamer 3 points ago in weather

    Here in Illinois we got hit with a record low in my area this year.


    Oof. My 110 year old house struggled to keep up.

    [–] GoL El3mentGamer 2 points ago in mmamemes

    This is actually pretty badass.