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    [–] I just teared up a little... El3mentGamer 9 points ago in h1z1

    I keep seeing these posts, and think wth I’ve always got full games of 90-100.

    Until your comment, didn’t realize these were PC players.

    [–] Untouched equilibrium El3mentGamer 17 points ago in mmamemes

    your worst fucking nightmare

    [–] Order of holes in tournament? El3mentGamer 0 points ago in GolfClash

    Thank you!!!! Wasn't sure thought I'd ask here on reddit.

    [–] What should I be focusing on here? Any tours I should be grinding? El3mentGamer 1 points ago in GolfClash

    NEED: Better wedge (Skewer, Rapier), better rough iron (Off-roader, Junglem Razor, Nirvana are all better)

    COULD USE: Better short iron (Hornet, if leveled), more versatile wood (Sniper)

    [–] Tournament brackets El3mentGamer 2 points ago in GolfClash

    I get your question.

    The answer is people of the same tourney level (rookie, pro etc.), from other brackets though.

    The likeliness of getting paired with someone in the exact same bracket is slim.

    [–] Question concerning HIOs on shootouts El3mentGamer 3 points ago in GolfClash

    With different wind!

    Really really hurts when you lose round 2 after you JUST shot a hole in one. Lol

    [–] Daniel Cormier leaning toward Jon Jones, not Brock Lesnar, for his final fight El3mentGamer 1 points ago in MMA

    Am working class, as is the entire area around me. Mostly iPhones regardless of income in these parts.

    But on a side note; I really don’t know what WhatsApp is:

    [–] multiple accounts El3mentGamer 1 points ago in GodlikeGC

    /u/-dacapo- thoughts on this?

    Like I’d be cool with it if he kept active on hem all like last tourney. But just saying.. if he doesn’t suspect he’ll do it again.... it could potentially make room for other new members as well!

    [–] Should I add a grease fitting to my line trimmer? El3mentGamer 2 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    I work at a deere/stihl dealer.. I honestly have yet to try the poly blades, but of course sell a lot of them. Maybe I will after a reddit recommendation :) ha

    [–] Should I add a grease fitting to my line trimmer? El3mentGamer 3 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    I'll be damned. A new head for Stihl trimmers are only $20-$30; you probably made a killing.

    [–] State of this sub right now El3mentGamer 1 points ago in iphone

    Does my downvoted post from earlier this week count; is it possible to disable individual website tracking on screen time?

    I like screentime and want to use it, but don't like it shows how much time I've spent on porn this week.

    [–] Any suggestions for what clubs to use in starting tour 5? El3mentGamer 1 points ago in GolfClash

    Depends on level of each of course.

    Generally the quarterback is usually the better option of the two.

    [–] Prestige ball. El3mentGamer 3 points ago in GolfClash

    I've been playing gold clash for a couple years now. Up to 1MIL matches twice, too eat shit and restart. Just now looking into wind guides; but for some reason remain confused on the idea. Is your spreadsheet public I'd love to take a look.