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    [–] I’m not like the other gurls because I’m not a degenerate freak who is holding back gay progress. Elranzer 1 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in gaybroscirclejerk

    She's writing about MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather) in DC. The event is pretty much all indoors, contained to its host hotel and the few bars and bathhouses it spills into.

    Meaning, they're not bothering anyone outside the event.

    It also happens in January, outside of the normal June Pride window.

    The people that badmouth this event are the type that go to it, but don't get their bussies slammed.

    It's 85% bottoms so competition is fierce.

    So yeah, I'm calling out the author as a bottom who didn't get laid. Oh well, supply and demand, hunny. (And checking out her Twitter, I can see. Basic bottoms need to get in line and wait.)

    (FYI, when Mama went last time, she got about 51 loads. Take that, Dawson.)


    [–] GB Problems come to Bollywood Elranzer 2 points ago in gaybroscirclejerk

    When India discovers their gay community is mostly bottoms.

    [–] Muscle Mary gets more heat for her illiteracy than for her jacked arm Elranzer 12 points ago in gaybroscirclejerk

    Reddit modtools show she posts literally only in /r/gaybrosgonemild.

    Attention queen bottoms are so transparent.

    [–] EA Retiring Tetris Apps for iOS in April 2020 Elranzer 1 points ago in apple

    Lots of games that are EGS-exclusive are on consoles.

    The exclusivity only applies on PC.

    [–] The one where OP realizes anything under 8” i•s•a•c•l•i•t Elranzer 1 points ago in gaybroscirclejerk

    There's no such thing as "too big" for me.

    I keep looking. Maybe someday I'll find "too big."

    [–] EA Retiring Tetris Apps for iOS in April 2020 Elranzer 9 points ago in apple

    Instructions unclear.

    Tetris is now exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

    (I'm not kidding.)

    [–] Hey gaybros I think my son might be a...(whispers)...bottom. Elranzer 2 points ago in gaybroscirclejerk

    It's easy to get "dicked down by half of Minneapolis" when there's only 1 top (it rounds down to zero).

    [–] Public health warnings are literally homophobia Elranzer 6 points ago in gaybroscirclejerk

    45 years old with tons of backroom plastic surgery

    I see you've been to MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather) in DC...

    [–] How Regions Evolved Elranzer 1 points ago in pokemon

    Reminds me of Final Fantasy 13.

    [–] When a bottom sees another bottom.... Elranzer 2 points ago in gaybroscirclejerk

    ... but leave your str8 boyfriend here. He can stay. 😎