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    [–] germans of reddit, have you ever been harrassed because of your history (nazism ) in or outside of your country? EmeraldIbis 2 points ago in AskEurope

    I'm moving to Germany soon from the UK, and virtually every person I tell makes some kind of joke or comment about Nazis. It's only been a few months for me and already I find it incredibly infuriating I can't imagine hearing the some thing over and over again for a lifetime.

    I think the biggest problem is that most non-Germans know little to nothing about modern Germany. The only thing they know about Germany is the Nazis so that's inevitably the first thing they think of.

    [–] Father gets 60 years for trying to sell 4-year-old daughter for sex EmeraldIbis 3 points ago in news

    Yeah, it kind of sounds more like 'you're welcome to try but don't be disappointed if you can't'.

    [–] News articles: Europe vs USA EmeraldIbis 1 points ago in europe

    Haha, this picture is definitely safe for most workplaces.

    Maybe I'd be in trouble if I was randomly looking at pictures of breasts, but this is totally fine. It's clearly comparing two news stories, and the only nudity is the side profile of a nipple...

    [–] This is Arnaud Beltrame, a French police officer who swapped himself for a hostage today and is now fighting for his life EmeraldIbis 318 points ago * (lasted edited 17 hours ago) in europe

    It is heroic. Not because he's a man taking the place of a woman; because he's a police officer taking the place of a civilian. I'm sure his parents are proud.

    I'm not sure what you're getting at with your spiel against politicians, it hardly seems relevant.

    [–] Google searches for Rebecca Black peak on Fridays, but this trend has been diminishing since 2014. [OC] EmeraldIbis 2 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    I'm not sure whether an anova is appropriate here... That would look to see whether there's a significant difference between any of the days.

    We want to see specifically Friday against each other day individually.

    Edit: Perhaps you're right and this is what the Tukey's test does, I'm not familiar with it.

    [–] Rise in cancers 'caused by weight' EmeraldIbis 8 points ago in unitedkingdom

    But poverty doesn't cause cancer. Poverty is associated with cancer; largely because poor people are more likely to eat cheap poor quality food and have less time for exercise.

    [–] Rise in cancers 'caused by weight' EmeraldIbis 16 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Oh, so we shouldn't try to improve one risk factor unless we're going to completely solve every risk factor?

    The fact the poverty exists doesn't mean we shouldn't try to improve public health at all.

    [–] Rise in cancers 'caused by weight' EmeraldIbis 9 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Giving you the information that certain behaviours increase your cancer risk is not telling you what to do. It's giving you the ability to make informed decisions.

    Personally I'd eat the huge ribeye and scotch a couple of nights a week, and healthy meals with lots of vegetables the other 5 nights.

    [–] Do you ever feel insignificant? EmeraldIbis 5 points ago in AskAcademia

    I try to turn it around and think if I keep working hard, one day I'll achieve something significant.

    [–] Google searches for Rebecca Black peak on Fridays, but this trend has been diminishing since 2014. [OC] EmeraldIbis 84 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Yes, this. The total number of searches has diminished but the percentage of searches on Fridays has increased.

    Now the lowest whisker of the Friday boxplot doesn't even overlap with the highest whisker of any other day. In 2014 most searches were still on Friday but there doesn't look to be any statistically significant difference.

    [–] 'Hostages taken' at French supermarket EmeraldIbis 9 points ago in worldnews

    They're not, which is why every shooting is headline news across Europe.

    [–] 'Hostages taken' at French supermarket EmeraldIbis 72 points ago in worldnews


    1) Get gun.

    2) Go to supermarket.

    It's not exactly a sophisticated plan.

    [–] How are US colleges and universities viewed in Europe? EmeraldIbis 13 points ago in AskEurope

    Wait, they don't have a kitchen? How do they prepare food??

    I obviously knew about the weird room sharing thing but never picked up on the lack of kitchen.

    The strangest thing about the room sharing is that it's deliberate. There no lack of space or money, they could perfectly well build single rooms but for some reason they want the students to experience the hell of absolute zero privacy.

    [–] How are US colleges and universities viewed in Europe? EmeraldIbis 7 points ago in AskEurope

    This is a good example of the difference. British universities would never mandate the living arrangement of their students; it's completely outside the scope of their purpose.

    British universities do usually have student residences on campus or nearby, but they're never actively monitored. I've heard stories of some American universities having a curfew time, or banning alcohol/cigarettes from their accommodation... We would absolutely never have that kind of thing here. University students are adults and it would be seen as inappropriate to control their behaviour in that way, the sole purpose of the university-student relationship is to provide education.

    [–] Am I being a victim of racism EmeraldIbis 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in germany

    It is racist, but I just wanted to point out one thing.

    While you were living in the US, some Americans may have had the same thought. The difference is that the racist German is explicitly saying it. I think the 'culture shock' is that Germans are more direct than Americans, not more racist.

    [–] Leaders of eight European countries call for new referendum on UK's withdrawal from EU EmeraldIbis 14 points ago in unitedkingdom

    They're doing it wrong though. If they want us to have a referendum they need to say "don't have another referendum" and the Brexiteers will be busy organising one by breakfast time tomorrow.

    [–] Have you personally known or met a Jewish person? EmeraldIbis 1 points ago in AskEurope

    Yes. She didn't leave any particular impression, I wouldn't have known she was Jewish if she didn't tell me one time.

    I've probably met others without knowing.

    [–] I might sound like an entitled d-bag, but..... EmeraldIbis 2 points ago in netflix

    Are you like 12 years old? Everyone knows movies are best in their original language. You lose so much tone with dubbing.

    [–] If you could go back and do it all over again, what age would you wish to be and why? EmeraldIbis 3 points ago in AskReddit

    If I'm going to relive part of my life again anyway, I'd go right back to the beginning and try to get a perfect score at life.

    [–] What do you do to get rid of suicidal thoughts? EmeraldIbis 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Eh, be careful. This could be taken in two opposite ways.

    [–] Abortion in Germany legal? EmeraldIbis 6 points ago in germany

    I think the law is very similar in the UK actually.

    It's illegal except if carrying the pregnancy to term would damage the health of the mother. But 'health' includes mental health, which you can say would be damaged by having to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.