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    [–] Jeremy Corbyn has warned the rich they are on “borrowed time” because a Labour government is coming as he took aim at their tax breaks and offshore havens. His speech comes after Labour launched a radical plan to require private companies to hand over a 10 per cent share of their equity to workers. EmeraldIbis 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in worldnews

    The previous commenter is a wrong, we do have similar schemes in the UK. But generally the individual doesn't directly own or have any control over the shares.

    The employee pays contributions into a pension fund, which is matched by the employer. The money from everyone's contributions is managed as a single entity by professional investment fund managers. After retirement you receive a certain amount per month based on the total value of the fund and how much you contributed.

    [–] Is learning German worth it? EmeraldIbis 6 points ago in German

    Eh, I'm learning German despite schnitzel...

    [–] Is learning German worth it? EmeraldIbis 3 points ago in German

    Almost all of the people live in the European part.

    [–] When would be the worst time to start a "U-S-A" chant? EmeraldIbis 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Now you're using the term 'principal'? Are you sure you're not American?

    [–] In an unprecedented move, Hong Kong has banned a pro-independence political party, causing outcry among critics who see the measure as another sign of the China’s tightening grip over the city. EmeraldIbis 49 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in worldnews

    I can't see a mass exodus from somewhere like Hong Kong to somewhere like eastern Europe.

    HK has some extreme inequality levels but on the whole it's very modern and developed. More so than any eastern European country. Generally you don't see mass migration from a richer to a poorer place unless there's some real severe repression going on - not just increased restrictions. Most people value their economic well-being above their right to freedom of expression.

    [–] I'm proud of this party EmeraldIbis 8 points ago in LibDem

    I support the Lib Dems position on Brexit 100%, and you're right - it's the biggest issue of our generation. It's important we don't become seen as a single issue party though.

    [–] Iceland has recently proposed a ban on circumcision. How would you feel about this in your own country? EmeraldIbis 61 points ago in AskReddit

    other than for religious

    This is a problem though. Parents shouldn't be able to mutilate their child's dick because of their religious beliefs. If the kid wants to be circumcised because of their own religious beliefs, they can do so when they're old enough to make that kind of decision at 18. Nobody is born with a religion, it's not an inherited characteristic.

    [–] Will the success of China and India lead to an era of de-Westernization? EmeraldIbis 25 points ago in PoliticalDiscussion

    Would you say this is similar to the model which Japan followed? Westernisation only where necessary for modernisation. I guess the big difference is in political system though.

    [–] Teachers with 20+ experience, what's the difference between the kids then vs the kids now? EmeraldIbis 39 points ago in AskReddit

    I watched a documentary/reality show in which British and Chinese teachers swapped schools for a term and taught each others pupils.

    During a parents meeting the Chinese teachers told the British parents they need to put more time and effort into helping their children to study... The parents were outraged and said "that's your job!"

    A Chinese friend told me that in China it's very common for parents to take evening classes to learn the topics their children are studying at school so that they can be better at helping!

    [–] [OC] Just made a skydive jump with heart rate monitor. Red is heart rate and grey is height EmeraldIbis 8 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    The normal range is usually given as 50 - 90. 60 - 100 in older textbooks. But yeah, ideally you want to be in the lower half of that.

    [–] Michael Russell: Theresa May must issue an apology to Scotland. Scottish Brexit secretary Michael Russell has demanded Theresa May apologise after her government was caught “pleading with the EU to do nothing to help Scotland.” EmeraldIbis 32 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Yeah but I guess there will need to be some legal basis for whatever the solution will be. It would be very un-EU-like to just say OK, we can have some weird exception for Northern Ireland. More likely they would want to have something about devolved sub-national divisions of non-member states being able to cooperate with the EU in certain areas. Some rule which fixes Northern Ireland's predicament but can also be applied equally to everyone so as not to gave special status to one specific location.

    [–] Do you have class reunions ? EmeraldIbis 10 points ago in AskEurope

    My grandma is in her 80s and has been going to annual reunions for decades, which is really nice, but the last couple of years there have only 3 or 4 people there as all the rest have either died or are too weak to travel...

    [–] How did the romans do their engineering calculations to build such time lasting buildings? EmeraldIbis 18 points ago in history

    I'm not disputing your basic point but there's no evidence that slaves were used to build the pyramids. The workers were considered to have a relatively high-status job building the Pharaoh's tomb and were paid comparatively well.

    [–] Do you sync up your applause after a performance? EmeraldIbis 3 points ago in AskEurope

    In the UK there are strict closing times for venues, to prevent excessive noise disturbing neighbours. Usually 3am for bars and clubs, (and I think) 11pm for open stadiums and outdoor events.

    If they're not closed on time they can get a big fine so they have to be strict towards acts.

    [–] Georgi Zhukov, Konstantin Rokossovsky, and other Soviet officers greeting Bernard Montgomery and other British officers at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany, 12 Jul 1945 [1000×1257] EmeraldIbis 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in HistoryPorn

    I think a big part of it is that the old British uniforms were bright red. I believe the Boer War was when the switch was made to khaki, which blends in with the South African bush. I guess countries which used dark colours to begin with could stick with them a bit longer.

    Colonial units had used khaki earlier but that might have been more of a stylistic choice.

    [–] The perfect european :) EmeraldIbis 42 points ago in europe

    Well, the problem is that our government wants to only be a part of things we benefit from and not contribute to anything we don't.

    We benefit from Erasmus, but the EU (rightfully) won't let us pick and choose like that. As things currently look, the UK would rather lose out on the many, many things we benefit from rather than pay anything which might help somebody else...

    [–] The perfect european :) EmeraldIbis 140 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in europe

    Although I never personally did Erasmus, it's really such a great scheme. I'm working in another EU country right now, and it's great - but it would be so much fun to be here as an undergrad with not so much work to do!

    I met quite a few Erasmus students from other countries visiting the UK while I was a student, and it really helps to dispel national stereotypes. I really hope the UK is able to stay in the program somehow after Brexit.

    [–] Bodies of victims of the massacre in the Sabra and the Shatila refugee camp. Taken by Robin Moyer, World Press Photo of the Year, 1982 [960x647] EmeraldIbis 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in HistoryPorn

    You should watch 'Waltz with Bashir', it deals a lot with the conflict between memory and reality.

    It's an 'animated documentary', so it's based on interviews with people who were there, but what they say is reconstructed in animated form - sticking to their descriptions of events even where clearly exaggerated or distorted.

    To answer your question - basically yes. The IDF secured the perimeter of the camp and sent up flares while the Phalangists (a far-right Lebanese Christian militia allied with Israel) went in and massacred civilians. It wasn't a top-down order, it just kind of happened on the ground.

    It's interesting because virtually every Israeli who was there claims they didn't know what was happening. It's not like they're all consciously lying but more a collective amnesia. Many people must have seen signs but a sense of disbelief prevented them putting the whole picture together.

    [–] PhD in UK Etiquette: How to contact a potential advisor? EmeraldIbis 5 points ago in AskAcademia

    Copy and pasted to everyone in the department... PIs, post-docs, technicians, students, it doesn't matter - esteemed sir I want to work in your lab!

    [–] A German woman commits suicide during the Battle of Berlin. With the continuation of the war, the imminent defeat of Germany, and fear of Red Army reprisals, suicide rates in Germany skyrocketed to an astronomical scale towards the end of the war. April 1945. [835 x 1187] EmeraldIbis 125 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in HistoryPorn

    This article describes it even more brutally:

    Small city of 15,000 people, surrounded by a river on 3 sides and the Red Army on the fourth. The Wehrmacht and Nazi officials fled across the river, and blew up the bridges, leaving many civilians behind. Soviet negotiators come in to accept the surrender of the town, but fanatical Hitler Youth members shot them. Over 1,000 Germans committed suicide in fear of reprisals...

    Many local and refugee families killed themselves together. The suicides were either performed with guns, razor blades or poison, others hanged or drowned themselves in the Peene and Tollense rivers. Several mothers killed their children before killing themselves, or walked into one of the rivers with a rock in a backpack and their babies in their arms. Some families died by walking into the rivers, tied together. A local forester first shot three young children, then their mothers, then his wife and then himself, surviving as a blind man. In another recorded case, a daughter cut the wrists of her parents.

    Not every suicide case was successful. Some mothers who had drowned their children were unable to drown themselves thereafter. In other cases, doses of poison proved to be lethal for children, but not for their mothers. There were also cases where children survived attempted drownings. After a failed suicide, some killed themselves by others methods. A mother and her repeatedly raped daughter, for instance, died by hanging themselves in an attic, after repeatedly failing to drown themselves in the Peene river. Another mother who had poisoned and buried three of her four children before, tried to hang herself on an oak three times, only to be prevented to do so each time by Soviet soldiers. There are further records of Soviet soldiers preventing suicides by retrieving people from the river and nursing cut wrists. In another case, a grandfather forcibly took away a razor blade from a mother who was about to kill her children and herself after being raped by Soviet soldiers and hearing of the death of her husband. After Soviet soldiers had raped a girl to death and shot her father, an aunt cut her daughter's and son's wrists as well as her own. The other women of the family committed suicide, only one aunt was able to save the grandmother.

    "There was screaming. The people were prepared to die. Children were told: 'Do you want to live on? The town is burning. These and those are dead already. No, we do not want to live any more.' And so, people went mostly into the rivers. That made even the Russians feel creepy. There are examples where Russians, too, tried to pull people out or hinder them. But these hundreds of people, they were unable to withhold. And the population here was extremely panicked."

    [–] Distribution of ages of posters on /r/gonewild, /r/gonewild30plus, and /r/40plusGoneWild [OC] EmeraldIbis 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    If the political system is working correctly then there shouldn't be a difference. They're illegal because they're deemed unethical by society.

    [–] PhD in UK Etiquette: How to contact a potential advisor? EmeraldIbis 6 points ago in AskAcademia

    There's nothing I hate more than: "Please, if you don't mind, I know you're busy but I was wondering if maybe I could please ask you a question. Of course I understand if you don't have time to answer but it would really help me a lot to hear your advise. I hope you don't mind me contacting you directly... Blah, blah, blah..." Delete.