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    [–] the joys of singleness EnderWiggin07 1 points ago in funny

    Expecting some socks for Christmas maybe

    [–] the joys of singleness EnderWiggin07 2 points ago in funny

    Was looking for a sock comment. Why is the adult male in pants barefoot??

    [–] Guy calling in "sick" at place he doesn't work EnderWiggin07 2 points ago in videos

    "I'm the manager in charge of you" get fucked I'm not a cow

    [–] CNN Pro-Trump Contributor Jason Miller Departs Amid Legal Mess EnderWiggin07 3 points ago in politics

    " Miller surreptitiously dosed her with an abortion pill without her knowledge, leading, the woman claims, to the pregnancy’s termination and nearly her death. "

    Just in the interest of being skeptical I would like to know a lot more details about this

    [–] Republican women defend Kavanaugh: "What boy hasn’t done this in high school?" EnderWiggin07 4 points ago in politics

    Yeah and there's enough people who don't have such lively skeletons in their closets that there's no need to use someone who requires this quantity of forgiveness to get a lifetime appointment to run about 3.5% of the federal government.

    [–] Does anyone know what kind of fittings these are? EnderWiggin07 2 points ago in Plumbing

    If they have access to a wholesaler they could probably repipe at a bargain especially given the picture it looks like probably open basement ontly hopefully a single level. But even if it is single level and open basement you can't say it's gonna be easy or non-invasive to repipe if it's PB right up the fixtures.

    I say don't fix what ain't broken.

    You just know if he says he has to tear into the wall where the shower valve is, the wife is gonna say she might as well get her tile shower she always wanted :P

    [–] Replacement of that horrible hose clamp Jerry rigged contractor job I posted earlier today.. glad I could catch it before it got any worse EnderWiggin07 6 points ago in Plumbing

    There's nothing that quite compares to the contemplating "oh fuck" stare when you realize you've expanded or compressed or sweated a pipe without putting the escutcheon on first haha

    [–] Does anyone know what kind of fittings these are? EnderWiggin07 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Plumbing

    Sharkbite makes different push fittings for PB pipe. You could invest in those fittings or re-run in Pex A to eliminate issues. PB is a kind of stubborn and regrettable mark in the history of plumbing. But if the only issue is in a few push fittings it would easily be more economical to replace with PB sharkbite fittings.

    for example

    After rereading what you said I get the impression that there are not currently any issues. The thing about plumbing is that if it's working then it's working. If you are concerned about some fittings but they're exposed, I wouldn't even consider repiping a house at this point. Just because it's PB pipe and some weird looking fittings doesn't matter a lick if they're working fine. If the other option is to repipe then I would say let her buck until you have a good reason to repipe, if that ever even happens. If there is no leaks or signs of leaking I would say the evidence speaks for itself, the fittings are good.

    [–] Thoughts? EnderWiggin07 2 points ago in minnesotavikings

    I got a detention in middle school when a teacher asked "do you know why the packers are called that?" and i said because they were fudge packers.

    [–] First time installing a Rinnai EnderWiggin07 13 points ago in Plumbing

    Galvanized is OK for gas except where prohibited locally. AFAIK no major code prohibits galv for gas. The common comment is that the zinc and gas will react and flake off. But I don't think that's a settled issue and he's got a drip tee so should be fine anyway.

    But I do think black is way more common and cheaper too I think, so not sure if there's any reason to reinvent the wheel by using something else

    [–] First time installing a Rinnai EnderWiggin07 6 points ago in Plumbing

    With a condensing unit the exhaust is only 120 degrees, that's why PVC is allowed and even preferred.

    [–] T-Mobile charged me $1600 dollars... but has no record of it? Help please EnderWiggin07 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Perfect example of why you should not be entering marketplaces with cash - use a credit line so that authorizations and holds are meaningless

    [–] T-Mobile charged me $1600 dollars... but has no record of it? Help please EnderWiggin07 5 points ago in personalfinance

    As much as this sub hates credit cards this is why you don't play games with your real money by exposing it do the dirt and rust of real life spending.

    Firewall your bank account with a decent card that pays you for using it and only use your real money to pay your statement balance every month.

    There's just no reason to expose your actual bank account containing your real money to the kinds of holds and frauds and mistakes that daily life creates.

    [–] Literally have never laughed so hard. So true. EnderWiggin07 2 points ago in Plumbing

    My boss likes to tell me how it's hard to find good help