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    [–] ☣ You've been banned from /r/watchpeopledie. 💯 Endless_Vanity 2 points ago in watchpeopledie

    Not really sure what you expect me to do about this. I can't control who voted on what and I don't know who voted up or down on anything.

    [–] 30 years ago today, WGN was hacked by Max Headroom. The FCC still hasn't found the people responsible. Endless_Vanity 52 points ago in videos

    People can overtake the drive up speakers at Burger King. They do this to fat people and pretend to be employees belittling customers. It's a 9/10 prank for the skinny elites out there.

    [–] 🚔🚔🚔 Deer hit at nearly 100 MPH at the end of a high speed chase. 🚔🚔🚔 Endless_Vanity 0 points ago in watchpeopledie

    I'm just seeing what you're going to do about it.

    I just told you I'm leaving it up.

    I mean if users here wanna "incite violence" against terror groups or other users who are being jerk offs then, majority rules right?

    The rules of this sub we occasionally allow to be broken. The rules the admins have in place we can't no matter what the majority wants.

    [–] 🚔🚔🚔 Deer hit at nearly 100 MPH at the end of a high speed chase. 🚔🚔🚔 Endless_Vanity -1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in watchpeopledie

    Or users like yourself could simply get over it. It was a single post on a website with thousands of posts that happen every single hour. You aren't going to like them all and whining about it 3 weeks later is pathetic.

    If you look at this post it currently has a 50% approval and positive karma score meaning more users liked it than didn't. In this sub the majority typically rules.

    [–] 🚔🚔🚔 Deer hit at nearly 100 MPH at the end of a high speed chase. 🚔🚔🚔 Endless_Vanity -2 points ago in watchpeopledie

    I could, but when a high profile user like myself deletes things getting bad karma then users all claim I give a fuck about internet points and pussied out deleting my post. I'll take the downvotes and sink with this ship.

    [–] 🌹 WPD is now recruiting some new mods. Endless_Vanity 0 points ago in watchpeopledie

    If a user is publicly going to complain about me here over something they are guilty of themselves then yes I will use it against you. That user didn't get banned.

    Kind of like this user lying about his ban when he incited violence to trigger it and I showed everyone how wrong he is and he deleted his account soon after.

    [–] Robber shot by target Endless_Vanity 0 points ago in watchpeopledie

    It often works,

    So you accused me of making a post clearly violating a rule in /r/Pics here instead of notifying the mods there and you call this working? Why are you still talking about it? If you think I did something wrong somewhere else bring it up there. WPD is not your forum to biitch about me.

    [–] Robber shot by target Endless_Vanity 0 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in watchpeopledie

    are you denying posting content at r/pics as your own, especially that abstract one? That was a clear violation of that subs rules

    I didn't claim the Russian one was my own anywhere. Heres a fake fact. The rules of /r/Pics were changed because I made this post claiming the picture was my own.

    I know the mods there pretty well. If you think my post today broke a rule go ahead and report me. The pics mods don't care who took the picture or how you got it, as long as you don't make a claim it is your picture when it isn't.

    instructing Redditors to go over to easy karma scoring sites to grab it?

    I've told users here if you are here to karma farm to do it elsewhere because yes it's easier. My OldSchoolPost today is at 49K+. That would never happen here.

    [–] You've been banned from /r/watchpeopledie Endless_Vanity 1 points ago in WatchRedditDie

    As a mod of /r/Dickgirls I'm part of the cabal that has eyes everywhere.

    🎼 I always feel like somebody's watching me and I have no privacy.

    [–] ☣ You've been banned from /r/watchpeopledie. 💯 Endless_Vanity 40 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in watchpeopledie

    If we don't enforce the admins rules they will ban our sub just like they did to /r/Law13, /r/Coontown, /r/FatPeopleHate, /r/PizzaGate and a variety of other places that got over run by racists, hate speech, doxxing, and inciting violence.

    Once your sub becomes a safe haven for all the banned subs to migrate to you either throw those users out or lose your entire sub.

    Why do you give a fuck if I ban a user after he calls somebody a nigger?

    Why do you give a fuck if I ban anyone calling for violence?

    Why do you care at all?

    If you don't like it you can start your own watchpeopledie type of sub and run it however you wish. Nobody is stopping you, go ahead. Do that and make it with 100% no rules at all.

    If you can do better with your free racist/sexist speech allowed then prove it.

    [–] ☣ You've been banned from /r/watchpeopledie. 💯 Endless_Vanity 1 points ago in watchpeopledie

    user reports:

    1: Breaking reddit

    1: Mods are fucking fags. For real this time.

    1: Reporting this to say we want report screenshots! Yer not going to tell me it hasn't been reported?!

    1: Posters are being brigaded(downvoting all past posts not relevant to this one) Someone mad :)

    1: fuck right off you twats

    [–] Abu-Syyaf behead Canadian Hostage Endless_Vanity 3 points ago in watchpeopledie

    I just banned this user for 4 months for serial reposting.

    [–] Abu-Syyaf behead Canadian Hostage Endless_Vanity 1 points ago in watchpeopledie

    Yeah, so stop using it. Use Google Chrome like an adult and if something is frequently reposted here even if it's over 30 days old, the post is no good.

    +17 after 4.4k views is garbage.

    [–] When Jim Henson died the Disney company sent this picture of Mickey Mouse consoling Kermit to his mourning family. Endless_Vanity 723 points ago in pics

    As long as you got hit with the feels here's another dose...

    My sophomore year of high school, I had a teacher named Mr. Brown. He taught English and Reading (basically a Lit Appreciation class.) Every Friday, he would start class by going to the coat closet, putting on a sweater, and changing his shoes. Then he would sit on the table at the front of the class and sing the opening theme to Mr.Rogers Neighborhood and read us a story.

    Now being teenagers, this was ridiculously stupid and embarrassing. Until the third or fourth week. Then someone would sing a few words here or there. By two months in, we would all sing along. There's something about the song that is so sincerely happy, it's almost impossible to have a bad day after it.

    My senior year, Mr. Brown spoke at our graduation breakfast. It was a small school, but all 132 seniors were there, along with all the teachers and a bunch of parents. Mr. Brown got up to the podium, and pulled a sweater out from a shelf inside. As he put it on, people were laughing and clapping. Then he started to sing, and every single student in that room joined in at full volume. I've never seen such confusion on the faces of parents. By the end, all the adults were singing, too, and a lot of the students were crying a little.

    My long winded point is, there are still people trying to carry on what Fred Rogers started, and it makes a difference. Be one of them.

    Credit this comment to /u/jkersey who typed this in one of my TIL posts.