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    [–] Toblerone. Endless_Vanity 4 points ago in pics

    and all you have is hershey's! nothing else!


    [–] Toblerone. Endless_Vanity 2 points ago in pics

    We have Godiva which is far better.

    [–] Bless the rains down in Italy 🇮🇹 Endless_Vanity 2 points ago in WTF

    You've never been to the House of Wong I'm guessing. We have awesome food here at a few restaurants.

    [–] After selling $50,000,000 of makeup and losing all my friends, I'm SO happy to have bought the car of my dreams! Endless_Vanity 29 points ago in antiMLM

    It really upset me because users will bitch at me if I'm karma whoring a post and not give credit to the source. I deleted the post and wished I could give that artist some exposure, but it was the hyper realistic tattoo of Michael Jordan I linked up.

    [–] Russia set to raise retirement age above male life expectancy Endless_Vanity 0 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in worldnews

    He's called you and people like you fucking morons for listening to his jokes and taking them as actual fact.

    Obviously Bill says all the things you just said, but we all know jokes stem from somewhere in truth. Now Bill may not in fact think beautiful women get to skate through life with no issues because he knows they have those to, but he blows up the absurdity of hot chicks doing nothing and going on to marry multi millionaires or in the First Lady's case billionaires for the sake of comedy.

    That joke wasn't invented while Bill was writing one day. That joke started when he was pissed off that Snooki made $17 million one year and he told a member of the crowd I saw him perform at that he was sure this man had more talent than her, but earned a shitliad less in life.

    Way to take something I said so seriously you felt the need to try and shred my stupidity.

    Maybe I should have prefaced my comment with "According to Bill Burr he jokingly blames..." so my comment wouldn't fly straight over your intelligent head.

    I used to quote comedians jokes as a joke on Reddit, I still do, but I used to too before anyone was too stupid to notice the sarcasm in my reply.

    [–] Looking for new moderators: If you’d like to help out our community, feel free to apply below! Endless_Vanity 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in 2healthbars

    1) I like this sub and I'm a regular user here.

    2) I'm good at looking through reports, making up moderation posts, answering mod mail, and removing bad content and users.

    3) I'm a high profile user with more experience than most people applying.

    4) I like your current rules and would only add a rule that reposts need to be 90 days old so the content here is fresh. From what I've heard and seen this team does alright with the exception of frequent reposts sitting side by side.

    5) For me it's like a post within a post. It's the epitome of a 2 birds 1 stone subreddit. Very unique with a great concept.

    6) I used to mod /r/WatchPeopleDie for about a year so I'm familiar with reposts, racist users, banning users, and removing comments. You can see all the other places I mod in my profile page except for the private ones I also mod such as /r/DoubleDoubleCC, /r/Dumbsford, and /r/Hell.

    I am the top mod of /r/thatshitsfunny and /r/CCGetsDrunk.

    I'm probably below average about CSS things, but I could tweak a couple things here if you like any of my ideas.