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    [–] Chapter 6 easy? Endurian_Darko 1 points ago in Archero

    Since Chap 7 is also too hard, maybe Chap 8 will be easier too

    [–] How do you beat the red scythe mages in ch 5 Endurian_Darko 1 points ago in Archero

    Always move around, their scythe acts like a boomerang so staying at 1 place is too dangerous

    [–] Goodbye Chapter 6 Endurian_Darko 2 points ago in Archero

    I've been also stuck for a week, I probably got lucky with my power ups tho, and also the Epic Dexterity suit really helps because of its lightning strike (about 500 damage)

    [–] Chapter 2 Red Sandworm Boss Trick Endurian_Darko 21 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in Archero

    Too bad this won't work on chap 4 dual Sandworm Boss

    Edit: It was Chap 3, my bad

    [–] Mercenary Endurian_Darko 4 points ago in SoulKnight

    Well, he's been in stasis for 20 years so...

    [–] Could anyone tell me how rare is the fantastic gun in those green chest things Endurian_Darko 2 points ago in SoulKnight

    It's really random tho, I got most of the new blueprints in just a week (except the camera)

    The blueprints will at least show once every week and at most months (still hunting for the camera)