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    [–] Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski found dead of apparent suicide inside Pullman apartment. Energy_Turtle 22 points ago in news

    Man the article isn't that bad. The headline is a bit much but they actually recount some great things and have a chart of warning signs. His family and teammates loved him a lot and the article made that clear.

    [–] #53 1921 morgan dollar. Hand engraved by Wes B. Energy_Turtle 3 points ago in Silverbugs

    This is incredible. I'd love to see you do more in this style.

    [–] Neighbors upstairs flooded their apartment Energy_Turtle 755 points ago in WTF

    I'm painting my dick with it instead of wearing condoms from now on.

    [–] A Quadrangle! Energy_Turtle 5 points ago in coins

    I don't know where fancypants Numista is from but where I'm from we call that a square.

    [–] Pmsforsale etiquette question Energy_Turtle 4 points ago in Silverbugs

    I wait about 30 minutes to an hour unless it's someone I know. I will wait a couple hours to a day for regulars depending on the item/offers/any other factors. It just happens too often that buyers disappear when others have money ready. Plus I don't know about you but when I want something I fucking want it. I'm paying asap. Scrub "buyers" need to get on this level or bug off.

    [–] Where to sell collector’s coins? Energy_Turtle 1 points ago in coins

    Ebay is just really buyer friendly. It's awesome as a buyer but you're putting your neck out there as a seller.

    [–] Where to sell collector’s coins? Energy_Turtle 2 points ago in coins

    That doesn't protect a seller from eBay buyer protection. A buyer just has to say an item wasn't as described and eBay has their back. There is no "no returns" on eBay.

    [–] Friday night drink 'n think Energy_Turtle 3 points ago in Silverbugs

    Have any of you ever flown with a toddler? Did you use a car seat on the plane? It seems like a big hassle for a miniscule amount of improved safety. Sort of like making your kid wear a helmet while they are sitting in a shopping cart.

    [–] Friday drinking and thinking @6 Energy_Turtle 1 points ago in Silverbugs

    This is perfect. Thanks a ton.

    [–] Friday drinking and thinking @6 Energy_Turtle 0 points ago in Silverbugs

    No worries about what you own. A gram or a vault are both commendable. It's just a pet peeve of mine when people complain about posts but post nothing themselves. This isn't exactly a service you have to pay for. It's a bunch of people taking the time to put their posts out there for the community to see and judge. The least we can do is allow the contributors to chat a couple times a week about whatever they want.