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    [–] First Time Van buyer dilemma. Entheoken 1 points ago in VanLife

    I would most likely do some cross state travelling. Any advice regarding it?

    Thank you.

    [–] First Time Van buyer dilemma. Entheoken 1 points ago in VanLife

    How bad was the mileage for you?

    [–] Advice if this is a crazy idea or not Entheoken 2 points ago in roadtrip

    Life is beautiful, do what you brings you joy and experience! I would totally do this.

    oh! and perhaps consider using a dice and whatever number it lands on, look out and scan for that number in signs and follow that path. Hopefully you turned off paid tolls tho hahah. Good luck!

    [–] 2010 Chevy Malibu LT, Fuel Injector full replacement? Entheoken 2 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    The injector was from Autozone. GP Sorensen. It said it was compatible so far everything seems smooth. Yes I also feel that it is quite low but I am in stop and go frequently. Speaking of which you reminded me that I have to pump air into my tires which are only at 27 psi out of 30 recommended. Thank you for your input.

    [–] [Technique] What is your French Press technique? Entheoken 1 points ago in Coffee

    Does anyone else, pour boiling water into the french press then pour grounds on top of the boiling water, stir then filter when ready?

    [–] What are these little white bugs in mycelium? Entheoken 1 points ago in terrariums

    Oh I see, Thank you for this knowledge! btw since the springtails are eating the white mycelial matter, it is leaving behind a hollow soil-less gap under the moss. Should I just let it be, or intervene and replace the soil?

    [–] How can I travel with my aero press? Entheoken 1 points ago in AeroPress

    I found an alternative to something like that "Filter Coffee Traveller" Which is $38 I surfed through Amazon for similar dimensions and finally here is the type of bag I was looking for. This is the exact same other than 1 inch taller. Plus it has adjustable dividers, and only $13! I am not sure of the material or stitching but... are we really going to be dragging it on the floor lol? I ended up getting this for my Aeropress kit because it's smaller, which suits my specific kit. I like these zipper open styles instead of the middle opening so I don't have to dig through the bag for the filters & bean. This sits nicely in the corner of my duffel bag and super efficient on campus. Hope this helps others stumbling around for a carry case.

    [–] Insect Infestation or Mycelium Growth??? Help. Entheoken 0 points ago in terrariums

    Is it possible these are nematode eggs, because those orange bubbles start off small white then bigger and orange then pops then fades in color but no mushroom spawns.. there arent really any insects I can see in these clusters. However there are alot of little clearish white worms. Not sure what to make of it. But it creeps everyone out lol. I hope it is not a infection that could risk the health of the entire terrarium. Its basically all around the tank except one side.

    [–] What is going on in terrarium?? Spreading mycelium? Entheoken 1 points ago in terrariums

    I really hope this weird mycelium does not consume the whole tank.. it does not seem to be affecting the nearby moss. But there are little clear worms everywhere.. every morning I see dozens of worm trails across the condensation.

    Btw if anyone is interested here is a picture of how the terrarium looked like a year ago when I just started.

    [–] What is going on in terrarium?? Spreading mycelium? Entheoken 4 points ago in terrariums

    Yeah! I should have zoomed in, but its like spreading everywhere. It starts off as little bubbles then turns orange and pops with a six sided formation like an alien egg. Its really creepy. This terrarium had little orange mushrooms last summer but i have not seen any spawn since. Now this weird mycelium looking substance is appearing all over. Quite strange.. any insight?