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    [–] How to steal an ATM. Equinoqs 2 points ago in WTF

    This needs more upvotes.

    [–] Asuka cosplay by Shirogane-Sama Equinoqs 2 points ago in cosplaygirls

    Best Cosplayer, in my book!

    [–] Lysette Anthony Equinoqs 5 points ago in CelebrityPussy

    It was the 80s, merkins in film practically didn't exist.

    [–] What are some things that people dont realise would happen if there was actually a zombie outbreak? Equinoqs 24 points ago in AskReddit

    At first it would be so dry that your penis would be rubbed raw. Eventually, though, the vaginal walls would give way, and abdominal fluids would provide the lubrication necessary to climax.

    [–] I am surprised. Equinoqs 5 points ago in AsianHotties


    [–] Bend the knee for the Queen of the North. Equinoqs 1 points ago in JessicaNigri

    The thumbnail gives a much different impression...