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    [–] If you have any doubts about randia mods, let me clear them. They are pakis exploiting our soft left wingers. Here is a little proof. Eric_Cartman-_- 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago) in indiadiscussion

    Infact their effectiveness on removing posts and banning is what led me to believe that it must be their full time job and they must be getting paid for it. Its near impossible to find a comment in sub with 200k ppl and delete it within 15 minutes unless quite a few of you are monitering it full time.

    [–] Exhausted Eric_Cartman-_- 6 points ago in southpark

    Not cool dude

    [–] Exhausted Eric_Cartman-_- 44 points ago in southpark

    Not cool dude. Not cool

    [–] The ruins of Hampi Eric_Cartman-_- 3 points ago in IndiaSpeaks

    Add me as a mod if u want on that sub. I am very good at squatting on subs