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    [–] Armadyl's Assault doesn't drop with uniques... Am I doing something wrong? EscapistIcewarden 1 points ago in runescape

    Can only add that I got Assault with a chestplate drop like two weeks ago. Hopefully not a bug, good luck!

    [–] Book 3 title released EscapistIcewarden 9 points ago in KingkillerChronicle

    It's hardly true. Rothfuss had posted a picture of an alpha draft of book 3 like 8 years ago. It was the size of a complete book so people were hopeful it'd be out soon. He has since stated that the final book will have very little to do with that draft, that the draft was really unsatisfactory to him, and he has said that giving hope to the fans that early was youthly stupidity. So no, he didn't finish the book a decade ago. And he has clearly been stating that it requires a lot more than minor edits for the past 5 years at least.

    OP is just mad and tries to inflate the situation and paint Rothfuss in a bad light. I'm disgusted by the delay too, but I can understand why a man with near crippling depression would have trouble finishing a work of this magnitude, especially when his livelihood doesn't depend on it.

    To say that Rothfuss is an evil fame and money thirsty person that withholds the book on purpose is obviously misinformed though, and is clearly an opinion borne of sheer frustration. Anyone who has talked to the guy for a minute and had followed him for a few years should be able to see that clearly.

    [–] μπορώ να πάρω αντιβιοτικά στην Ελλάδα χωρίς γιατρό; can I get antibiotics in Greece without a doctor? EscapistIcewarden 1 points ago in greece

    Was this meant as a response to my comment? If yes, what does it have to do with anything I said? I'm assuming the question was sarcastic, but I still don't get what it has to do with what I said.

    [–] μπορώ να πάρω αντιβιοτικά στην Ελλάδα χωρίς γιατρό; can I get antibiotics in Greece without a doctor? EscapistIcewarden 12 points ago in greece

    Pharmacist here. Theoretically, all antibiotics require a prescription. In practice though, virtually all pharmacies sell all antibiotics except quinolones without asking for a prescription. Penalties are never, ever enforced. Simple penicillins and cephalosporins are treated as common OTC's in everyday greek culture (even though they absolutely aren't). A small percentage of pharmacies will even sell quinolones without a prescription.

    I'm not going to go into the science or morals of how proper this is, but it's the actual situation.

    [–] Φωτια στην Ευβοια EscapistIcewarden 1 points ago in greece

    Θεωρητικά σίγουρα. Απλώς το έβαλα με ερωτηματικό γιατί πλέον σεβόμαστε τόσο λίγο τα δάση που ένα δάσος που καίγεται με φυσικό τρόπο μπορεί άνετα να το διεκδικήσουμε για φιλέτα και μεζονέτες και να μην έχει ποτέ τη δυνατότητα να καθαριστεί και να ανανεωθεί, και αντί για αυτό απλά να εξαφανιστεί. Είναι η παλιότερη περιβαλλοντική γκρίνια που υπάρχει, αλλά έρχεται να μας κλωτσήσει στον κώλο τώρα με την κλιματική αλλαγή.

    [–] Φωτια στην Ευβοια EscapistIcewarden 8 points ago in greece

    Περίπου το 20% των δασικών πυρκαγιών οφείλονται αποκλειστικά στον καιρό (π.χ. αναφλεξη απο κεραυνο), άλλο ένα 20% σε συνδυασμό καιρού και ανθρώπινης τεχνολογιας, π.χ. αναφλεξη λογω σπινθηρα σε ανθρώπινο εξοπλισμό (καλώδια κτλ) λόγω ισχυρών ανέμων, και το υπόλοιπο 60% οφείλεται σε ανθρώπινη δραστηριότητα, με ή χωρίς δολο. Εννοείται βέβαια ότι και στις 3 περιπτώσεις το ξηροτερο και θερμότερο κλίμα ευνοεί την εξάπλωση της φωτιάς εφόσον αυτή έχει ξεκινήσει.

    Ψιλοασχετο αλλα ενδιαφερον: Ευρηματα πετρωματων απο 400 εκατ. χρονια πριν δειχνουν οτι πυρκαγιές συνέβαιναν στη Γη πολύ πριν εμφανιστεί το ανθρώπινο ειδος, και μαλιστα οτι αποτελούν (αποτελούσαν?) έναν φυσικό τρόπο "καθαρισμου και ανανεωσης" των δασών από παρασιτική βλάστηση και διατήρησης των οικοσυστημάτων. Χωρίς την ανθρώπινη παρουσία, οι φυσικές πυρκαγιές εξισορροπουνταν επαρκώς από νέα δαση που φύτρωναν εκ νέου στο γόνιμο έδαφος που άφηναν πίσω οι φωτιές. Χωρίς εμάς στην εξίσωση δηλαδή, στη φύση οι πυρκαγιές δε θεωρουνται καταστροφή αλλά τακτική διαδικασία καθαρισμου.

    [–] Biomutant at Gamescom 2019 EscapistIcewarden 1 points ago in biomutant

    Greedfall huh. Very interesting setting but Spiders has bored me to death with their gameplay before. If they've learned, it could be massive.

    [–] Απόφαση δικαστηρίου: Όσα έγραψε το Documento για offshore Μαρέβας, πόθεν έσχες, διάσταση και σπίτι στο Παρίσι είναι αληθή EscapistIcewarden 1 points ago in greece

    Συμφωνω για το documento, αλλα οπως ειπα τα νερα θολωνουν λιγο στον απεναντι χωρο. Για σάιτ όπως protothema, iefimerida, in κτλ ποια είναι η γνώμη σου? Ιδιαίτερα το πρώτο και ειδικά στο φροντ πεητζ του συχνά ειναι πολύ απροκάλυπτο. Προσωπικα δεν θα τα ελεγα και κομματικα όργανα, αλλά και αντικειμενική ενημέρωση νιώθω ότι πολύ δύσκολα μπορούν να θεωρηθούν.

    [–] Απόφαση δικαστηρίου: Όσα έγραψε το Documento για offshore Μαρέβας, πόθεν έσχες, διάσταση και σπίτι στο Παρίσι είναι αληθή EscapistIcewarden 3 points ago in greece

    Δεδομένου ότι υπάρχει πλέον αυτός ο κανόνας στο σαμπ:

    "Οι ειδησεογραφικές ανάρτηση (ιδίως σε θέματα πολιτικής), θα πρέπει το να μην είναι παλιότερες των 3 μηνών."

    Το συγκεκριμένο ποστ και μόνο λόγω παλαιότητας ειναι παραπλανητικο και πρεπει να αφαιρεθεί.

    Για το άλλο ποιντ σου δεν ξέρω, συχνά είναι δύσκολο να τραβήξεις τη γραμμή ανάμεσα στην προπαγάνδα και το ιδεολογικό σπιν όπως λες, ειδικά για τον απεναντι χώρο.

    [–] The legacy continues EscapistIcewarden 35 points ago in greece

    Εάν υπονοεις ότι το γεγονος αυτό κάνει τον ανθρωπο αυτο να αξίζει σεβασμό (περισσότερο από οποιονδήποτε αλλο τυχαιο άνθρωπο), να πας κάπου με άλλο πολίτευμα. Το σύνταγμα της Ελλάδας απαγορεύει τους τίτλους ευγενείας και όλη την γλοιωδεία που φέρνουν μαζί τους.

    [–] Monthly reminder that Rune Essence should be removed and replaced by Pure Essence EscapistIcewarden 33 points ago in runescape

    That's the point of these posts. That given the low value both essences have all these years later, the anti-botting measure from back then is obsolete and could be reverted. There are no particularly compelling arguments for the reversion either though.

    [–] The 2 phases of clue hunting EscapistIcewarden 6 points ago in runescape

    If this was any other game, I'd agree with you completely. But this is Runescape. Clues are actually more interactive and varied than at least 90% of this game. The whole game could be described in the words you just used except the 20 different things are often 5 or less.

    [–] Silly Question Sunday - 28 July EscapistIcewarden 1 points ago in runescape

    Ow. In that case I think the issue is that the achievement target is too high and out of touch compared to other achievements, and not so much the timer.

    I think I was able to get it at about the same time as max rep but I started Menaphos way later than it came out and pretty much only did city quests for rep.

    Jagex will probably revisit this achiev at some point, but I suppose it could be years from now :-/.

    [–] Why are immaculate alloy bars so cheap? EscapistIcewarden 1 points ago in runescape

    Thanks :-). I suppose jagex failed to predict the logical price of this bar a little more than the price of other bars, seeing as some other steps in the process are almost stable. I'll probably end up mining my own ores anyway.

    [–] Silly Question Sunday - 28 July EscapistIcewarden 6 points ago in runescape

    Because they are meant to be exactly that. Big bursts of reputation you can do occasionally but not constantly. Runescape is a game that is based at its very core on stuff taking long to complete, and the menaphos grind is no different. Good luck!

    [–] Smackdown on twitter EscapistIcewarden 1 points ago in 2007scape

    A player/artist drew a picture where Zalcano is portrayed as the scared victim of merciless miner players and jokingly said fuck you to those players and their destructive mining. Mod Gee retweeted that picture and comment (didn't even say "fuck" herself).

    This guy was really nitpicking over a jmod retweeting some really nice original art on her personal account.

    [–] Friendly reminder that insurance companies are totally immoral. EscapistIcewarden 7 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    And in Europe, where most countries have functional healthcare that actually leaves no one (except for some cases of expensive surgery) without meds, politicians are getting elected that are advertising their plans for replacing public healthcare with private companies as a breakthrough next level policy. And people are buying it. A dystopia indeed.

    [–] Friendly reminder that insurance companies are totally immoral. EscapistIcewarden 21 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    In Greece, one month of latuda costs 75 euros and one month of seroquel 50 at most. Of which insurance covers 50-90%. I'm not mentioning these to make anyone mad, just to reinforce the point about arbitrary and exploitative pricing the commenters below made.

    [–] Not great, not terrible EscapistIcewarden 28 points ago in runescape

    They really are straight up creepy. Functional human heads and presumably brains on spider bodies are the level of creepy you would find on ultra-adult off-Hollywood horror film stuff, not an online chill game. I remember when they used to be meta for training combat I could never stomach training there and preferred alternatives.

    [–] Me and the boys returning to Gielinor after Guthix died EscapistIcewarden 99 points ago in runescape

    As a lore nut, this is 90% of the reason why I'm currently on my longest break from rs ever (2 years+).