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    [–] Los Angeles daily discussion thread 08/11 Eurynom0s 1 points ago in LosAngeles

    If the vaccine doesn't come from an American company, how much you want to bet Trump refuses to authorize it for the US the same way he did with the WHO tests?

    [–] Next Move: What Happens To Board Game Cafes In The COVID Era? Eurynom0s 1 points ago in LosAngeles

    The way the county wrote the regulation about this, I'm not sure that'd solve the problem.

    [–] Schrödinger's cat Eurynom0s 1 points ago in pics

    Why just 8?

    [–] Mozilla lays off 250 employees due to the pandemic | The move will see its Taiwanese offices close, too. Eurynom0s 19 points ago in technology

    They have paid products (such as their VPN) and as it turns out when people have less money because the economy is in the toilet, they buy less stuff.

    [–] Retail Chains Abandon Manhattan: ‘It’s Unsustainable’ Eurynom0s 3 points ago in newyorkcity

    Heh. There's another Michael Weinstein in Los Angeles who's also an asshole.

    [–] Mayor Garcetti's top homeless advisor to resign Eurynom0s 22 points ago in LosAngeles

    This comes as the number of people living on the streets continues to grow and more money than ever is being spent to house people and keep them from returning to the street. To help respond to the pandemic, the city is awash in federal dollars that are being directed towards homelessness.

    Deputy Mayor Christina Miller has been Garcetti’s point person on the subject since she was appointed in December 2018. She was the first person to hold the title of deputy mayor for homeless initiatives.

    She had previously worked on homelessness issues for Garcetti as a senior project manager for homeless strategies and before that at Los Angeles International Airport.

    Miller will be joining the National Alliance to End Homelessness on Sept. 1 as a senior policy fellow, helping the Washington-based organization do more policy advocacy at the state level here in California. This marks a new direction for the nonprofit, which had previously focused much of its time and energy advocating for changes to homelessness policy at the federal level.

    [–] McSally: Democrats would make DC and Puerto Rico states if they win Senate Eurynom0s 10 points ago in politics

    Note how Republicans always talk about this without feeling the need to explain WHY they could never possibly win in DC or PR.

    [–] Redoing data connections without having Tableau delete all of my sheets? Eurynom0s 1 points ago in tableau

    Thanks, this is definitely a big improvement but it looks like a few things aren't filling back in properly. Guess I'm gonna just put everything back together. sigh

    One other thing: normally I'm able to create an extract in one workbook and then bring it in to another workbook as a live connection. But the extract I created to try to deal with the OP problem is instead loading in as a bunch of individual tables with a long string of garbage appended to the table names, and is making me put back together the relationships between the tables manually. Is this just expected with the new data model, or am I doing something wrong here?

    [–] Full Bodycam Footage of George Floyd Arrest Eurynom0s 1 points ago in Libertarian

    cop shoots you with taser

    cop shouts at you to stand up

    you're physically incapable of standing up because you're being tazed

    "See, clearly he's refusing to follow lawful police orders!"