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    [–] Ashes of Creation is a Scam? ExcellentBread 1 points ago in MMORPG

    Well, you and all the of other backers willingly have your money to somebody who was near the top of a pyramid scheme. Do you think this guy is motivated by anything other than greed?

    The dude used to sell people juice that was supposed to cure cancer.. this guy is trash. It is very hard for me to sympathize with people willingly giving this guy money even after his past had been exposed.

    [–] Subbed or dubbed? ExcellentBread 4 points ago in anime

    Just watch what you want and don't care about what others think. I watch both.

    [–] Sekai Project's 'How to Raise a Wolf Girl' Now Available on Steam/Denpasoft ExcellentBread 2 points ago in visualnovels

    Anybody have an idea about the length? I don't have much of a budget these days so I tend to go quantity over quality (I know, I know)...

    [–] German BB Captain's ExcellentBread 2 points ago in WorldOfWarships

    Gneis is a great ship that I sadly had no idea how to use back when I first reached it. It was seriously painful for me using that but it helped me improve and learn a lot about the game. Case in point:

    I finished the Gneis grind with a 30% winrate.

    I finished the Bismarck grind with a 62% winrate.

    [–] [Game Thread] Virginia @ Miami (8:00PM ET) ExcellentBread 13 points ago in CFB

    What a shitbag Miami player taunting the dude on the ground that just got his head smashed in.

    [–] [Florio] RIP, replay review for pass interference ExcellentBread 1 points ago in nfl

    I think it's entirely possible that the referees have expressed to Riveron a dislike of their judgement calls being undermined by the new rule. We know what happened the last time the refs went on strike. The new CBA between the ref's union and the NFL could well have had some backdoor agreements regarding this.

    Yeah, it's conspiracy territory and I typically don't wade into those waters, but when you have clear as day calls not getting overturned such as last night you could forgive me for thinking something is amiss.

    [–] [Florio] RIP, replay review for pass interference ExcellentBread 904 points ago in nfl

    This whole thing reeks of collusion between the referees pushing against the change. I wonder how much more blatant disregard for the new rule we will see.

    [–] Does anyone else forget a lot of information from anime they watch or manga they read? ExcellentBread 1 points ago in anime

    I get the same way but reading or watching for just a little bit and all the memories come rushing back. I am particularly awful with names and dates.

    [–] New York in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ExcellentBread 7 points ago in xboxone

    Flight Sim X doesnt simulate those, no. Cant speak for the new one. I would assume it doesnt just on track record.

    [–] New York in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ExcellentBread 4 points ago in xboxone

    Xbox controller works completely fine for Flight Sim as it has enough buttons for all the flight controls you need. The only thing they need to add is a pop-up menu for ATC/Autopilot/Non-essential switches like seatbelt and no smoking signs. Flight Sim X doesn't have a menu for that since you are expected to use your mouse or keyboard for it.

    [–] New York in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ExcellentBread 35 points ago in xboxone

    Crashing is a normal part of Microsoft Flight Sim. It's actually very important for things like landings.

    In Flight Sim X you can set "failures" of your planes systems to happen at specific times or randomly and try your best to control and recover from them. If there was no consequence it would be silly.

    But there is no animation or anything. The instant you contact something you shouldn't you get a game over screen.

    [–] Game Thread: New York Giants (2-3) at New England Patriots (5-0) ExcellentBread 7 points ago in nfl

    ITT: People who didn't watch the entire play and think the penalty was for hitting Brady

    [–] ArenaNet losing court case to 19 year old ExcellentBread 22 points ago in MMORPG

    That's really embarrassing for ArenaNet. It's long but it's worth the read!

    [–] Best girl from the worst shows ExcellentBread 1 points ago in anime

    The correct answer is Astolfo.