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    [–] Something Ain’t Right, but I Just Can’t Put My Finger On It.... Excellus 22 points ago in FireEmblemHeroes

    when you get promoted to 5 stars but then foddered off for your owl tome

    [–] I Drew Hector and Lyn Excellus 5 points ago in fireemblem

    your style is beautiful

    i just checked out your (older) posts, and fucking shit dude, comparing this from the stuff you posted a year ago (that was already good), your improvement is MASSIVE

    i love the way you draw armour

    [–] Voice of Alm Finishing Echoes on Twitch 6/29 @ 2pm Pacific Excellus 12 points ago in fireemblem

    cant wait to watch it, your streams are so entertaining!

    [–] My Planned Summer Ylgr Build (+10). Thoughts are welcome Excellus 5 points ago in FireEmblemHeroes

    pretty nice, perhaps study impact for the a skill could be nice?

    [–] Hrid: inexperienced swimmer Excellus 20 points ago in FireEmblemHeroes

    this is such goood art

    the way it is coloured/shaded is so visually pleasing

    hrid is a chad

    [–] Todd Does It Again Excellus 37 points ago in fireemblem

    skyrim gba remaster is looking gooood

    [–] Camilla tattoo I had done! Excellus 9 points ago in fireemblem

    it's pretty well done tbh

    sick and clean lines

    [–] Lysithea Meme Excellus 29 points ago in fireemblem

    whered u get this image tho

    looks high quality

    [–] The Crests are to blame Excellus 6 points ago in FireEmblemHeroes

    going for max arena scoring, you have to waste a lot of dueling crests (and hopefully get lucky and get the right numbers lool)

    [–] The Crests are to blame Excellus 12 points ago in FireEmblemHeroes

    give me some father

    [–] The Crests are to blame Excellus 20 points ago in FireEmblemHeroes

    i have 600 and i dont even bother collecting them much how the fuck do u have so little