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    [–] This actually looks like a Lenin speech Excellus 0 points ago in shitpostemblem

    why the fuck do her eyes creep me out

    [–] Can we pleaaase keep them, Teach? Excellus 21 points ago in fireemblem

    lucky for you the new dlc will allow you to pet them

    [–] Nothing to see here Excellus 1 points ago in shitpostemblem

    when you do the cocaine

    [–] bernie watch out she can hear you oh god oh fuck bernie no Excellus 24 points ago in shitpostemblem

    at least rhea and edelgard have the common ground of setting allies on fire for t a c t i c a l a d v a n t a g e

    [–] There will be a DLC mission about the tragedy of Duscur Excellus 1 points ago in fireemblem


    i think theres a cut in for edelgards dad (whatever the fuck his name is) too.

    [–] Captain Blue Lion Excellus 1 points ago in fireemblem

    mom said its our turn to use the divine pulse

    [–] Green units of the world unite Excellus 2 points ago in shitpostemblem

    u get archer 3-13 in that game so

    [–] I mean he IS Ferdinand Von Aegir... Excellus 3 points ago in shitpostemblem

    "I swear to seiros, Edelgard I will shove this lance so far up your ass-"

    hold on i think ive seen this one on /r/fire_emblem_r34

    [–] Don't Fuck the Dragons Excellus 33 points ago in shitpostemblem

    roy looks different

    [–] azure moon.mp4 Excellus 6 points ago in shitpostemblem

    when you're a gamer you forget simple concepts

    yeah man, i also keep forgetting women and black people have rights now too

    shits infuriating man

    [–] azure moon.mp4 Excellus 8 points ago in shitpostemblem

    this is what happens when you're a gamer you forget simple concepts like people can't live under water

    people can its just that youre a baby smh