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    [–] Lmao FNA25 4 points ago in funny

    Neither do you?

    [–] Sit n spin FNA25 8 points ago in funny

    I think getting spun relentlessly on the kitchen floor in front of your friends would get old eventually.

    [–] Main Street USA, 2018. FNA25 7 points ago in funny

    Maybe like...

    "Hey, where's those lemons I was told about?"

    [–] Quiet...The nap master is among us. FNA25 6 points ago in funny

    We are witnessing the delinquency of A minor.

    [–] This fancy Stop sign FNA25 303 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    "I can't read cursive, officer..."

    [–] Transplanting Plants FNA25 15 points ago in interestingasfuck

    They'll be doing this with cannabis soon, that's nuts to think about.

    [–] I saw this at an airport. When the apocalypse happens, we're screwed. FNA25 5 points ago in funny

    Send it over to me, I'll have a look at it and make sure you did it right...

    [–] Snowmobilers return a seal pup to a breathing hole to get it out of sight of Polar Bears FNA25 13 points ago in aww

    Yeah, the polar bears are experiencing environmental hardships that could likely kill them off in the coming years. Just like you shouldn't feed a wild animal, in this circumstance, maybe they took food from the bear and that's not cool either. Poor guys got it bad enough.