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    [–] Best match FREEscanRIP 2 points ago in softwaregore

    TIL Macs are not personal computers.

    [–] It's a Christmas miracle! FREEscanRIP 2827 points ago in thatHappened

    So why did he leave his girlfriend at a church for 70 years?

    [–] I don't want it connecting to my Computer. FREEscanRIP 1 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    So did you go the r/MaliciousCompliance route? Did you empty that folder and denied write permission for everything? Please tell me you did.

    [–] Microsoft is adding tabs to every Windows 10 app; from the File Explorer to Word FREEscanRIP 9 points ago in gadgets

    (Seriously interested here)

    What is the real benefit of being able to do that? Creating "workspaces" by combining relevant things? Kinda like having actual multiple workspaces?

    [–] Maple only works if I am connected to a WiFi (not just enabled) FREEscanRIP 3 points ago in StallmanWasRight

    It's not about what I want, but about what I have to use. Also, this could've been solved by checking my ethernet MAC instead of my wireless MAC, which can be changed anyway. Or you know, just don't DRM it.

    [–] Maple only works if I am connected to a WiFi (not just enabled) FREEscanRIP 7 points ago in StallmanWasRight

    Nah, it's just Advanced Engineering Mathematics, so Maple shouldn't be necessary IMO. I guess I will ask the prof if it's okay to use open alternatives then, because it's getting quite annoying. Thanks :)

    [–] Maple only works if I am connected to a WiFi (not just enabled) FREEscanRIP 1 points ago in StallmanWasRight

    If I'm not connected to a WiFi, Maple can't check if I'm using the software on the same machine it was activated on. Probably because it cannot see my MAC, unless I'm connected to something. Don't ask why, I'm saying this based on the behaviour I saw.

    [–] Maple only works if I am connected to a WiFi (not just enabled) FREEscanRIP 1 points ago in StallmanWasRight

    No, it happens every time I run it, or open a file without a WiFi connection even if it has checked the licence successfully 10 seconds earlier. It is actually activated, it just can't see my wireless MAC if I'm not connected to something. That's my theory anyway.

    [–] Maple only works if I am connected to a WiFi (not just enabled) FREEscanRIP 4 points ago in StallmanWasRight

    I use Sage whenever I can, but AFAIK I have to use Maple to do my homework. :/

    [–] I can't get to my fan to clean it FREEscanRIP 1 points ago in computers

    You misspelled "Consider posting to r/techsupport next time".

    [–] New features coming up (from @tglive) FREEscanRIP 2 points ago in Telegram

    Do you know how 'chat with yourself' might change?

    [–] if in the last 5 minutes of your life, and you light a cigarette, do you become dead 2 minutes ago? FREEscanRIP 358 points ago in shittyaskscience

    Smoking actually removes minutes from the beginning of your lifetime, not from the end. So the time of your death will not change, only your time of birth will be delayed. Thus, you will die younger, but not sooner than otherwise.

    [–] Please help me and my kids win an ipad FREEscanRIP 1 points ago in helpmewin

    Which one are we supposed to vote on?

    [–] Daddy doesn't care FREEscanRIP 30 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Artificial Fidgetspinner

    [–] Denmark to students: Let schools check your search history or get expelled FREEscanRIP 14 points ago in StallmanWasRight

    Students that refuse to comply with these rules will have to face various penalties, like getting their devices confiscated for up to a day – or worse, getting expelled from the school altogether.

    Well go ahead then, expell me. I will have more time to study on my own.

    [–] Best setup to stream live video from Android to projector? FREEscanRIP 1 points ago in techsupport

    I know it's not really the solution that you are looking for, but it might give you some ideas.

    IP Webcam on Play Store

    This app can be used to host a website with a video stream of your camera that you can access over the local network. That said, if you have a wireless router, and another device (a laptop?) on the network that you connect to the projector, you can open the website hosted by your phone (no internet connection needed, just the local network) and show the stream via the projector.

    Of course you still have to make sure that you can connect the laptop to the projector, but it might be easier especially if the laptop has a VGA connector.