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    [–] New Ducks jerseys in 18-19? FRSHFSHFCKR 3 points ago in AnaheimDucks

    IIRC it is not hunter orange, as that is far brighter. The orange they use is "Harvest Orange."

    [–] Tiny display tents FRSHFSHFCKR 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Lodge (the department it's in) sets usually shift right at Memorial Day to make way for easy ups and chairs. You can ask then, or at Labor Day, when the department shifts out of the summer set. It also depends on if the store receives new tents. Dollars to donuts they have a couple in the back because they never all fit on the shelves.

    [–] Tiny display tents FRSHFSHFCKR 53 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Ex Dick's Sporting Goods manager here. If you asked nicely, and were cool, we would totally give you one. The displays change seasonally.

    [–] Questions for season ticket holders. FRSHFSHFCKR 1 points ago in AnaheimDucks

    Whattup!! Welcome!

    Make sure to say hi to Teri on the way in! She's a blast, and if you're nice, she hooks you up with pins and coupons and such. Cheers!

    [–] Questions for season ticket holders. FRSHFSHFCKR 1 points ago in AnaheimDucks

    Absolutely love it. Ducks shoot towards us twice, and we are out of the way of the safety net's bar for the goal on the other side. We used to sit in the same row in 420, but when they instituted the nets, the bar at the top goes right through the other goal/crease.

    In my opinion, the corners lend a better vantage point up and down the boards. But, I will say, section 421 seams too always have a lot of fun. They're so rowdy and spirited. Love it.

    You really can't go wrong, but I'd definitely recommend picking the Zamboni side regardless, that way your have the ducks coming towards you twice.

    [–] Questions for season ticket holders. FRSHFSHFCKR 6 points ago in AnaheimDucks

    418 here. Not planning on changing seats, as we have had them for quite some time. Parking passes are not included, but that's really not all that bad with the wealth of parking in the area. I haven't parked on site in years. Mentioned in another comment, benefits are 10% off team store purchases. There's additional benefits with fan appreciation events (ice skating, early admission to the 10year celebration, priority for additional seats in playoffs and others.)

    There are different packages, so you can start slim and work your way up. I love having them, a chunk of change at first, but totally worth it.

    As far as selling, it really depends on the game. Kings, easy (mentioned by another user) Cane's "who cares!"

    Something they've changed with ticketing is the face price. You basically pay one fee for all games (ex: mine run about $45 per ticket), but depending on the game, you'll see different face prices (kings: $108, canes: $52)

    All in all, season seats are awesome. I say pull the trigger.

    Good luck!!

    [–] Wooden Kansas City Royals Logo FRSHFSHFCKR 5 points ago in DIY

    Bad ass, man! I'd love to have something like that.

    [–] Photo Credit Question FRSHFSHFCKR 20 points ago in legaladvice

    Fair enough.

    [–] Photo Credit Question FRSHFSHFCKR 0 points ago in legaladvice

    Thank you for the thorough response! This situation is definitely the first of the two options, as they are just reporting. Thank you.

    [–] There was an angle I didn't get to see when ordering my new work boots... FRSHFSHFCKR 7 points ago in pics

    As I am not in politics, and have a dick, I'm afraid I am not Gloria Johnson.

    [–] This Guy's Boot Print FRSHFSHFCKR 20 points ago in accidentalswastika

    Never thought this was a thing or that I'd be in this sub... Thank you for the credit.

    [–] This guys work boots. Size Nein. FRSHFSHFCKR 5 points ago in accidentalswastika

    Not sure if that's something I want to take credit for. Hahaha, but thank you for keeping others honest with their use of the picture I took.

    [–] There was an angle I didn't get to see when ordering my new work boots... FRSHFSHFCKR 3 points ago in pics

    They fit true to size. Pretty warm. Definitely more a fashion pair, but subjected to ones taste.