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    [–] Post Game Thread: Anaheim Ducks at San Jose Sharks - 18 Apr 2018 FRSHFSHFCKR 2 points ago in hockey

    You know, whole heartedly agree with you. Our series was just surprisingly unsatisfactory hockey.

    [–] hmmm FRSHFSHFCKR 2 points ago in hmmm

    Chicken Period

    [–] The school in Major Payne & Toy Sodiers is the same. FRSHFSHFCKR 2 points ago in MovieDetails

    Sad to hear about Flight of the Navigator. I made the same mistake with The Saint.

    [–] What do you think is something unfair the gender(s) that is(are) not yours has to deal with? FRSHFSHFCKR 0 points ago in AskReddit

    Aside from being on their period, there are very few ways a girl can enjoy sexual gratification. No tongue, no digits, no penetration. Sounds awful.

    (And before any one says anything, I know there are other options. ie: Butt, giving oral, feet, hand, neck, hair bun, ear, eye, back of knee, armpit, double chin, or gauged ear piercings)

    [–] I don't understand the periscope line in the Westwood freestyle. Could somebody explain it to me? FRSHFSHFCKR 2 points ago in lildicky

    People see him and pray to meet him.

    People see you and "periscope" because they don't want you to see them.

    Or it refers to "you periscoping" which would mean you are below the surface, while LD is above in total view.

    [–] Warmup time? FRSHFSHFCKR 7 points ago in AnaheimDucks

    Get there at 6:00 and you're stylin.

    [–] Days later, and still not comprehending how the time change has affected dinner time. FRSHFSHFCKR 39 points ago in pics

    Maybe she means she uses the auto for the morning, and feeds the cat herself when she gets home(?)

    [–] Things people said today FRSHFSHFCKR 1 points ago in funny

    He understands he gained an hour, right? I'm truly interested in what happened here. Hahaha

    [–] Things people said today FRSHFSHFCKR 14 points ago in funny

    How were they late when they "gained" an hour?

    [–] What is your favorite fast-food guilty pleasure? FRSHFSHFCKR 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Chili Cheese Dog, Chili Cheese Burger, Chili Cheese Fries.

    Wienerschniztel is a great hangover food.

    Wrecked my stomach and arteries the last time i had it though. Might rethink my choice next time.

    [–] Adults of reddit, what advice(s) would you give to college students? FRSHFSHFCKR 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Even if you go to college full time, still have a job. A lot of employers will discount your application for a lack of job experience, or a 4 year gap. Keep working. You can volunteer, intern, anything. Just maintain work experience continuity.

    [–] What's the dumbest example of corporate bullshit you've had to deal with? FRSHFSHFCKR 13 points ago in AskReddit

    Had a troublesome associate, who was scheduled to close, come to me and say he needed to leave early. The reason? He had a softball game that night (about 2.5hrs before closing). When I asked if I missed a time off request, he said no, and that he just forgot.

    I didn't allow him to leave, as it was imperative he stayed and helped recover. Not to mention, this company writes managers up if there's any lapse in coverage in the Golf Department.

    He called HR, and I was "reprimanded" for not being more sensitive to his request and needs. Neato.