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    [–] Are furbys kosher? Fail_Panda 7 points ago in tumblr

    Kosher salt is large grains of salt. It is used in the Jewish way of preparing meat. The word kosher in this case is describing the action of making the meat kosher, or koshering it, not the salt itself. All salt is inherently ok to eat for Jews.

    [–] Look smoked you a heart 😘✨ Fail_Panda 5 points ago in SlyGifs

    So you saw it looked almost like a heart and thought it was sly?

    [–] Rage against the machine Fail_Panda 17 points ago in tumblr

    Butttt whyyyyyyy

    [–] American time zones Fail_Panda 2 points ago in tumblr

    It airs at the same moment in two areas, which are different times. The west coast may wait until later to air it, so they make a different calendar

    [–] Thoughts from recent tourist from Tampa/St. Pete FL Fail_Panda 11 points ago in boston

    22 and trying to live in beacon hill- give it ten years of work first, then give up anyway and live out on the commuter rail lol

    [–] The waiting area for shuttle busses at North Quincy to get into the city. Fail_Panda 7 points ago in boston

    Yes. It was at JFK so it is on your line but the other side of downtown. The trains go from one end to the other. If no trains are coming from that side of town to yours, they run out of trains to send from your side

    [–] Mario beated my dad Fail_Panda 9 points ago in tumblr

    There are infinite achievements. There is debate among Outside players about which are required for 100%. Some say only the Happiness badge is needed

    [–] I’m Shipping Up To Boston! Fail_Panda 3 points ago in BostonBruins

    Be sure to get there after rush hour is solidly over, though

    [–] Mario beated my dad Fail_Panda 7 points ago in tumblr

    I’ve heard rumors that you don’t need to unlock college to 100%

    [–] Furry Dicks Fail_Panda 33 points ago in tumblr

    It’s honestly pretty lame. It’s a family flavored place so it’s not that rude nor is there food good