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    [–] I found this dime in my dryer,,,, Fail_Panda 1 points ago in pics

    This is a picture of a penny and a quarter with dimes photoshopped over each. The scale is off and the copper/ridges on the outside give it away

    [–] Finally received the full collection!!! Fail_Panda 1 points ago in calvinandhobbes

    Did you get these from amazon? I was thinking about ordering them but the reviews were rough

    [–] Goldcliff, an oasis in an otherwise bleak landscape Fail_Panda 28 points ago in TheAdventureZone

    Holy shit! Is this a TAZ specific build? Looks like the game of throne opening

    [–] Would I Lie To You? S12E02 Fail_Panda 4 points ago in panelshow

    Does Lee have Tourette's Syndrome? He blinks hard every few sentences.

    [–] US Police officers charged with over 400 rapes that occurred over a 9 year period. Fail_Panda 5 points ago in news

    I’m confused by this criticism. We like his writing and want to read more. You say we shouldn’t be impressed and that we should read more. Which is it?