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    [–] Why our boys simply don't just to another channel? Fail_Panda 2 points ago in monsterfactory

    I like brain David Gilbert too, he does weirdly in depth videos about games, like OSHA violations in smash bros

    [–] With New England vs Miami in a few hours, what is your prediction score wise? Fail_Panda 1 points ago in Patriots

    If you believe in jinxes in sports, and you guess the other team to win, does the jinx make the other team win or lose?

    [–] Another example of beautiful architecture in Boston. Fail_Panda 1 points ago in CityPorn

    This is the old state house and looking down state street. The intersection on the left where people are crossing is where the Boston Massacre happened. This building is now mostly used as the entrance to a subway stop and I think the top is a museum/historical site.

    [–] Reporting in from my newly built PC! Finally I can experience C:S the way it's meant to be experienced Fail_Panda 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    I've been thinking about building one for gaming to replace my mac. Any tips/suggestions? What was your budget, if you don't mind my asking?

    [–] Boston's pretty architecture. Fail_Panda 41 points ago in CityPorn

    Unfortunately, this street is always full of people taking pictures

    [–] Reliphilo Gionsophy Fail_Panda 1 points ago in dontdeadopeninside

    Wasn't that the annoying guy in parks and rec?

    [–] Hugh Flex Fail_Panda 1 points ago in oddflex


    [–] Trivia on the train Fail_Panda 3 points ago in boston

    What was the question?

    [–] RC POV :D Fail_Panda 2 points ago in gifs

    This is like fpv drone racing! Next we need fpv rc boats!

    [–] It loooks pretty cozy Fail_Panda 0 points ago in CozyPlaces

    Am I eyeing a $300 Hudson Bay blanket there?