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    [–] An Update on The Iron Crown Event FalseJudgement 1 points ago in apexlegends

    Gamers weren’t “ass-hats” back when developers had to actually develop a game. You couldn’t just put out a blank slate and make people pay for it later. If your game sucked, no one bought it.

    [–] I wasn’t sure if the hospital would allow me playing the Wii U but I am so glad they did!Question for you all to interact,what was the first game you ever bought for the Wii U and did you approve of the decision? FalseJudgement 1 points ago in wiiu

    NintendoLand was the first game I played on WiiU. I’d venture to say that it’s probably the most underrated game on the system. I actually enjoyed most of the party games on there more than a majority of Super Mario Party’s mini games.

    The first game I really went out of my way to buy was Super Mario 3D World. I absolutely loved every moment with it.

    [–] Boundary break of Borderlands 2!! FalseJudgement 9 points ago in Borderlands

    Oh, SPHINCTERS! I’m so sorry Captain Flynt sir, please don’t burn me again...

    [–] Ummmmmm....... FalseJudgement 2 points ago in Borderlands2

    A million baddies, and you wanna hit me? Aww!

    [–] I've created a detailed control scheme (called: DualShock 4 UI) FalseJudgement 1 points ago in PS4Dreams

    Thinking something similar. Could there be some way to distinguish between touch controls and presses? I haven’t personally tried to see how in depth you can get with touchpad settings, but the DS4 is capable of registering each side of the pad separately as a different input.

    [–] Smug Zelda [Memeh] FalseJudgement 1 points ago in NintendoWaifus

    The true Zelda. Perfect.

    [–] Relaxing games FalseJudgement 3 points ago in gaming

    “Why are you playing this if it’s making you mad?”

    Asking this doesn’t make me any less mad.

    [–] Masudas response in a nutshell FalseJudgement 2 points ago in pokemon

    So I cut this fandom in half!

    [–] Do I get the senior discount? FalseJudgement 1 points ago in Spore

    They possibly just don’t offer the icon any more haha. I can still recall playing it years ago with the limited part set. Good times.

    [–] Do I get the senior discount? FalseJudgement 1 points ago in Spore

    Haha I actually own a copy, I just haven’t put it in my computer. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll update it and complete the digital collection.

    [–] RIP Joycon God FalseJudgement 18 points ago in splatoon

    Lighten up. You’re on a Splatoon sub for gods sake.

    [–] r/souljaboytellem FalseJudgement 11 points ago in SubsIFellFor

    Hoping it gets removed as spam. Mods?

    [–] This is the best new Star Wars content we have gotten under Disney. Change my mind. (And no, I'm not saying VII, VIII, and Solo were bad) FalseJudgement 4 points ago in StarWars

    Alright. I’ll do my best.

    Unlikeable/absent characters

    Constant tired references to the original trilogy

    A third act that has little to no structure

    Scenes that make no sense being included

    Characters making decisions that come out of left field

    CGI Tarkin

    Not offering anything substantial to Star Wars

    It sounds like I hate this movie, but I really don’t. It’s just not very high on my list of Star Wars movies. They spend little to no time getting you to like or care about any of the characters, and spend too much time treading over old ideas just for the sake of nostalgia. Not because it made sense for the movie. (Ponda Baba for example) I know the characters names and care about them because I like Star Wars, but not because the movie did a good job making me like them.

    With that in mind, I would argue that Rebels is the best new Star Wars content we’ve gotten under Disney. Extremely consistent. Lots of new ideas as well as old ones used respectfully, and characters that will stay with me forever.

    [–] Where the Pikmin at FalseJudgement 4 points ago in Switch

    Have you tried taking out your brain, blowing on it, and putting it back in?

    [–] Paul's Ursaring was a beast FalseJudgement 61 points ago in pokemon

    Gen 7: Destroyer of worlds opening up portals to other dimensions and stealing the worlds light???? Uhh OKAY

    [–] Went to the game and got a hollow ice cream. FalseJudgement 1 points ago in assholedesign

    Nope just a single bite. It’s hollow all the way to the bottom. Let me get a second pic.